Thursday, March 15, 2018

Barnes Speaks

Rep. Jay Barnes, chair of the House’s Special Investigative Committee, held a press conference yesterday.  He said that the committee is “on-track” to complete their report within the 40-day timeline he originally set forth.  A court reporter has been present at the hearings and transcripts (with redactions) will be released at the conclusion of the committee’s work.


I have a credible source who says the committee has taken evidence concerning The Mission Continues donor list.  This indicates that the Special Investigative Committee is not looking exclusively at the actions of the governor’s affair, but at other allegations as well.


Driving the Day

There’s a big long article out this morning about Nick AyersSee it here.  Deep in the piece is this bit: “State lawmakers have said that the Circuit Attorney may be looking into donations to A New Missouri, a nonprofit that promotes the Greitens agenda. Ayers has advised A New Missouri, according to his disclosure form. One person who has been interviewed by federal investigators told me that both A New Missouri and LG PAC came up during the conversation.”


Budget Mark-Up Bits

Yesterday’s long budget mark-up gave the audience a laundry list of what House Budget members want to see in the next year… They expect to see every piece of data from the Office of Administration’s performance pay study; they want some cost containment efforts undertaken from the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan; they want answer to their questions from DHSS; and they want more charter schools approved by the Missouri Public Charter School Commission.

One observer notes the 180-degree change in the relationship and respect between the committee and University of Missouri System President Mun Choi, compared to how terrible it was with his predecessor.


Carol Jones Follow-Up

I wrote earlier this week about lobbyists who have recently registered for Carol Jones (see it here) trying to fight a change in trust law.  Yesterday attorney Michael Blanton was in the building.  According to court documents, he’s been on the other side of the brew-ha-ha between Jones and her brother, Richard Goldstein.  However I still haven’t been able to find any record of anyone being registered to lobby for Goldstein or Blanton.


Greitens Scandal Bits

Post-Dispatch reports that one of the investigators on the Eric Greitens’ case was “once accused of a crime — bigamy — and lying to FBI investigators about it.”  See it here.  If this were a novel it would seem unbelievable…


Dwight Warren, a career prosecutor, writes on Medium (see it here) that “I Worked In St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office. Her Indictment of Gov. Eric Greitens is Most Disturbing.”


Roy Temple filed a new ethics complaint against the governor accusing him of making a false statement on the last ethics consent order that he signed.  See it here.  And remember, the Ethics Commission can’t act on this complaint because they lack a quorum because the governor hasn’t made appointments.



Mary Dempsey is the only candidate filed so far for St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds.  Mary is the sister of former Senate Pro Tem Tom Dempsey.


Dan Wibracht, running in House 72, was endorsed by the Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri, Local 2665.


Axiom-ite Kristian Starner is going to work for Cerner.  See it here.


From Politico’s Influence:  In other tariff news, members of the American Soybean Association are on the Hill today to protest the forthcoming tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. Among the offices members will meet with are those of Sens. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.). Patrick Delaney, a spokesman for the group, said the association is circulating a "dear colleague" letter and is also "asking farmers to tweet and email the president encouraging him to rethink his course of action." In addition, ASA President John Heisdorffer requested a meeting with Trump to discuss possible retaliation from China in response to the tariffs, the Wisconsin State Farmer reported Tuesday.


Washington Post reports on President Donald Trump’s speech at the Josh Hawley fundraiser.  See it here“It’s the bowling ball test. They take a bowling ball from 20 feet up in the air and drop it on the hood of the car,” Trump said of Japan. “If the hood dents, the car doesn’t qualify. It’s horrible,” he said. It was unclear what he was talking about.


New Candidate Filings

Eric Holmes filed to run in House 14 as a Democrat.

Matthew Simmons filed to run in House 33 as a Democrat.

Rick Mellon filed to run for House 39 as a Democrat.

Connie Simmons filed to run for House 53 as a Democrat.

J.P. Johnson filed to run in House 79 as a Democrat.

Peggy Sherwin filed to run in House 104 as a Democrat.

Betty Vining filed to run in House 108 as a Democrat.


New Committees

Adela Falk formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Adela Falk) to run for House 43 as a Republican.

Sarah Hoover formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Sarah Hoover) to run for Auditor of Jasper County as a Republican.


$5K+ Contributions

CLEAN Missouri - $50,000 from Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action.

New Approach Missouri - $20,000 from Missouri Essentials LLC.

Lyda Krewson for Mayor - $10,000 from STL Citizens for Responsible Government.

Missourians for Patient Care - $20,000 from Missourians for Patient Care.



Happy birthdays to Adam Gresham, and Gary McElyea.