Monday, January 7, 2012

Chairman Martin

Ed Martin was elected Missouri Republican Party Chair over the weekend, beating out Jane Cunningham and incumbent David Cole.


Cole had the support of Senator Roy Blunt who corralled many other electeds to add their endorsements.  But a majority on the state committee were still smarting from what they perceived as a failed party apparatus  in 2012 – losing nearly all statewide contests despite a double digit victory by Mitt Romney – and they took their disappointment out on Cole.


However I think their embrace of the Martin wing of the Republican Party as a panacea for those troubles seems “optimistic.”


One Ron Paul activist texted me that “approximately 40 of 68 state committee people are new as of last month (with a heavy dose of Tea Party and Paul people).”  These folks wanted change.


After the vote, they were clearly happy – and emboldened… “Ron Paul people are the new kingmakers of Republican party in Missouri!”



Winners and Losers

Tom Schweich – WINNER – he refused to endorse Cole, and he got his chief of staff Trish Vincent installed as Vice Chair.  Does this make him the front-runner for the 2016 Republican gubernatorial nominee?  I think so.


Tim Jones – WINNER – besides Schweich the only other major elected to eschew endorsing Cole.


Aaron Willard – LOSER – unlikely to become executive director now.  Not only did his aggressive management of Ann Wagner’s campaign force Martin’s exit from that race, but observers expect that Martin will pick an ED who is “fiercely loyal” to him.


Democrats – WINNER – they lovvvvve the prospect of Ed Martin pumping up the fringes of the Republican Party and leaving the moderates and Independents all to the Democrats.  See their celebratory press release below.


Lloyd Smith – LOSER – Cunningham campaigned on firing Lloyd and much of the blame at Cole also flows to Lloyd. The Ron Paul/Tea Party members of the 8th committee were already

skeptical of Smith’s insider status. This loss moves him into a deep 4th place for Congress.


Ed Martin – WINNER – Obviously.  He has a platform now for his next race….



Dems Cheer Martin Win

In a press release titled “Todd Akin Supporters Take Over Missouri GOP” the Missouri Democratic Party started doing the jitterbug dance…


“In a coup for the most extreme elements in the Missouri Republican Party, Ed Martin -- a highly controversial and ethically challenged politician -- was chosen yesterday to be the party’s statewide chairman, despite having lost successive elections promoting his own brand of fringe conservative politics alongside failed candidates like Rep. Todd Akin.


“As chairman, Martin will serve as the Missouri Republican Party’s standard-bearer, despite his troubled history of ethical misconduct, racially inflammatory comments and the same extreme positions on women’s issues that crippled Akin’s U.S. Senate bid…”


Then there’s another 1,200 words on Martin sharing Akin’s view on abortion, his various misstatements and missteps as Matt Blunt’s chief of staff etc etc etc.



Cunningham Stays Classy

From: Jane Cunningham <>

Date: January 5, 2013, 2:54:50 PM CST

To: Jane Cunningham <>

Subject: Thank you and outcome


Friends. The issue was performance and if it dictated change. Change won but I did not.


On the first ballot, the vote was 32 Ed, 27 David and 7 me.


On the second ballot, the vote was 34 Ed and 32 David.


Thank you all for your yeoman efforts.


We believed I had the experience to lead the party forward most effectively but the state committee obviously felt otherwise. We all did everything we could. I personally called almost all of the committee members, sent 3 emails including the only written plan for success and interrupted a visit with my 93 year old mom in Florida to fly in specifically for the vote. No stone was unturned so I feel there is nothing else that we could have done.


God is in charge of my life and I am grateful to move forward in His will.





GOP PSC Appt Coming?

With the legislature headed back into session, the heat is getting turned up on Governor Jay Nixon to name a Republican to the Public Service Commission.  That Republican slot has been empty since Jeff Davis resigned.  With Nixon’s recess appointment of Steve Stoll, there have been three Democrats and one Republican on the powerful commission for the last half-year.


Republicans have vowed to block Stoll confirmation without a “real” Republican being named to the fifth seat.



Better Hope Crowell Doesn’t Get Into the CD-8 Meeting

With the 8th District Committee’s proposed rules leaning heavily on Robert’s Rules of Order, it might be time to bone up on the venerable set of rules.


One observer imagines some unforeseen scenarios… “Robert’s Rules only permits a motion for the previous question with 2/3 of the body’s approval.  If 80 people are in attendance that would mean that only 27 people could paralyze the process.”



Lobbyist Registrations

On the extremely helpful Pelopidas website, which track lobbyists’ registrations, there’s a long list of deletions from lobbyists this morning.  SNR Denton’s Brian Grace tweeted that the probably explanation is that some lobbyists forgot to renew their registration with the Missouri Ethics Commission.  Either that or Lana Ladd Baker, Trent Ford, Greg Johnston and dozen other lobbyists have suddenly closed their practices…



Ready to Start the Next Cycle?

Holmes Osborne started a new campaign committee to run again for state representative, House 53.  He lost to Glen Kolkmeyer 59%-41% in November.  In 2010, he lost to Mike McGhee 33%-66%...



Silvey, Holsman Take to the Stage

Sens-elect Jason Holsman and Ryan Silvey played the Arts Council last week.  Their set included “Million Dollars” by Bare Naked Ladies.  But it’s said that they changed the words with a few jabs at Governor Jay Nixon.  Seen in the audience Reps. Jeremy LaFaver, Myron Neth and Brandon Ellington.




Mark Your Calendar

February 12 is the Midwives’ “Cookie Day” in Capitol…



Help Wanted

Department of Revenue looks for lawyer.  See it here.


The Concordian convets community journalist.  See it here.



$5K+ Contributions

Give Missourians a Raise - $25,000 from The Advocacy Fund.

Civic Progress Action Committee - $37,500 from RGA Reinsurance Company.

Citizens for Safe and Accessible Arch and Public Parks Initiative in Collaboration with Civic Progress Action Committee – $100,000 from Civic Progress.

Slay for Mayor - $10,000 from Husch Blackwell LLP.

A Better Missouri with Governor Jay Nixon - $25,000 from Civic Service Inc.