Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Liquor Franchise Opponents Organize

A press release from Ed Rhode yesterday announced the formation of Missourians for Fair Competition.  The purpose of the coalition – which includes Luxco, Inc, Adam Puchta Winery,  McCormick Distilling, Glazer's Distributors of Missouri, Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, Westphalia Vineyards, and the Missouri Retailers Association – is to fight against passage of legislation which would overrule recent court decisions on liquor franchise definitions.

From the press release

“Senate Bill 365 and House Bill 759 are special interest legislation supported by the largest liquor distributor in Missouri that would significantly alter the way liquor franchises operate in Missouri. This legislation would make it nearly impossible for liquor suppliers to switch wholesalers, even if such a change were in their best business interest…”


And They Plan to Air Ads

Check out this commercial from Missourians for Fair Competition.  It starts with a Ronald Reagan clip of his Berlin Wall speech, then about half way in morphs into anti-franchise bill message.

A quick check of the network stations in the state showed no ad contracts for the ads, so it must be slated for targeted cable shows instead…

Meet Barry Aycock

Put Barry Aycock on your Dem dance card in 2016.  (See his official company bio here.)  No inside information just watching the moves.  After flirting with an 8-CD run, Aycock has re-emerged doing the things that pols do… 

Yesterday he dismantled GOP arguments for right-to-work in an SE Missourian op/ed.  See it here.

Two weeks ago, he paid a visit to Jeff City, making the rounds to the Democratic statewide office holders.  He is said to have also left checks with Democratic legislative caucus members. He followed this with a trip to Kansas City an Urban League event with the mayor, and then he criss-crossed over to the recent Jake Zimmerman fundraiser in St. Louis. Last week, he hosted AG Koster for an ag tour of southeast Missouri, and introduced him at speaking engagements. 

And then the telltale sign… he recently launched a Barry Aycock for Missouri Facebook page.  See it here.

Dems have a potential self-funder angling for a run who is establishing relationships, shoring up support with the legislature, making the rounds to the cities and meeting with party leaders.

The agri-businessman from Parma is on the move, and it’s no longer a question of if, but of when and what office…

Yesterday’s Legislative Action

The Senate passed the House’s prevailing wage bill after bill-carrier Sen. Dan Brown acceded to Democratic language.  All the Dems still voted against it, but they were willing to end their filibuster.  

The House requested a conference committee on the budget bills.  Speaker Tim Jones spoke on the Senate budget, making pointed comments about Sen. Kurt Schaefer, Senate Appropriations Chair.  Jones dinged Schaefer for the Senate budget spending more money than the consensus revenue estimates will come in.

Jones did score a victory earlier in the day when Democratic Rep. Brandon Ellington made a motion to reconsider the education reform bill the speaker covets, allowing it to pass out of Fiscal Review.  News tweeters said that Ellington received assurances that certain provisions in the bill he didn’t like would be removed on the floor.


St. Louis City Bits

Former state senator Harry Kennedy has left the employ of Board President Lewis Reed, and relocated in the Recorder of Deeds office in St. Louis City Hall.  Kennedy was well-liked by the aldermen so it’s unclear what the impetus for the shake-up was.

Meanwhile Debra Carnahan, wife of former congressman Russ Carnahan, recently sent out a “BREAKING NEWS” email from her gmail account heralding an important legal development… “Today Missouri Circuit Court Judge Robert H. Dierker, Jr., ruled in an arrest expungement action, that last year’s arrest of former Missouri Democratic Executive Director Matt Teter was based on false information and that there is no probable cause to believe Teter committed the offense Today’s court ruling is welcome news for Teter who was forced out of his job as executive director of the Democratic Party.  The matter which prosecutors refused to charge, was used against Teter repeatedly leading up to this year’s election of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay by those conducting his campaign and also by at least one person who has an official role within his administration...”

Finally in last week’s Political Eye column of the St. Louis American, the  city’s black weekly, the anonymous authors are saying that Lewis Reed is no longer front-runner for the mayor’s job in four years… “the EYE thinks Lewis lost his best chance to become mayor and needs to stand down…”  This must hit a little hard considering it was at the bottom of a column about up-and-coming… Tishaura Jones, the Treasurer.

Issue Development

Rep. Jon Carpenter is the latest to jump off the Bipartisan Freshmen Issue Development Committee.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Michael C Reid added Dogwood Energy LLC.

Scott Swain and Mike Sutherland added Major Brands Premium Beverage Distributors.

$5K+ Contributions

Stand Up Missouri - $5,875 from Security Group Inc.

Citizens For Safe and Accessible Arch and Public Parks Initiative In Collaboration with Civic Progress Action Committee - $11,515 from Washington University in Saint Louis.


Happy birthdays to Andy Blunt (37), and Julie Murphy Finn.