Friday, April 5, 2013

Emerson For Shear

Former Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson will be the keynote speaker for the Sue Shear Institute Leadership Academy dinner in May.  This is significant in the sense that the academy has previously been under attack by Republicans – especially Republican women – and nearly lost funding last year. 

But with Emerson sticking up for the institute and the exit of Jane Cunningham from the state senate,  Sue Shear’s hardest days may be behind them.

Behind Moon’s Rise

Republicans are cheering their victory in the House 157 special election.  Not so much that they won – it’s a very strong GOP district – but spirit that went into the win. 

There’s the constant tug of entropy in a caucus as large as theirs.  The physics of large groups means that factions within the caucus are bound to congeal.  HRCC was able to use the special election – and the prospect of a veto-override majority – to act against this impulse.  

They credit Mike Moon’s nice margin of victory – 20 pts – to teamwork.  36 Republican state Reps lent a hand in effort.  Many sending checks; many traveling to the district, to help with door-to-door efforts.  HRCC also reports strong cooperation from the state party.

One big happy family….

How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Bonds

Against yesterday’s blurb on the frightening taxing powers innate in general obligation bonds, comes this response… For the state to get to a point where it would need to levy a tax to cover the bonds repayment, revenues would have to shrivel to a mere sliver of their current state, declining some 95% or so.  We’d be in the giant meteor or nuclear war scenarios at that point.

Kraske: Nutter to Evict Wheeler

How many red exclamation points would this warrant from Tony’s KC?!!!?!  See it here (in the KC Star).

Lobbyists Hiring Spree on Franchise Bill

As the legislature returns again to definition of what constitutes a franchise in the liquor distribution business, lobbyists are being hired at a fast pace.  Some represent incumbents who want their relationship solidified by law; some represent the interest of potential entrants into the market if relationships are fluid.

Major Brands Lobbyists

Rodney Boyd

Brian J. Grace

Kelvin L Simmons

John Bardgett Jr.

Kimberly Tuttle

John Parris

Erika Leonard

Brian Millner

Mark J Rhoads

Jewell D. H. Patek

Michael R Gibbons

Tricia Workman

Brent Hemphill

Kristian Starner

Glazer’s Family of Companies Lobbyists

Michael David Grote

Heath C Clarkston

Harry Gallagher

David J. Klarich

Rodney R Hubbard

Jennifer Martin

Samuel G Licklider

Kimberly Akin

David Winton

Scott Penman

Doris Anne Clouse

Southern Wine and Spirits Lobbyists

Jorgen Schlemeier

William A Gamble

Cynthia Gamble

Jeffery N Brooks

Sarah Topp

ISRS Takes Another Step in House

Missouri Electric Alliance Statement on HB 398 Passing Out of Rules Committee: “We would like to commend the Rules Committee for unanimously passing out House Bill 398 today which addresses the issue of jobs and modernizing our electric grid.  Today's vote represents the 3rd consecutive affirmative legislative vote on the ISRS legislation this session.”

Edelman to Keynote War on Poverty Summit

Missourians to End Poverty coalition presents the 2013 Poverty Summit on April 9 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, Jefferson City, Missouri.  The theme of the summit is “Renewing the War on Poverty.” 

Keynote speaker for the summit is Peter Edelman, a former staffer for Robert F. Kennedy and for the Clinton Administration, from which Edelman resigned in protest of the shape of welfare legislation signed by President Bill Clinton.

Missourians to End Poverty is a statewide coalition that has come together to discuss the issue of poverty and how they can create change for the benefit of all communities. The cost of registration for the summit is $40 for General Admission, $30 for students and senior citizens and $10 for low-income participants.  For more information or to register online visit

eMailbag: Cut the Librarians!

“I'm really concerned about what we will do without essential state services like Keeping Up. Where will we get our Missouri political news if John Combest sleeps in?”

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Heath C Clarkston, and Harry Gallagher added Diamond Game.

Jonathan F Dalton deleted National Elevator Industry Inc.

Charles F Miller deleted Broadway Development LLC, and TKG Storage Mart Partners.           

$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Responsible Lending - $13,750 from Communities Creating Opportunity.

Give Missourians a Raise - $13,750 from Communities Creating Opportunity.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $6,000 from Paric Corporation.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $8,400 from Brauer Supply Co.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $12,000 from G.J. Grewe Management Co.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $12,000 from Ameren Missouri.


Happy birthdays (Saturday) to Rep. John McCaherty (48), and NEA’s Mark Jones.

Sunday: API’s Ryan Rowden (36).