Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Senate Cranks Through Budget Bills

Yesterday the Senate bore down and gave its approval to the budget bills.  After the long night, the Senate won’t convene until 11AM this morning, and then it will reportedly recess until 2:30PM.

Here’s how they went:

HB1 – Debts – 30-0.

HB2 – Dept Elementary and Secondary Euducation – 28-5 (Holsman, Justus, Keaveny, LeVota and Nasheed against).

HB3 – Higher Ed – 31-2 (Lager and LeVota against).

HB4 – Dept of Revenue and Dept of Transportation – 27-6 (Holsman, Justus, Keaveny, LeVota, McKenna, and Nasheed against).

HB5 – Dept of Transportation, Office of Administration, Dept of Conservation and Dept of Public Safety – 28-5 (Justus, Keaveny, Kraus, Nasheed and Nieves against).

HB6 – Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Natural Resources – 26-6 (Holsman, Justus, Keaveny, LeVota, Nasheed, and Schaaf).

HB7 – Dept of Economic Development, Dept of Insurance, Dept of Labor – 30-2 (Emery and LeVota).

HB8 – Dept of Public Safety – 32-0.

HB9 – Dept of Corrections – 32-0.

HB10 – Dept of Mental Health, Dept of Senior Services – 28-3 (Emery, Justus, and LeVota)

HB11 – Dept of Social Services – 20-11 (Curls, Emery, Holsman, Justus, Keaveny, Lager, LeVota, McKenna, Nasheed, Sifton, and Walsh).

HB12 – Statewide offices budgets – 31-0.

HB13 – general administration expenses – 31-0


Medicaid Expansion Gets Senate Vote

Sen. Jolie Justus proposed an amendment to HB11 to add a line item accepting federal funds for Medicaid expansion.   It failed 22-9 along party lines.  Republicans voted againstl Dems in favor.  Chappelle-Nadal, Parson and Rupp were absent.


Also in HB11, Sen. Bob Dixon offered an amendment that would cut the funding for the Department of Social Services legislative liaison.  It passed.  So Patrick Lynn’s paycheck will apparently be worked out in conference committee….

House Passes EcoDevo Bill

The House passed their economic development bill, HB 698, 113-43.  Like the odd pairings (at times) in the Senate No votes on budget bills, the Nos here were a mix of right and left. 

Here they were mostly tea Party Republicans with a few staunch Democrats sprinkled in.  Tea partiers fret that issuing tax credits for specific industries – be they historic building developers or data centers – is tantamount to central planning, an interference of the more perfect invisible hand.

Teacher-Blogger Randy Turner Fired?

Randy Turner, a teacher with the Joplin Schools, and a blogger with liberal leanings (See the Turner Report here), is on administrative leave after undisclosed complaints which appear to emanate from his blog.  The Joplin Globe reports that “a 28-page ‘statement of charges’ was given to Turner on Thursday.”  See the article here.


Sauerism of the Day

Fred Sauer, the increasingly gadfly-ish head of the Missouri Roundtable for Life, has begun the initiative process to limit campaign contributions.  Yet one more example of right meets left in Missouri politics. 

Here’s the press release

“Missouri voters passed limits on campaign contributions by an overwhelming 74% - 26% margin in 1994. In 2008, the legislature abolished these limitations. The Missouri Campaign Contribution Reform Initiative, if approved by the voters, would amend the Missouri constitution to restore campaign contribution limits.

“‘Unlimited campaign contributions are corrupting politicians and creating the appearance of corruption in Jefferson City,’ said Fred Sauer, President of Missouri Roundtable For Life…”

Tweet of the Day

Paul Wagner “@COPHE_news: 8am hearing pushed back to noon? That's about as good as found money.”


Don’t forget…. No need to pack a brown paper bag tomorrow… it’s Misosuri Electric Cooperatives 12th Annual Fish Fry!  Serving on the lawn from noon to 1:30PM!


Republican operative Scott Leiendecker’s start-up company is called Knowink, and it offers the technology revolution to poll workers.  See it here.

Mike Moon was sworn in as the representative for House 157.

Developer Paul McKee was sued for a fire which started on one of his northside properties and spread to neighboring homes.  See it here.

Post-Dispatch seeks a health reporter.  See it here.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Greg N Johnston and Ginger Steinmetz added Pollard Banknote Limited.

Steven Tilley added Advantage Capital Management, and National Association of Vision Care Plans.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Senate Democratic Campaign Committee - $6,250 from U-Gas.


Happy birthdays to Sen. Gina Walsh (56) and Rep. Jeff Pogue (32).


To Earl Simms on the birth of his daughter Abigail (6 lbs, 11 oz).