September 19, 2012

Koster Commercial

Attorney General Chris Koster released his first television advertisement.  He contrasts his prosecutorial experience with Ed Martin’s lack of experience (he doesn’t name Martin).  The zinger: “Missouri’s top law enforcement job isn’t where beginners go to learn.” See it here.



Now go down memory lane to four years ago…  go to his YouTube channel here.  The ads from last cycle look exactly like this ad.  The shot of his Cass County Prosecutor’s badge, the trumpets in the background music, the tagline: “all prosecutor, no politics.”


Even the line of contrast is the same line he used against his 2008 Republican opponent Mike Gibbons.  The difference here though is that with Martin having run, and expected to continue to run, a hyper-partisan message all about ObamaCare, the Koster message is even more potent this time around.


Koster Cash

And remember Koster has something on the order of a $2.5 million cash advantage for these final seven weeks.  He’ll be on the air until Election Day swamping Martin.


Koster Kosher

Finally the Rex Sinquefield money ($250K contribution last week) is important.  Obviously it’s $250,000.  But also it signals that he’s been vetted by free market-minded Republicans and he’s kosher.  This despite his strong labor ties.


Koster Cuffs Cole

In the final bit of alliteration… Koster announced an indictment in the Mamtek  debacle yesterday.  Read it here.



Students First Shows Movie

In St. Louis last night Students First held a showing of “Won’t Back Down” a new movie, sort of  like Erin Brockovich takes on the educational establishment.


In the audience: Mayor Francis Slay, his education czar Robin Wahby, Soon-to-be City Treasurer Tishaura Jones, Sens. Joe Keaveny and Jan Cunningham, Reps. Steve Cookson, Marsha Haefner, Build-a-Bear CEO Maxine Clark, lobbyists David Jackson, game-changer Dave Winton, Scott Penman, Katie Casas (with former Rep candidate Martin Casas)  and Super-aide Kit Crancer.



In the panel afterwards future-Sen. Jamilah Nasheed did her usual candid theater: “I have a problem with unions, not all unions, but with Local 420 (the teachers’ union) in the City of St. Louis.”


Not Unrelated

“Out of patience with prolonged subpar academic performance and concerned about administrative turnover, the Missouri state Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to accept the recommendation of the commissioner of education and strip the Normandy School District of its accreditation.  Normandy becomes the fourth district in Missouri to be unaccredited, joining St. Louis, Riverview Gardens and Kansas City.”  Read it here.




Susan Montee’s daughter Amanda passed the bar exam.



Federal Reserve of St. Louis seeks media person.  See it here.



In the continuing foibles of Todd Akin, yesterday he had to take down his webpage showing women who support him because he had a photo of a Democratic operative who clearly doesn’t support him.  Read it here.



NYTimes article reviewing new iPhone doesn’t even mention how it compares to Blackberry…



Tweet of the Day

Richard Martin ‏@partmax  “Race is basically over barring a major event or mistake by Obama. Amazingly poor showing by a guy who has been running entire adult life”




Republican on Ethics Reform

“I believe an overall ethics reform package is as important as anything the General Assembly can do next session. You can trace most of the legislation in the state to the whims of the big money. I agree with a lot of it, but that is not what MO is about, nor is it what the people expect.”



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Katie Demko and Eric Vest added Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics.

Beatriz E Ibarra added Hom Builders Association of Greater Kansas City.

Michael Krug added Sunovion Pharaceuticals Inc.



$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $7,500 from Dealers Interested In Governmnt.

HealthPAC - $12,500 from HealPAC.

Parson for State Senate - $6,000 from Andy Arnold & Associates.

MO Democratic State Committee - $15,000 from Ironworkers Political Education Fund.

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts  Committee - $10,000 from Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice L.L.C.

MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PAC - $200,000 from Cheyenne International LLC.



Cash Commentary

This is the second $200K infusion from Cheyenne International to the campaign against increasing Missouri’s cigarette tax.  The last $200K contribution was in August.




Happy birthdays to Rep. Mike McGhee (65) and former Rep. Rachel Bringer (41).