Friday, March 15, 2013

Danforth Contra Martin

In a front-page Post-Dispatch article today, Jack Danforth scolds Ed Martin for his small tent message.  See it here.


Pull Quote:  “What’s the meaning of this?” Danforth asked. “This big tent Republican smells a purge in the air. Who else do you want to kick out of our party?”



North Kansas City Hospital

The Kansas City Business Journal has a front page story on the potential sale of the North Kansas City Hospital which has becomes a point of local contention.  See it here.


Sen. Ryan Silvey (R) and Rep. Jay Swearingen (D) held a town hall meeting and have come to an agreement, and filed legislation which would take the matter to a vote of he people.  (See Silvey’s bill here).


Meanwhile, North Kansas City has been looking to hire a lobbyist.  In the registrations below, Burton, Liese Foley deleted their representation, reportedly to avoid a potential conflict they had.  One rumor has Phil LeVota as the next one who might get the job.  But with the Republican senator and Democratic state representative united it looks like a tough assignment.



Senate Leadership: No Medicaid Expansion

The Republican Senate leadership issued a statement.  See it here.  While they closed the door on Medicaid expansion, but left it ajar for Rep. Jay Barnes’ transformation proposal, writing that they “will continue to review and discuss any and all responsible proposals that wouldprovide more effective an responsible delivery of vital health services to our population.”



Look at Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s signature.  Not Jacob Lew, but hard to find a letter there.



Barnes Plays the Adult

The “scanning scandal” gets a full vetting by Rep. Jay Barnes without the huff and hysteria that makes for good political theatre.  See his report here.



Leathers Files for House 120

Mardy Leathers files a committee to run for Jason Smith’s seat in House 120.  See it here.



Tweet of the Day

Jason G. Crowell ‏@JasonGCrowell: “Today the functioning mo state senate passed the largest tax increase in state history #votenoonkehoestaxincrease”



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Polsinelli added Missouri Transportation Alliance.


Jack Cardetti added Sallie Mae Inc.


Jewell D. H. Patek added Missoui Transportation Alliance, and Sallie Mae Inc.


Mark J Rhoads added Missouri Transportation Alliance.


Mark J Bruns, Gary Burton, Jim Foley, and Chris Liese deleted City of North Kansas City.


Patricia R. Jensen added Hun Martin Materials, Tremont Square Transportation Development, Zona Rosa Community Development, Oak Barry Community Development, Metro North Square Community Improvement District, and City of Liberty; and deleted Tower Properties Company, Acme Sign, Hendrick Automotive Group, Gipson’s Apple Market, Jetro Cash and Carry Enterprises, Bev Green, Jasper Stone State Line Station LLC, Monahan & Associates, Cosentino’s Food Stores, International World Financial LLC, and The Chas. Ball Market Inc.


Aaron G. March deleted Cosentino’s Food Stores, Sosland Family Foundation, and Viracor Laboratories.


James C. Bowers, Jr. deleted Acme Sign Inc, Superior Brown Asphalt Company, Professional Cleaning and Innovative Building Services Inc, Price Brothers management, Jackson County Citizens for Economic Justice, Brenda Wood, Price Development Group, 210 Railyard LLC, Tracy Pendergrass, John Thurston, and Barry Special Partners.


Jared Paul Vessell deleted Vessell Investments LLC, Infrazone Technology, and NPursuit Technology.


Michael T. White deleted Ball’s Food Store Inc TIF, Bristol Lake TDD, Gipson’s Apple Mart,Bill Knoth, Country Club Bank, Harry Rizzo, Beet Lop, David Brinkerhoff, DeLaSalle Education Center, and Karbank Real Estate Company LLP.


Jennifer Martin added Glazer’s Family of Companies.



$5K+ Contributions

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $5,005 from Citizens for Timothy W. Jones.




Happy birthday (Saturday) to Jon Dolan, Tom Villa (68), and Missouri School Board Association’s Melissa Randol.



Sunday: Billy Pat Wright (76), Tom Self (46), Todd Smith (54), and Earl Simms (34).