Thanksgiving, 2012


Tim Jones: Health Care Policy “Best Left to the States”

In his latest update to constituents, Speaker Tim Jones reviews the outcome of the ballot issues.


On Amendment 3 – the Court Plan Change: “What is true is that debate on this issue is not complete and discussions about the efficacy of the ‘Missouri Plan’ will continue.”


On Proposition A – Local Control of Police: “The people have spoken on this issue and now the City of St. Louis will be tasked with the challenge of governing.”


On Proposition B – Cigarette Tax:  “It is rare that raising taxes ever solves any particular challenge, but this idea was proposed at a bad time for our economy and would have likely done more harm than good…”


On Proposition E – Health Exchanges:  “Missourians have voted twice now against various aspects of ObamaCare and many governors across the nation have firmly stated that they will not implement these bureaucratic exchanges that will end up costing Missouri taxpayers and could limit our health care options.  Health care policy is best left to the States, not bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C.”



St. Louis Mayoral Race Starts

I’m curious what Mayor Francis Slay’s message will be as he runs for a fourth term.  I wonder if it might be slow and steady progress versus risky and unproven challenger Lewis Reed.  The latest bit it hit the paper had Reed making insulting remarks about St. Louis County firefighters. See it here.  The Slay team may play up the gaffe in an effort to divide Reed’s support with that union.  But the other message might be that Reed isn’t ready for prime time.



Mayor Francis Slay has started collecting statewide endorsements – Attorney General Chris Koster, Treasurer Clint Zweifel, and Secretary of State-elect Jason Kander.



eMailbag: Readers Differ on Nixon – Ashcroft Comparison

Spot On

“Spot on.  Used to talk about how Ashcroft did it compared to say a Holden who stood in the gallery while the legislature publicly killed his priorities.”




“That the eMailbag on where Nixon learned his craft was sort of ridiculous. The gas tax raise that we needed was an Ashcroft-Mathewson-Griffin deal. Roads needed money - they worked it out - real leadership.”



Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for my readers and that I get to do this for a living…




If you watch just one video this Thanksgiving, this is it: The Art of Politics.