Friday, September 28, 2012

Just a quick Friday update…



Akin Again

The Akin saga continues.  Yesterday he said that incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill wasn’t “ladylike” in their recent debate, a remark which renewed charges he was an out-of-touch sexist sensibilities more appropriate for the Victorian era – or prehistoric ages…  Read it here.



Meanwhile, over at Politico (via Axiom’s morning email), the behind the scenes maneuvering continues as national Republicans mull their involvement in the race.  Pull Quote: “In a major reversal, the NRSC is also considering putting money behind Akin. DeMint’s political action committee, Senate Conservatives Fund, plans to donate to Akin as well. GOP insiders say Akin, who is trailing Democrat Claire McCaskill, has to be more competitive before they decide to jump into the race.”  Read it here.



And also on Politico, former state senator Jeff Smith write how it is that Akin is still competitive.  Read it here.



Humphreys Heart Trial Attorneys?

Yes they do – when they need them at least.


The Humphreys have spent god knows how many gazillions on changing the court plan and demonizing trial attorneys, and yet when you have a civil dispute you know where to go for justice.  Read it here.



Nixon Ads

A new hard hitting Nixon ad targets TARP money taken by Reliance Bank.  Dave Spence sat on the board.  See it here.


Internet ad weirdness continues from the Nixon camp.  Yesterday a reader sent me a screenshot of the website of conservative firebrand Ann Coulter.   The banner across the top of the webpage was a Nixon for governor advertisement.  The consensus seems to be that this is not a stray misfired ad, but rather part of Nixon’s deliberate effort to woo conservative Missourians.




The Conservative Coalition of Jefferson County gets minor slap on the wrist from Missouri Ethic Commission.  Read it here.



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


James C. Bowers, Jr. added Tracy Pendergrass.

Patricia R. Jensen added Bev Green.

Robert Gustafson added Lundbeck LLC.

Jonathan Klock added Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics.



$5K+ Contributions

MO Democratic State Committee - $26,000 from Missouri House Democratic Campaign Committee.

Montee for Missouri - $5,077 from Bruce Grench.

Citizens for Swinger - $7,500 from Missouri State Teachers Association.

Missourians for Ed Martin - $10,000 from Will Landers.

Friends for Munzlinger - $10,000 from Smithfield Foods Inc.

Missouri’s Future - $14,000 from Stueve Siegel Hanson LLP.

Friends of Peter Kinder - $10,000 from CNS Corporation.

Friends of Peter Kinder - $6,500 from KCS Rail PAC State PAC.

Friends of Peter Kinder - $25,000 from Lewis & Clark Council Ozark Mountain Forum.

MO Republican Party - $25,000 from Centene Management Company.

Schoeller for Missouri - $6,973 from Jerry Summers.

Schoeller for Missouri - $15,000 from Lewis & Clark Council Ozark Mountain Forum.

Missourians for Ed Martin - $12,500 from James Murphy Jr.

Friends of Peter Kinder - $10,000 from William Knapp.

MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PAC - $200,000 from Xcaliber International LTD LLC.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $10,000 from Citizens for Timothy W Jones.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc – $6,000 from Entlicher for Election.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $10,000 from Cornerstone Health Care Inc.




Happy birthday to Rep. Michael Brown (51), Tea Partiers Dana Loesch and Cindy McGee, and former Rep. Nathan Cooper (39).


Saturday:  NFIB’s Brad Jones, and Rich Magee (59).


Sunday: Former Jetton staffer Chris Benjamin (37).