Wednesday, June 26, 2013

House and Senate Starter Reports

In the Special Reports section today, two new “starter” reports are up.  One looks at House races, and the other at Senate races.

I have about a dozen disclaimers I’d like to give, but for the sake of being succinct I’ve entitled them “first look,” because they’re just a start.  These will grow into the comprehensive reports I’ve published in past cycles as I hear from more candidates and learn more about the races.

I plan to update these reports through the election cycle.  Some of the information (the district maps, make-up, voting indexes) won’t change; other information (candidates, fundraising totals, analysis) will change dramatically.  

See House First Look here.

See Senate First Look here.

Dempsey The Disciplinarian?

A website, The Missouri Torch, has video of Sen. Brad Lager addressing a Republican group in northwest Missouri recounting the past session, and in particular the filibuster of the transportation tax.  Lager admonishes the Republican Senate Majority for making life hard on the three senators who filibustered the proposal, by “killing their legislation… to kicking them off committees… to outright trying to isolate them…”

Lager describes the three senators: Sen. John Lamping “literally one of the smartest people I’ve ever met;” Sen. Ed Emery “purest, truest… very seldom votes wrong on any issue;” and Sen. Rob Schaaf “hell-raiser, trouble-maker.”

See the video here.

New Wine PAC

Missouri Grape & Wine Alliance Political Action Committee started as a campaign committee.  Their treasurer is Steve Carroll.  Carroll is the lobbyist for the Missouri Grape and Wine Alliance, Missouri Grape Growers Association, and Missouri Vintners Association.

Nixon Vetos Paycheck Protection/Deception

Governor Jay Nixon vetoed SB29 – the paycheck protection/deception bill.  This is yet another blow to the Republican supermajority as they are increasingly finding high-profile victories from the previous legislative session scarce.

Nixon also signed some lesser bills.  See the list here.

Real Veto News

The real veto news – paycheck was expected – came by email a little bit later when the governor’s staff sent a media advisory about his press conference today… “Gov. Nixon to discuss Senate Bill 51, which would double fees on drivers' licenses.” 

The fact that they’re defining SB 51 in terms of doubling fees is a telegraph that a veto is coming.  See SB 51 summary here.  It’s something of an omnibus with lots of things in it.

By highlighting the fee increase as a reason to veto the bill, Nixon provides a counter-balance to Republican attacks on his veto of the their tax cut bill.

The Plane Thing

Post-Dispatch reports on Tom Schweich’s audit which dings Nixon the place purchase, saying they didn’t need another plane.  “According to the audit, there was no day in 2012 when all of the planes were in use, and there were 113 days when none of the planes flew.”  See it here.

Speaker Tim Jones weighed in: “I want to thank Auditor Tom Schweich for exposing the irresponsible and incredible waste incurred by the recent purchase of a luxury airplane to ferry Governor Nixon and his administrative staff on trips back and forth across the nation. Today's audit results only further confirm the Nixon administration's misplaced priorities.”

Supreme Court Dominates News

Yesterday the United State Supreme Court ruled on the Voting Rights Act, and today they will had down decision on gay marriage.  NYTimes: “The rulings will come against the backdrop of a rapid shift in public attitudes about same-sex marriage, with recent polls indicating that a majority of Americans support allowing such unions. When the justices heard arguments in the two cases in March, nine states and the District of Columbia had laws allowing same-sex marriage. Since then, three more states have enacted such laws.”  See it here.

The ruling could come any minute now…


The peerless John Combest has a link to the Kansas City Business Journal with Jim Moody talking about the tax cut bill (HB 253) that Governor Nixon vetoed.  ““It’s one of the worst fiscal notes I’ve ever seen in 35-plus years of working in government,” he said. “It’s just really bad.”  See it here.

First Quarter GDP Growth was 1.8%.  “The report showed downward revisions to almost all growth categories, with the exception of home construction and government.”  See it here.

Politico, via Axiom’s Morning News: “Barack Obama's Tuesday speech on climate change puts Democrats on defense in coal country. Republicans see the president's forthcoming announcement of new regulations to cut carbon emissions as an early gift going into the midterm elections, making a tough map for the other side that much tougher.” 

Sen. Claire McCaskill sent out a press release on the “Stan Span.”  “Legislation naming the new I-70 bridge over the Mississippi River in St. Louis the ‘Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge’ overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House today, and is expected to be headed for the President’s desk by the end of the week.”

Law Jobs

“The Department of Social Services, Division of Legal Services has an opening in its Litigation Section located in the St. Louis, Missouri office. Salary range is between $38,040-$45,948; depending on work experience.”  See it here.

“The City of Kansas City, Missouri Law Department has an open position in its City Prosecutor’s Office. This full-time Assistant City Attorney position is… responsible for prosecuting municipal ordinance violations in Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court under the direction of the City Prosecutor… The starting salary of the position is $58,176 per year plus excellent benefits.”  See it here.


House Democratic Victory Committee - $10,000 from Rea Kleeman.

Missourians for Koster - $50,000 from Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides & Barnerd LLC.

Slay for Mayor - $25,000 from Sam Fox.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Jack K Dillard deleted Altria Client Services Inc.

Jessica Hodge deleted Missouri Energy Group.

Jim Russell deleted MFA Incorporated.


Happy birthdays to Reps. Kurt Bahr (34) and Steve Cookson (55).