Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Long Gone

In an effort to stay focused on their Medicaid message and avoid the distraction of questions raised by the Republican legislature over documents shared with the federal government, Department of Revenue director Brian Long resigned.  See Post-Dispatch article here.

Kenney Seeks Advisor

“State agency responsible for the regulation of public utilities is seeking a Program Consultant to serve as policy advisor to Chairman Robert Kenney of the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC)… Must be a self-starter and capable of anticipating the needs of the Chairman…”  See it here.

April Quarters

Governor Jay Nixon raised $448K, spent $434K and has $427K on-hand.  Most of the contributions and expenditures were presumably tied to the inaugural.

Ameren appears to have been the biggest corporate sponsor ($50K).  But ATT, Peabody, Civic Service, Burns & McDonnell, and RightCHOICE came in for $25K, and more at the $10K level.

Besides inaugural costs ($35K to Contemporary Productions, $50K to Capitol Plaza), some senior campaign staff appeared to have their campaign pay rounded out… fundraiser Margaret Onken received $27K and Oren Shur received $28K.

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder raised $127K; spent $140K and has $54K on-hand.  Among Kinder’s biggest donors were Rex Sinqeufield ($20K); Roy Pfautch ($10K), Centene ($10K), Sam Fox ($5K), James McDonnell ($5K), and tax credit wiz / developer Steve Stogel ($4,800).

And where’d the money go?  A lot of it to consultants.  Former campaign manager Logan Thompson received his win bonus… $26,500.  Long-time strategist David Barklage was paid $20K; Donna English’s fundraising firm took $15K; James Harris’ firm, $10K; and Steve Tilley’s consulting firm, $7K.

And Kinder’s MEC form says “statewide office” for those who are curious…

Attorney General Chris Koster raised $374K, spent $91K and has $419K on-hand.  That’s a nice start for the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee… On his expenses is Nixon’s campaign consultants Hilltop Strategies… and Margaret Onken

Secretary of State Jason Kander raised $14K, spent $8K, and has $18K on-hand.  And Auditor Tom Schweich raised $520, spent $5,843, and has $72K on-hand. 

Speaker Tim Jones raised $10K, spent $659, and has $773K on-hand; Sen. Kurt Schaefer raised $32K, spent $20K, and has $19K on-hand. Sen. Eric Schmitt raised $78K, spent $16K, and has $566K on-hand.

Some Senate hopefuls…

Sen. John Lamping raised $0, spent $900 and has $7K on-hand, while Rep. Jill Schupp raised $3K, spent $3K and has $55K on-hand.

Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger raised $1K, spent $1K and has $2K on-hand.

Rep. Jeff Roorda raised $17K, spent $6K has $47K on-hand.

Rep. Jeanie Riddle raised $3,200; spent $200; and has $114K on-hand. And Ed Schieffer raised $375 and has $1,530 on-hand.

Americans for Prosperity Boo ISRS

Americans for Prosperity is a nationwide conservative advocacy group is announcing today what it believes are the best and worst pieces of Missouri legislation.  In Missouri, AFP is headed by former Todd Akin staffer Patrick Werner.

Their best bill is HJR 17 which would cap state spending.  And their worst bill is SB207, the utility ISRS bill.   It’s a little surprising that ISRS is “worse” than Rep. Jake Hummel’s ObamaCare Medicaid expansion bill…

Return of the No Caucus?

Sen. Scott Rupp’s SB291, which would “require the Office of Administration to set a goal of awarding at least 3% of contracts for goods, services, and supplies to vendors” which employ person with certain disabilities, ran into resistance yesterday on the Senate floor.

Sens. Robb Schaaf, Ed Emery, and John Lamping all articulated concerns that it would interfere with the “free market” as it related to the state’s labor pool.

One wonders if this is the beginning of a coalescing of a “No Caucus” in the Senate…

Issue Development Committee Follow-up

Leaving the “Freshmen Bipartisan Issue Development Standing Committee” are Democratic Representatives Gina Mitten, John  Mayfield and John Wright.  Other Dems no longer on “issue development” committees… Randy Dunn – off Missouri Ports, and Disadvantaged Communities; Courtney Curtis – off Disadvantaged Communities; Mayfield and Joe Runions – off Ports; and Mayfield also off Missouri Sportsmen.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Rodney Boyd, Brian Grace, and Kelvin Simmons added Amerigroup Corporation.

Scott Marrs added Burch & Associates.

Nikki R. Strong added Desoto Rural Fire Protection.

$5K+ Contributions

MEDA PAC (MO Energy Dev. Association Political Action Committee ) - $10,000 from Ameren Missouri.

Citizens For Safe and Accessible Arch and Public Parks Initiative in Collaboration with Civic Progress Action Committee - $7,727 from Washington University in St. Louis.


Happy birthday to St. Louis alderman Shane Cohn.