Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Push to Keep Down With Kansas

Fresh on the internets yesterday, a website, and an accompanying 30 second spot which features an adorable child making the simple argument that businesses will go to 0% tax Kansas over 6% tax Missouri.


See it here.


Lobbyist Woody Cozad is listed as the media contact. Cozad is the Pelopidas lobbyist.  Pelopidas is the lobbying organization that represents Rex Sinquefield.


And so it begins….



More Senate Committee Chair Guesses

After dismantling the hodge-podges of the old Crowell committee and the old Engler committee, here’s where some pieces could go…


Dan Brown – Veteran Affairs.


John Lamping – Financial Institutions and Pensions.


Jay Wasson – Professional Registration.




It’s interesting that the incoming class of freshmen senators, together with last cycle’s new senators, appear to have been the muscle behind the installation of Ron Richard as floor leader.


However due the quirks of term limits, they appear mostly frozen out of the most powerful committees for the next four years.


Kurt Schaefer, just re-elected, will have four more years at Appropriations.  That’ll bring his tenure to six years in that position, an enviable amount of time in which he can truly shape some priorities.  (Those who care to project way out can guess that Dan Brown to succeed Schaefer for two years in that spot, followed by Ryan Silvey for two years).


Eric Schmitt and David Pearce similarly will have had the reins of their committees – Economic Development and Education – for six years as well by the end of their service.



Stars in the Freshmen Class?

Part of the rigor of term limits is finding the talent in the 163-member House.  Who within this freshmen class has the potential to become leadership material or chair an important committee?


Having experience and familiarity is obviously a big help.  In last year’s class Caleb Jones and Todd Richardson were quick studies taking on important assignments in part because their upbringing included a heavy dose of Jefferson City politics.


Having experience gives legislators the ability to perceive the entire field of play (not only thinking about getting a bill out of committee, but onto the calendar and out of the House in order to get it in play in the other chamber, aware that it has to signed by the governor and withstand any potential legal challenges).  Many House members never get this sort perspective.


Here are some first guesses.




Kevin Engler – coming from the Senate, he starts with deep relationships both in the hallway and on the side of the building.


Holly Rehder – as a former lobbyist, she has experience.


Glen Kolkmeyer has had admirers even before the campaign.  His daughter worked for Bill Stouffer’s Transportation Committee.  And lawyers like Robert Cornejo or Kevin Austin are probably good bets to watch.




The former legislators should have a leg up on others.  That’d be Jeff Roorda, Mike Frame, Vicki Englund and Charlie Norr.


Similiarly, Jeremy LaFaver having been a lobbyist will know his way around the building.


Additionally, John Wright, who poured about $300K into his House race has some good buzz, and is expected to be engaged on education issues.  And Susan Meredith, who knocked off Tracy McCreery in a primary is one to watch.



Lamping: GOP Needs Smoke-Filled Room

In a meandering interview with Post-Dispatch’s Virginia Young, Sen. John Lamping announced that he’s working to create an organization which could advise potential statewide Republican candidates.  Read it here.


Pull Quote

In a bit of turn-around, Lamping asks Young a question, implying that Lager had just been required to attend an organizational meeting things might have turned out differently.


Lamping: When a Brad Lager decides to run statewide, where do they go?


Young: Big donors like Joplin businessman David Humphreys?


Lamping: He might. Or consultants.



$5K+ Contributions

Citizens for Nieves - $10,000 from CNS Corporation.

Give Missourians A Raise - $25,000 from SEIU Missouri/Kansas State Council.

Missourians for Responsible Lending - $21,089 from Give Missourians A Raise.

Missourians for Responsible Lending - $25,000 from SEIU Missouri/Kansas State Council.




Happy birthday to St. Louis alderwoman Lyda Krewson.