More on Akin

Walking Through the What If Scenario

Okay.  The consensus is that Congressman Todd Akin hunkers down and stays put at the top of the Missouri Republican ticket.


But if he can be talked into withdrawing, how does it work?  There’s conflicting views on this stuff, but looking at the statutes, this is my best guess.


First, according to Section 115.359:  Any person nominated for an office who wishes to withdraw as a candidate shall, not later than the eleventh Tuesday prior to the general election, file a written, sworn statement of withdrawal in the office of the official who accepted such candidate's declaration of candidacy.


But if he (or the state party) would pick up the tab for new ballots, he has until the 6th Tuesday before the general.  2. Except as provided for in section 115.247, if there is no additional cost for the printing or reprinting of ballots, or if the candidate agrees to pay any printing or reprinting costs, a candidate who has filed or is nominated for an office may, at any time after the time limits set forth in subsection 1 of this section but no later than 5:00 p.m. on the sixth Tuesday before the election, withdraw as a candidate pursuant to a court order, which, except for good cause shown by the election authority in opposition thereto, shall be freely given upon application by the candidate to the circuit court in the county of such candidate's residence. No withdrawal pursuant to this subsection shall be effective until such candidate files a copy of the court's order in the office of the official who accepted such candidate's declaration of candidacy.


Then according to Section 115.365 (6) To select a candidate for statewide office, the nominating committee shall be the state committee of the party.


According to the MO GOP website, the Republican State Committee is:

Missouri State Republican Committee

National Committeeman Lance Beshore – Joplin

National Committeewoman Ann Dickinson – Kansas City

Chair David Cole - Cassville

Vice-Chair Susan Eckelkamp – St. Albans

Secretary Patricia Thomas – Jefferson City

Treasurer Richard Peerson – Jefferson City

Committeeman (01) Kurt Witzel – St. Louis

Committeewoman (01) Linda Boyer – St. Louis

Committeeman (02) Dave Evans – O’Fallon

Committeewoman (02) Carol Wessel Boyer - Troy

Committeeman (03) Bruce Valle - DeSoto

Committeewoman (03) Sue Cook - Farmington

Committeeman (04) Phil Christofanelli – St. Louis

Committeewoman (04) Sharon Barnes – St. Louis

Committeeman (05) Stephen Nowels – St. Louis

Committeewoman (05) Judy Krogstad – St. Louis

Committeewoman (06) Carol Ellinger – Jefferson City

Committeeman (07) Chris Howard - Ballwin

Committeewoman (07) Mary Jane Jokerst – St. Louis

Committeeman (08) Robert Hertzog – Lee’s Summit

Committeewoman (08) Shirley Simmons – Lee’s Summit

Committeeman (09)    James Fitts – Kansas City

Committeewoman (09) Jennifer Finch – Kansas City

Committeeman (10) Jonathan Sternberg – Kansas City

Committeewoman (10) Sarah Miller – Kansas City

Committeeman (11) Jeff Workman – Independence

Committeewoman (11) Amy Workman – Independence

Committeeman (12) Gary Black – Trenton

Committeewoman (12) Louise Reasoner – Chillicothe

Committeeman (13) Bryan Koen – Florissant

Committeewoman (13) Edna Ditto  – Florissant

Committeeman (14) John Scates – St. Louis

Committeewoman (14) Sarah Davoli  – St. Louis

Committeeman (15) Richard Magee – Glendale

Committeewoman (15) Peggy Adams – Kirkwood

Committeeman (16)    Mike Gosnell – Rolla

Committeewoman (16) Mary Stubblefield – Cuba

Committeeman (17) Ronald Muck – Kansas City

Committeewoman (17) Mary Jilka – Liberty

Committeeman (18) John Thomas – Madison

Committeewoman (18) Nadine Thurman – Clarence

Committeeman (19) Yancy Williams – Columbia

Committeewoman (19) Valinda Freed - Moberly

Committeeman (20) Darrell Proctor – Springfield

Committeewoman (20) Ione Dines – Marshfield

Committeeman (21) Gary Harris – Boonville

Committeewoman (21) Linda Leabo – Norborne

Committeeman (22) Dwight Vermette – Barnhart

Committeewoman (22) Janet Engelbach – Hillsboro

Committeewoman (23) Penny Henke – St. Charles

Committeeman (24) Neal Breitweiser – St. Louis

Committeewoman (24) Suzanne O’Sullivan – Richmond Heights

Committeeman (25) Hardy Billington – Poplar Bluff

Committeewoman (25) Karmen Carson – Poplar Bluff

Committeeman (26) Dennis Broadbooks – Wildwood

Committeewoman (26) Joy Gerstein – Washington

Committeeman (27) Scott Clark – Jackson

Committeewoman (27) Kathy Swan – Cape Girardeau

Committeeman (28) Craig Westfall – Halfway

Committeewoman (28) Marilyn Drake – Warsaw

Committeewoman (29) Brenda Morrill – Kimberling City

Committeeman (30) Tom Fowler – Springfield

Committeewoman (30) Thelma Neff – Springfield

Committeeman (31) Chuck Heiss - Centerview

Committeewoman (31) Violet Corbett – Knob Noster

Committeeman (32) Nick Myers - Joplin

Committeewoman (32) Merre Putnam - Carthage

Committeeman (33) Charles Dickinson - Hartville

Committeewoman (33) Shirley Burris – Lebanon

Committeeman (34) James Rooney - Weston

Committeewoman (34) Sherrie Ott – St. Joseph


Who Would They Pick?

One of the vanquished – Steelman or Brunner?  Or consensus candidate, elder statesman placeholder who could bring stability and higher odds against McCaskill?



Akin to Talk

Mike Huckabee announces via Twitter that Todd Akin will be on his show at “1:06 ET”

Listen here.  That’s as friendly a venue as is possible for the embattled candidate.




The contagion that Republicans have to be worried about… Rep. Jason Kander, running for secretary of state, sends fundraising letter tying his opponent Rep. Shane Schoeller to Akin. The email blast is titled: “Like Todd Akin? You’ll Love Shane Schoeller.”


What does Schoeller do? Disavow Akin or take the hit?



Are the “Don’t Blame me I voted for Brunner” bumperstickers coming?....

From the twitterfeed of Rep. Ryan Silvey: “To be clear: I am one of the 64% of MO GOP voters who felt someone other than Akin would be the best candidate for US Senate.”