Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Missouri Press to Sue on HB 436?

Kansas City Star’s Jason Hancock had an article over the weekend about HB 436 (gun nullification).  It contains an interesting tidbit about the Missouri Press Association already planning to sue.

“But the first lawsuit filed challenging the legislation’s constitutionality might not have anything to do with nullification. It may instead focus on another provision in the bill that would make it a misdemeanor to publish the names of gun owners. Critics say this infringes on the First Amendment rights of free speech and press. ‘Our board of directors has already voted to take this issue to court,’ said Doug Crews, executive director of the Missouri Press Association.”  Read it here.

Rowden Watch

The sport of watching Rep. Caleb Rowden deliberate if he should vote to override Governor Jay Nixon’s HB 253 veto seems to hinge – politically – whether he fears a primary from the right or a Democrat in the general more.

Rowden tweets that he’ll be on 93.9 (The Eagle) at 10:30am tomorrow “to talk about the upcoming veto session and all things #MOLeg…”

Barnes Watch

Rep. Jay Barnes has taken to blogging more consistently – and as usual he is honest to the point of being provocative.

He writes that he will vote for the override on the tax cut bill, though he does concedes one point, “Another argument of opponents is that drafting errors with HB 253 should prevent the legislature from acting on this measure.  Instead, opponents argue we should wait until next year. On this, the opponents have good points…”  See it here.

Brunner Won’t Self-Fund Again

It’s said that John Brunner is eying a return to the political stage, and that a gubernatorial bid is one of the possibilities, but that he’s not keen to repeat the full self-funding of his failed Senate bid from 2012.   Perhaps something more Spence-esque, a large investment with the understanding that traditional donors would have to participate as well?

Aboussie To Registered?

Last week I reported that some Dem House Reps had received calls from labor heavy Jeff Aboussie.  That lead to this question from a reader, “I can’t seem to find a registration with the Missouri Ethics Commission for Aboussie to see who he is representing on HB 650.”

Now Against Diehl…

A week or so ago, I reported rumors of a challenger to John Diehl.  Now comes another name… a Democrat, Al Gerber.  He’s mentioned in this news report about an unpopular development in the St. Louis suburbs of Town and Country.

According to the redistricting data, House 89 is a 34.6% Democratic performance district. 

Goal Posts Moving?

Was the expectation of the Grow Missouri coalition that the $2 million investment from Rex Sinquefield would bring them a veto override of HB 253?  Was that Sinquefield’s expectation?  Will several Republicans on the record opposing the override, that would seem to be well out of reach now, so one wonders if the goal posts are moving and there’s talk of setting the stage for a tax cut bill next session?

Next Week

Although Senate Floor Leader Ron Richard reportedly circulated a veto session schedule that ran for three days, the best guess now is one overnight.  Start on Wednesday and finish up on Thursday.   No amendments or anything, so as much as folks may want to speechify, really shouldn’t take forever to vote on these bills.

Help Wanted

Post-Dispatch looks for a Metro Editor.  “The Metro Editor is at the nerve center of our newsgathering and will plan and coordinate aggressive, innovative and balanced local news coverage for all of our digital and print platforms.” See it here.

Jetton for Hire

Former Speaker Rod Jetton announced on Facebook, “My time at SSE has come to a close. I would love to put my experience in marketing and sales to work for a successful company. I have a proven track record for selling products or services and have enjoyed considerable success fundraising for organizations. If you know of someone needing help please pass my information on to them.”

He notes that revenues at SSE doubled during his tenure, “from $3.5 million in 2009 to $6.2 Million in 2012. Revenues were doubled by increasing brand awareness with an aggressive public relations strategy that included: a new website, social media, email, direct mail, traditional media sources and a lead identification sales presentation program that helped close sales and improve profits.”  See more here.


Friends of Tom Schweich – $10,000 from Herzog Stanley.

Friends of Tom Schweich - $30,000 from Lewis & Clark Leadership Forum.

House Republican Campaign Committee  Inc. - $7,500 from Kanas City Power & Lights Co.

Schmitt for Missouri - $10,000 from Thirty and 141 LP.

A Better Missouri with Governor Jay Nixon - $15,000 from MACO Development Company LLC.

Slay for Mayor - $10,000 from Thompson Coburn LLP.

PFEM PAC - $14,000 from IAFF Local 2665.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Karen Strange added Karen Strange & Associates.