Monday, November 12, 2012

Feedback on Ron Richard as Floor Leader

Republican House member: The guy (Ron Richard) won the speakership and now he’s won the floor leader position.  He’s no dumbie.  Putting those coalitions together requires some skill.  You gotta respect that.  And we will treat him with the respect he’s due.



Lobbyist: You wrote what everyone was thinking.



Capitol source: Look for assistant floor leader, Mike Kehoe, to take an active role on the floor, even becoming a sort of de facto floor leader.  Richard might – ironically – lead the floor from off-the-floor a fair amount.



Facts of Life:  This is the direction the Republican caucus wanted to go, so this is where it goes.  There simply isn’t the lock-step top-down leadership in the Senate that you have in the House.  Everything is dependent on having the votes in caucus.  There may be blocs you can build with, but there aren’t herds that can be whipped.




Sen. Richard chose Sen. Jane Cunningham’s old office, Room 321…



Term Limits and the Senate

By my count 26 of the 34 senators will start next session with less than four years of experience in the Senate.



Looking Toward 2014

Here are the senators who are termed in 2014 and possible representatives looking at those seats…


Senate 2 – Sen. Scott Rupp termed – Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger.
Senate 10 – Jolie Justus current represents this district (including the town of Troy), the early front-runner is Rep. Jeanie Riddle.


Senate 12 – Brad Lager termed – Rep. Casey Guernsey.


Senate 22 – Sen. Ryan McKenna termed – Rep.-elect Jeff Roorda.


And Senate 24 may be a battleground re-elect for Sen. John Lamping.  Rep. Jill Schupp resided smack in the heart of that district.



Some Committee Guesses

Just guesses here folks…  I’ll try to add and update over the next month before session.



Expect current incumbent chairs to hold some of the key committees: Anne Zerr – economic development; Stan Cox - judiciary; Chuck Gatschenberger – local government; Jay Barnes – government accountability.


Chris Molendorp probably takes reins of a committee combining the two insurances committees.


Eric Burlison should be a near-lock on professional registration.


Steve Cookson still expected to lead education.


Doug Funderburk is the guess now on utilities.


Caleb Jones gets general laws.




Now sure how these will be realigned.  For example the previous Crowell committee was kind of a Frankenstein creation – pensions, veteran affairs, emerging issues… That will probably be dismembered and dispersed.


Expect incumbent chairs to hold these committee: Scott Rupp – small business; Brad Lager – commerce; Eric Schmitt – economic development; Kurt Schaefer – appropriations; David Pearce – education; Brian Munzlinger – agriculture.


Mike Kehoe – transportation.


Rob Schaaf – health, mental health.


Brian Nieves – general laws.


Bob Dixon – judiciary.



Rumorville: Jones for Alderman?

In the City of St. Louis, alderwoman Kacie Triplett announced last week.  On the rumored list of possible successors… former state senator Robin Wright Jones.  Her son, Damon Jones, won the committeeman spot of that ward last cycle.


Triplett’s decision drew the ire of Sen-elect Jamilah Nasheed who defeated Robin Wright Jones in the primary.  She (@JamNasheed) tweeted: @KacieStarr:The ppl in the 6 ward needed you and you turned your back on them!!!!! GOD- vs- super-ego!



Rumorville: Lembke for Emery’s COS?

This one is running hot, with no confirmation from anywhere.  Some believe that defeated senator Jim Lembke will land in the office of Sen-elect Ed Emery



$5K+ Contributions

Citizens for Jay Wasson - $25,000 from Friends of Mike Cunningham.

Missourians for Health and Education - $5,833 from American Cancer Society, Cancer Action Network.

MO Democratic State Committee - $16,600 from Jay Nixon for Missouri.

Doug Libla for Senate - $10,000 from Missouri Senate Campaign Committee.




Happy birthday to Kailey Burger.



MOScout News

Will finally have the New Legislators Profiles done today.  Look for an afternoon email…