Thursday, January 31, 2013

CD-8 Update

Sen. Wayne Wallingford dropped out of the race yesterday.  Statement: “After careful thought and deliberation…”  Wallingford wasn’t getting traction so there’s no real impact to this event.



Also, Scott Lipke almost died Tuesday – read the SEMissourian’s article here.   SPOILER ALERT:  “But Lipke doesn't believe it was blind luck. The Bible in the seat was there for a reason.  ‘There's no doubt there was some divine intervention,’ Lipke said. ‘It could have turned out worse, but it didn't. It was totally God. Nothing short.’”



Paycheck Protection Rips At Republican Coalition?

The early push against organized labor so far appears to be located on the “paycheck protection” arena.   This is something of a “Right to Work” lite, an effort to undermine unions’ organizing ability.


The union bogey-man appears to inspire some Republicans.  However one wonders if they’re stretching their agenda too far, and risking a rip in their coalition.


For example, in the CD-8 forums where the candidates get hot and heavy over right to work, they’re missing the fact that rural Missouri is full of voters for whom bread-and-butter issues are vital.  There are working class whites who hunt and are pro-life and are lean Republicans but have misgivings when opportunity for fair wages are undermined.


As the session winds on, it’ll be interesting to see whether rural Republicans hear from constituents on this issue.



Polsinelli Keeps Google Legal Work

Look for the Polsinelli folks to de-register their lobbying for Google in the coming days.  As part of the Richard Browlee split, Brownlee will handle Google lobbying in Missouri which is said to be more in the “monitoring mode.”


Polsinelli though will retain Google’s legal work.



MASW: MO Taxes Regressive

Missouri Association of Social Welfare released a report yesterday to highlight the regressive nature of the Missouri tax system.  See it here.  In particular it shows what everyone knows, that sales tax is harder on lower income folks than wealthy ones.  But it also calculates that that burden together without the federal offsets means that poorer folks pay more state taxes as a percentage of their income.



Know Your Rights – a PSA With Guitar

Reading Sen. David Sater’s SB 128 to regulate the use of EBT cards, am I the only one who hearing the Clash?...  “You have the right to food money providing of course you don’t mind a little investigation or humiliation…”



Fire District Update

Monarch Concerned Taxpayers filed a campaign committee.  See it here.  They are aligned with Jane Cunningham.  On their website, they tag Cole McNary as the pro-union candidate.  See it here.



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Joseph P Bednar Jr added Murchison Oil & Gas Inc.

Mary Schantz added KC Regional Home Care Association.

Ginger Steinmetz added Missouri Parks Association.



$5K+ Contributions

Civic Progress Action Committee - $37,500 from Ameren Missouri.

A Better Missouri With Governor Jay Nixon - $10,000 from World Wide Technology Holding Co.




Happy birthday to former senator Robin Wright Jones (63).