Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here Comes the Storm

With a winter storm – ice pellets and all – headed toward Jefferson City, everyone has started altering plans.  The governor is reportedly leaving early for Washington DC to attend a Democratic Governors Association meeting, and the legislature made plans for a truncated week.



SB207 To Come Out

Most notable of the various storm-related schedule amendments is Sen. Brad Lager bumping up his Commerce Committee hearing today.  With fresh language, he’ll be exec-ing SB207 (ISRS) out of committee upon adjournment (Senate Lounge).  It’s said that multiple senators on the committee asked to wait until next week for the vote – an accommodation usually granted – but Chairman Lager looks to be pushing it out…




At this hour, Sen. Mike Kehoe’s Transportation Committee is hearing the one-cent sales tax proposal…



Koch Bros To “Wage Behind-the-Scene Push in State Capitols”

In the news, and sure to give liberals the shivers this morning…  From Politico (read it here): “(The Koch brothers) blessed the formation of a new secret money non-profit group, the Association for American Innovation, POLITICO has learned. It will be run by former top Americans for Prosperity strategist Alan Cobb and will wage a behind-the-scenes push in state capitols for reforms consistent with the brothers' small government, free enterprise philosophy, including possibly curbing union power and abolishing income taxes… The brothers’ operation also has signaled continued commitment to a host of non-profit groups established in the last few years under a section of the tax code - 501(c)4 - that allows donors to remain anonymous.”



After Jason Smith

Rep. Jason Smith has said that he’s not planning to resign in advance of his congressional election, but that doesn’t mean that folks aren’t already looking around the corner.  The first name mentioned for Smith’s pro tem position is Rep. Denny Hoskins – who ran for it last year. One assumes that there will be others.  The vote could come over summer caucus.


Meanwhile, when Smith’s federal committee files its first report it’s said you’ll see a lot of his colleagues maxed out to the tune of $999 to help their DC-bound buddy.



Crawford County Clerk Mardy Leathers says he’ll run for Jason Smith’s House seat.  Read it here.



House 76

In the quest to replace Chris Carter in House 76, Josh Peters has prevailed.  See a bio here.


After a contentious committee meeting which featured some shoving, it’s said that Sen. Jamilah Nasheed slyly engaged in an unofficial filibuster while she waited for committeewoman Pam Boyd to return – with her weighted votes.  That put Peters (who had the support of Congressman Lacy Clay) over the top by one vote 115-114 to snag the Democratic nomination.




Seen walking the Senate side… Medicaid transformer Rep. Jay Barnes going from office to office meeting with senators, with former state senator and current Rep. Kevin Engler acting as guide.



Sen. Gina Walsh was appointed to the Joint Committee on Capital Improvements and Leases Oversight and the Joint Committee on Public Employees Retirement.



House Journal not online this morning… 404 Error… Boo!



Medicaid Expansion Coalition Continues to Grow

Here’s the current list of chambers and organizations on-board….


Coalition Members

Missouri Academy of Family Physicians

Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Missouri Association of Rural Health Clinics

Missouri Hospital Association

Missouri Nurses Association

Missouri Optometric Association

Missouri Dental Association

Missouri Primary Care Association

Ambulance District Association of Missouri

Missouri Association of Health Plans

Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

Missouri Health Care Association

Missouri Pharmacy Association

Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers

Missouri Ambulance Association

Missouri Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Missouri Section of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Missouri Dental Hygienists' Association

Missouri Association of County Developmental Disability Services

Missouri Association of Free Clinics

Missouri Centers for Independent Living

Missouri Alliance for Home Care

Missouri State Medical Association

Missouri Psychiatric Association

March of Dimes, Missouri Chapter

Missouri Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

American Cancer Society

The Congress on Disability Policy

Missouri Developmental Disabilities Coalition

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society-Gateway Chapter

American Diabetes Association

Missouri Chapter of the American College of Physicians


Chamber Endorsed

Missouri State Chamber of Commerce

Associated Industries of Missouri

Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Kansas City Civic Council

Springfield Chamber of Commerce

St. Louis Chamber of Commerce

Independence Chamber of Commerce

Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce

Kirksville Regional Economic Development, Inc. (K-REDI)

Kirksville Chamber of Commerce

Columbia Regional Economic Development Inc.

Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Hannibal Chamber of Commerce

West Plains Chamber of Commerce



eMailbag: Localize Term Limits

“Want to get rid of term limits?  Give local voters a choice. Voters statewide do like term limits, but do they favor them for their own districts?


“An answer:  Put on the ballot a constitutional amendment that allows voters in each legislative district a choice – in the election after its adoption and at each election after redistricting – as to whether the representative or senator from the district will be subject to term limits.


“Voters in those districts whose majorities favor term limits can have them; voters in districts who do not support term limits can elect senators and representative without them.


“Why won't this happen?  Because while many legislators like to complain about term limits, the truth is that those with real power – non-legislators, mostly – have no interest in changing a system that works so well for them.”



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Courtney Anvender added BJC Healthcare.

Lisa Christie added National Eating Disorders Association.

Ian Evans added The home Depot.

D Scott Penman added Missouri Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons.

Jeremy A Root added Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP.

Shannon Weber deleted Carpenters’ District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity.



$5K+ Contributions

North County Firefighters PAC - $6,260 from Riverview Firefighters Fund

Committee to Elect Reed - $7,000 from International Union of Painters & Allied Trades.




Happy birthdays to CenturyLink’s Doug Galloway (the big 6-0), former state senator Matt Bartle (48), and former state representative Kenny Biermann (57).