Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rumorville: PSC News Coming…

Rumors are that there may be some significant news out of the Public Service Commission meeting today at their weekly meeting.  That’s at 9:30am…


A long-shot rumor is that PSC Commissioner Terry Jarrett would be resigning.  But it doesn’t sound to me like this is the news.  Jarrett (see bio here) was appointed to the Commission by Matt Blunt.


Separately – newly appointed Bill Kenney was seen walking the halls yesterday and word was that his confirmation was on track.


(However the Jarrett resignation – if that was somehow true – could complicate matters.  Republicans might be reluctant approve of Steve Stoll and Kenney without a Jarrett replacement as they’d face the prospect of a 3-1 Democratic–Republican split for the foreseeable future.)


We’ll see….



Jones, LG, Etc

In a recent interview, Speaker Tim Jones doesn’t rule out Medicaid expansion… read it here.  If Jones expands Medicaid and passes a big debt issue, he probably shouldn’t rule out a right-side primary challenge for his eventually statewide race…



Meanwhile the House fast-tracked their bill to require a special election in the case of a vacancy for a statewide office.  Looking around the Republican field, some observers think the most likely candidate (with $600K on-hand already) for a vacant LG spot would be… Tim Jones.  In that case he’d just have to win over the nominating committee, no need to worry about a primary (see above).



On the Dem side, Susan Montee has the best relationships with the Democratic state committee and could nab the Democratic nomination – if she still wanted it.



Post-Dispatch: McKee To Push for Tax Credit Extension

Read the answer to Paul McKee’s recent lobbying hiring spree here.  That Post-Dispatch article also mentions that MOWonk Brian Schmidt is providing some intellectual underpinnings for the proposal – which is: keep the distressed land assemblage tax credit which annually puts about $10 million into McKee’s bank account.


There’s going to be enormous resistance to this idea in the building.




In Kansas, Governor Sam Brownblack’s state of the state address included the vision of cutting their income tax rate to zero.  Read it here.



In Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer asked her fellow Republicans to support her bid to expand Medicaid within the Affordable Care Act.  Read it here.




Former Governor Bob Holden and MO Chamber CEO Dan Mehan will host a tele-press conference today to discuss the national debt crisis and how it impacts Missouri.



Why Nixon’s plan to extend the school year faces an uphill road?  State Board of Education member Peter Herschend runs Silver Dollar City.  He doesn’t want kids missing anymore weekends to go to his play land (or work there!)…



Chuck Gross leaves St. Charles County and starts as executive director of Duckett Creek.



Tuesday, February 12, Director Jon Hagler will be a featured speaker at the St. Louis AgriBusiness Club lunch meeting at the Crowne Plaza at the St. Louis Airport. RSVP today to or call Tracy at (636) 851-7165.



A new PAC was formed out of Perryville… the Missouri Growth PAC.  On the MEC form, Everett Tilley – one assumes this is Steve Tilley’s dad – is listed as president.  Stay tuned…



A good Dem source says Sen. Claire McCaskill has taken calls from Russ, Robin and Tom Carnahan all interested in federal appointments of some kind….



No lobbyists gifts in the secretary of state’s office.  Read it here.



Damon Jones, running for alderman in St. Louis City, missed the deadline to file his January report.  He is the son of Robin Wright Jones who never filed a 30 After Report from her primary last summer, or any subsequent report.



Tweet of the Day

Ann Wagner chief of staff Christian Morgan ‏@cmorgaxiom: “Nuthin like workin' @ office till 1am then fighting a couple drunks trying to steal ur cab in the rain. #welcometoDC”



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


William A Gamble and Sarah Topp added Murchison Oil and Gas Inc.

Gregory Porter added Missouri Full Employment Group LLC, and Northside Regeneration LLC.

Shannon Cooper, Nancy Giddens and Jessica Land deleted Friends of the Kansas City Zoo.



$5K+ Contributions

MO Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Burns & McDonnell.

A Better Missouri With Governor Jay Nixon - $50,000 from Ameren Missouri.

Committee to Elect Reed - $10,000 from International Association of Firefighters Local #73 PAC.




Happy birthdays to Rep. Don Gosen (the big 5-0), and former Rep. Mary Still (59).