Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hummel to Diehl: J’Accuse

Minority Leader Jake Hummel sent an email to his caucus in reaction to Republicans bringing up two voter ID proposals.   Hummel says that written and verbal commitments made to Dem leadership were “violated.”  It signals a continued deterioration between the majority and minority parties in the House.


Hummel Email

From: Jake Hummel

Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 2:14 PM

To: _Democrat Representatives

Subject: Voter ID Floor Activity


Fellow House Democrats,


I know that many of you were surprised and disappointed that the majority party briefly brought up the two photo voter ID measures, House Bill 48 and HJR 5, this morning when you had been told that we wouldn't go to the measures until Wednesday. The sole purpose of bringing up the measures and immediately laying them over, of course, was to preclude amendments from being submitted under the Rules of the House.


Given that House Democratic leadership had received both written and verbal commitments from Republican leadership that the legislation wouldn't be brought up until Wednesday, I was just as surprised and disappointed as you that those commitments were violated. (See attached letter.)


As you know, the majority party sets the agenda and determines when we go to bills. Our caucus leadership team does it's best to keep you informed as to when the House will take up a particular bill so that you can be prepared. Our ability to do so, however, is entirely dependent on the information we are given by the majority. And as today's action proved, the information they provide isn't always reliable.








The Senate finally perfected SB1 – the Second Injury Fund fix with some changes to workers compensation.


Scott Rupp

It marks a return of Sen. Scott Rupp to the lawmaking arena after he eschewed major legislation last session to pursue statewide office.  One possible big fish that Rupp could cast his net out for: campaign contribution limits.  If Rupp teamed up with Sen. Jolie Justus who has also proposed limits, the Senate’s two elder states-people would be a formidable team.


Ron Richard

A man made for this time?  Could it be that Floor Leader Ron Richard is perfect for this Senate at this time?   The no-nonsense senator stares and grunts a “bad cop” persona to Pro Tem Tom Dempsey’s affable “good cop.”  Says one Senate denizen: “The Dems are scared shitless Richard will PQ them.  And if it were up to him, he would...”



It’s thought that the House will have major problems with this compromise, so despite the celebratory mood last night, it’s many miles before this bill gets to the governor’s desk.



House EcoDevo

It was a long economic development committee hearing last night with a hearing of both the angel investor tax credit and an expansion of the distressed area land assemblage tax credit.


MOWonk’s Brian Schmidt gave a presentation on the history and situation of distressed land in north St. Louis.  His thesis: revitalizing this area could save the state money in the long-run because it would require fewer on-going expenditures, as well as generate tax revenue.


Bannister Mall Help Prospects in the Senate?

Also testifying in favor of the tax credit was Chase Simmons on behalf of the Bannister Mall near Kansas City.  This is an intriguing development which could significantly help the prospects for the distressed.


Post-Dispatch reporter Virginia Young calls Bannister Mall the “brainchild” Cerner founder Neal Patterson.  Cerner employs Sen. Brad Lager who has been among the most skeptical fiscal hawks when it comes to tax credits.  Should Lager have to recluse himself from the debate it would diminish the changes for a filibuster….


Family Affair

Public Service Commissioner Bill Kenney was briefly in the house to give his daughter well wishes.  Kristy Kenney, a lawyer with Polsinelli, testified on behalf of the Angel Tax Credit.


And in the back row, hanging out with cool kids of the lobbying corps, was Jackie Bardgett, daughter of famed John Bardgett.


Where’s Jami?

While the Land Assemblage Tax Credit received a favorable welcome from the committee – aided no doubt by chair Anne Zerr’s sponsorship – one wonders who the Senate carrier of the bill will be.  Thus far, Sen. Jamilah Nasheed has been quiet on the subject.  While it’s expected that she’ll be there to support Paul McKee (and Mayor Francis Slay) in the end, it’s probable that she’s pacing the expenditure of her political capital – after suffering a large withdrawal for her endorsement of Slay.


And of course any visit McKee would make to Nasheed’s office on the matter might prove somewhat awkward as her chief of staff, Eric Vickers, filed the lawsuit against McKee which is currently before the Supreme Court.




No exec session on the ISRS bill yesterday in Commerce Committee.  It’s said that they are working on some language changes before voting the bill out to the floor.



Americans for Prosperity is scheduled to hold a press conference today in the Capitol to rail against the many different tax increases Missourians are facing.  And it’s said that they make take a whack at SB207 as a tax increase…



Question 3

In the $5K+ checks there’s been money going to Keep Jobs in KC.  This campaign is attempting to defeat Question 3 on the spring ballot in Kansas City.  Question 3 would prevent the city from giving any financial incentives to the Honeywell plant.  Proponents of the measure recently started a campaign committee (see it here), but I haven’t seen any checks for them.
A Future for Shane?

In the latest issue of the Missouri Times, Shane Schoeller graces the back page with a full page ad.  It appears that Schoeller wants to stay in the game. He recently rolled over the remaining funds ($22K) from his secretary of state race into a new campaign committee.  That committee states its purpose as a 2016 statewide.


It’ll be hard for Schoeller to remain relevant for four years, and appear more viable in 2016 than the likely slew of term-limited legislators.


One rumored landing spot for Schoeller… on staff with Congressman Jason Smith….



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Kimberly Akin, Heath Clarkston, and Harry Gallagher added Internet Alliance.

Jane Dueker, Mike Gibbons and Tricia Workman added The Doe Run Company.



$5K+ Contributions

Keep KC Jobs Committee - $20,000 from JE Dunn Construction.

Keep KC Jobs Committee - $18,000 from Richmond Breslin LLP.

Friends of Peter Kinder - $20,000 from Rex Sinquefield.

Professional Firefighters of Tri-County PAC - $10,000 from Fenton Fire Fighter Community Outreach.