Friday, February 8, 2013

8-CD Preview Bits

Tomorrow morning the 8th Congressional Republican Committee will meet to choose their nominee, whom I firmly believe will be the next congressman from the 8th.


Justice Gets Pumped

Chairman Eddy Justice on Facebook: “Heading to Van Buren this afternoon to set up chairs and finalize the floor arrangements. Will post pictures while we are doing this. This event is a great opportunity to experience an aspect of living in our Representative Republic.”



Southeast  Missourian Previews

The Southeast Missouri has an excellent preview.  See it here.


Among the tidbits in the article:

Sen. Dan Brown has dropped out.


Rep. Jason Smith has met in-person twice with each committee member.


Jason Crowell is using “regional captains” as spheres of influence within the committee.


Justice calls the outcome “completely unpredictable,” and says 25 members have indicated no preference.  That’d be about 30% of the committee.



Steelman Dinged

In a well-timed chop to the legs, a story surfaced yesterday that Sarah Steelman still owes nearly a million dollars from her Senate race, and has been “unresponsive” to the vendor.  Nice deadbeat ding on the eve of the vote.  See it here.



Guessing Game

The guess is that Jason Smith walks in the door with the most first-round votes.  I’m told that he’s been the target of tear-down talk lately, as the consensus seems to be he’s in the lead.


Scott Lipke, John Tyrell, Clint Tracy could be first round exits.  Followed by (my ordered guess) Wendell Bailey, Sarah Steelman, and Bob Parker.  That gets us to the real competitors.


At that point I would guess that Jason Crowell goes, followed by Lloyd Smith.  That would give us the top three – Peter Kinder, Jason Smith and Todd Richardson.


From there nothing would surprise me, but since I feel compelled to take a stab (and have never had a problem being wrong) – I’ll say: Congressman Richardson as the committee looks to the future and imagines someone who could – together with Ann Wagner – end up in House leadership in twenty years and be a major force for Missouri.




My daughter has a soccer game Saturday morning, so I’m not sure whether I kidnap her afterwards for a two-hour drive to Van Buren or not.  But follow these people on twitter for blow-by-blow ring-side commentary: @eyokley, @ErinERagan and @scottfaughn.



ISRS Supporters Strike Back

ACU Skeptics/Haters React to Letter

Reader 1: “Dave, please keep in mind the paid-lobbying DNA strands behind the ACU posture on SB207.  Gregg Keller, now with ACU, formerly consulted and served as spokesman for FERAF.”


Reader 2: “ACU is a whore masquerading as a group with principles.  See Politico article 2009 here.



MBEF Beefs Up Grassroots?

Missourians for a Balance Energy Future – the pro-utilities group in this battle – continues to try to grow its grassroots army, sending direct mail pieces to business owners to tout their agenda.  “Missouri’s job creation future depends on YOU.  Join Missourians for a Balanced Energy Future, and help our economy grow…”

Davis: AARP Makes False Claims!

In a letter to editor in the Post-Dispatch today, MEDA’s Trey Davis takes issue with AARP’s characterization of ISRS.  “It is unfortunate that AARP Missouri uses false statements in opposition to proposed Infrastructure Strengthening and Regulator Streamlining legislation…”  See it here.



Correction: Barky and MHA

David Barklage is a consultant for Missouri Hospital Association, but is not running “any effort for MHA relative to Medicaid expansion.”



Stouffer Announcement

From former state senator Bill Stouffer’s email blast:


“After eight years in Missouri State Government, I am announcing my association with the Jefferson City governmental consulting firm of Flotron & McIntosh, LLC.  I offer clients my expertise in transportation, agriculture, business and state budget issues…


“I bring my vast experience in agricultural and transportation policy areas to accompany the diversified team of Flotron & McIntosh.  As former Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee and MFA Board member for 16 years, I have spent my life living these issues every day.  If I can assist you in any way in your dealings with State Government, please do not hesitate to contact me.”



Holsman: 3 Ways the Senate is Different Than the House

From Freshman Sen. Jason Holsman’s Capitol Update:


“1. The Senate moves slower than the House; this is a good difference. The pace reflects the respect the body has for each individual member. The Senate moves as fast as  the slowest Senator.


“2. Partisanship is not the controlling factor. The House Chamber is divided by party. The offices are grouped by party. The members typically vote by party and the minority has very little input on legislation. In the Senate we sit together, office together and so far this session, I have not felt like the merit of my ideas hinge on the  letter beside my name.


“3. The demand for my time is overwhelming. In the House I often found quiet times during the day where I could read and work on my legislation. In the Senate, from morning til late in the evening, someone is waiting outside my door to talk about their priorities. Even small tasks such as writing and editing this newsletter have been delayed due to the amount of pressing attention to pending legislation.”



Help Wanted

The Missouri Association of REALTORS®, a large statewide trade association headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, has an immediate need for a lawyer to support the Association’s Legal Affairs and Risk Management Department.  See ad here.



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Jonas P Arjes added Taney County.

Mary Mosley added MO Women’s Network, and MO National Organization for Women.

Jim Cooper added Independent Electrical Contractors, and Missouri Coalition Against Common Core; and deleted Indoor Tanning Association.

Mike Grote added Dogwood Energy LLC; and deleted Missouri Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons, and Whitney O’Daniel on behalf of American Watercraft Association.

Keith Hazelwood added Riverwalk Development LLC.



$5K+ Contributions

Civic Progress Action Committee - $37,500 from Nestle Purina PetCare Company.

Slay for Mayor - $10,000 from Thompson Coburn LLP.




Happy birthday to Rep. Kathie Conway (58), and former Rep. Terry Swinger (72)


Sunday:  SNR Denton’s Brian Grace (32) – yes, that number is correct: he’s an eighties baby.