Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nixon Signs SB 251

Governor Jay Nixon signed the bill which restricts where TANF money can be spent – such No-Nos as liquor stores and adult entertainment establishments.  Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, the bill’s co-sponsor, explained the bill’s evolution in a statement…

“Prior to this year, Sen. Kraus and I were in a deadlock because he insisted on requiring photos on TANF cards and I promised to filibuster his bill since it causes many of the same problems as photo ID requirements do in elections.  Just as photo ID requirements reduce minority voter turnout, photo ID requirements on TANF cards would make it more difficult for some to receive benefits. Luckily, Sen. Kraus had a change of heart and decided to work with me to protect those who really need the assistance while making it very difficult for people to misuse these state tax dollars...”

As always, see full list of Nixon’s actions here


Nixon signaled that he’d be signing HB505 and SB230 today at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

And Waiting

As this is the final week ticks down, we’re waiting on…

SB1 – the Second Injury Fund Fix – expected to sign.

SB125 – the St. Louis City teacher tenure – expected to sign.

HB240 – Gas ISRS – no consensus.

HB400 – Anti-morning after pill bill – expected to veto.

Why Rea?

Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst writes to express his confidence that his wife, Rea Scharnhorst, is well qualifies to take his spot… “Rea has been chief of staff in the district office (In Jeff City and district for past 8 years, handling 90% of constituent load and has been instrumental part of legislation proposed and adopted).  Believe that the voters of the district know her and of her work. She was a major team member and contributor in the effort to pass autism insurance bill (2010) and Bryce's Law (2013).”

Nieves' Colorful Language

In the continuing decline in discourse, the Riverfront Times yesterday reported that Sen. Brian Nieves posted a “rant” on his Facebook page in which he said that Governor Jay Nixon was “b___slapping BOTH the 2nd AND 10th Amendments…”   See it here.

Roorda Responds

Rep. Jeff Roorda posted an explanation on his Facebook yesterday about an incident involving a St. Louis policeman who hits a handcuffed suspect.  See the story here.

“Dear FaceBook Friends,

I’m sure many of you have seen the nasty, hateful posts about my defense of Rory Bruce, a St. Louis Police Officer that was acquitted of misdemeanor assault charges recently. As most of you know, my ‘day job’ is managing the St. Louis Police Officers Association, the union that represents St. Louis Police. My job is to represent our members on their best days as well as their worst days. February 20, 2012 was a bad day for Officer Bruce…  The St. Louis TV media aired the video but they cut it off before the suspect admits to reaching into his pocket. They also don’t mention that the suspect pointed a gun at police or that he was in possession of 3 loaded weapons. The story was picked up by a radical West Coast website called intellihub.com…. The patrons of the site have taken to FaceBook, Twitter and email to attack me for my defense of Officer Bruce. Many of the messages have been vulgar and some even threatening. Not one has come from a constituent or anyone in or around Jefferson County. We’ve changed the settings on my FaceBook page and blocked the abusive posters but I thought I owed all of my friends on FaceBook who might have seen the nasty posts an explanation. I don’t apologize for standing up for Officer Bruce. He did what he was trained to do and made a split second decision in a situation that most of us will never have to face. The suspect was uninjured and Officer Bruce and his partner went home to their families alive and well that night...the outcome we always pray for in a lethal force encounter like this one. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad day after all.”

Wasinger’s Wasinger Problem?

One long-time observer reacted to yesterday blurb about St. Louis Councilwoman Colleen Wasinger as a potential Senate 24 candidate in horror - because of her husband.  Wasinger was mentioned in the mighty Jason Rosenbaum’s article on who might replace John Lamping – should he decide against running.

Wasinger’s husband, David Wasinger, had a controversial stint on the University of Missouri Board of Curators.  From questioning the importance of college, to making comments some thought were homophobic, he displayed rhetoric is more attuned to a solid Republican seat than the Dem-leaning seat of Senate 24.  

Former Rep. Jones Gets Into The Golfy Scene

“Yes, Tishaura can play golf...and she can hit the ball!  We're pleased to invite you to our first annual Treasurer's Golf Tournament. Get your foursomes together and register now! Join us on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 for a four-person scramble at the historic Norman K. Probstein Golf Course in Forest Park…”  See it here.  

The appeal is signed by her campaign manager, dad Virvus Jones.  Her St. Louis City Treasurer’s re-election is in 2016…

Falk helps Foundation for Future

Jarad Falk, government relations with Time Warner, is the deputy treasurer of the political action committee, Foundations for our Future.  The treasurer is Lee’s Summit legend/veterinarian Bud Hertzog

The Foundations for our Future came into existence to help pass a bond issue, but the civvies decided to keep it open as a vehicle for future possible endeavors.


Missouri Times to expand into Arkansas?  Kansas City reporter Jason Hancock tweeted this ad which says an “Arkansas Capitol Times” is revving up.  Publisher Scott Faughn’s bio says that he’s a “registered lobbyist in the state of Arkansas,” so presumably he’s already familiar with the political terrain there.

NRA to Open Museum in Springfield… “A staircase lined with real rifles at Bass Pro Shops leads to a newly constructed NRA National Sporting Arms Museum that creates a walk-through history of American firearms. The museum will have its grand opening Aug. 2, while also kicking off the Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic. It will be open daily, and admission is free.”  See it here.

Paul McKee’s project moving ahead?  “A public meeting to be held on August 28… concerning the approval of the amendment to the Northside Regeneration Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Plan…”  See it here.

Help Wanted

Passionate about overhauling Medicaid?  Love launching investigations of wayward bureaucrats?  This is the job for you… Rep. Jay Barnes is looking for a new legislative assistant.

A little less exciting – maybe even boring – FOCUS St. Louis is looking for a new Director of Community (yawn) Engagement & Policy.  See the ad here.

eMailbag: Follow-up on Telecom

“Thanks for mentioning HB 345 today as one of the bills Governor Nixon signed last week. I did want to point out that the primary bill addressing cell tower/broadband deployment was HB 331. HB 345 contained some technical fixes to 331 and the pole attachment language that the Cable TV industry wanted.”

eMailbag: Trial Attorneys Support for Koster

“When is someone going to shed light on Chris Koster’s donations from personal injury attorneys?  They are simply buying the Governor’s seat to make sure there is no tort reform, medical malpractice caps and we will continue to be a litigious state.  No wonder we are not attracting new businesses here.”


United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund - $6,300 from United Food & Commerical Workers Local #655.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc. - $25,000 from Rex Sinquefield.

Glazer’s Missouri PAC - $40,000 from Glazer’s Wholesale Drug Co.

Stand Up Missouri - $9,500 from World Acceptance Corporation.

Teresa Hensley for Prosecutor - $9,720 from Hensley for Congress.

Notes on Money

The Glazer’s PAC was established in 2006.  The name of the PAC then was Competitive Enterprise Growth Political Action Committee.  But last month it underwent a name-change to Glazer’s while keeping the same treasurer, Donna Schellman.  Schellman works with Glazer’s lobbyist, Harry Gallagher.  The transformation of the committee into a Glazer’s vehicle is the latest signal that the franchise liquor fight with Major Brands may have a few more rounds to go before it’s settled.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Tracey Gasperi deleted UCB Inc.

Mark H. Levison added Mohamed Othman.

Jennifer S Tucker added Bristol Care Inc.

Luana Gifford deleted Missouri AFL-CIO.

William E Shoehigh deleted Expedia Inc., and added Engagepoint.

Chris Weber deleted Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.

John Bardgett deleted Motorola Corporation.


Yesterday Lou Edwards deleted her registration for Children’s Mercy Hospital.  It’s said that she’s retiring…

What is Engagepoint (above)?  According to its website, the company “delivers best-in-class healthcare software and IT services to governments and to commercial and administrative insurance payers… we help companies design, integrate and engage to meet the difficult challenges of healthcare reform… we understand the challenges driven by legislative changes, technology innovation, and market demands…”


Happy birthdays to MORX’s Ron Fitzwater (59), and former Rep. Don Ruzicka (56).