Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whisper Number: HRCC Had Million Dollar Quarter

The House Republican Campaign Committee, powered by a very successful summer caucus, is said to be closing in on a million dollar fundraising quarter.  The current quarter ends on Sunday.  We’ll see reports on October 15.


At their 30Day After reports, HRCC had over $1 million more on-hand than its House Democratic Campaign Committee counterpart.  (It looks like HRCC will be about $500,000 ahead of where they were last cycle while HDCC is lagging a bit).


This financial advantage is especially important given the additional demands of this cycle.  Because of redistricting both parties have a wider field to defend/pursue than normal as some incumbents have greatly changed constituencies.



Akin Holds and Claire Unleashes

Yesterday Todd Akin defiantly barreled through his drop-out deadline campaigning across the state.  After the 5pm deadline, the Missouri GOP signaled that they would back the beleaguered congressman in his contest against Sen. Claire McCaskill.


McCaskill meanwhile released a pair of commercials.  In one, Akin is the crazy guy.  In the other, McCaskill is fighting for a smaller government.


Calendar – Next:  “Todd Akin in his words…” It replays his greatest hits to a day calendar, culminating on August 19 when he used the phrase “legitimate rape.”  See it here.


Balance: “Everyone agrees we need to balance the budget and cut spending, but it has to be done in a common sense Missouri way… that’s why I stood up to my own party and proposed a cap in federal spending… with a little common sense we can make government smaller and our economy stronger.”  See it here.



More Akin

American Future Fund which has run commercials in support of Ed Martin was polling yesterday.  Reports of two different polls.  One asked about presidential race and Obama’s economic and healthcare policies in particular.  The other had the same questions but also had  questions about the McCaskill-Akin race.



Akin gets play in the NYTimes.  Basically it’s homeschoolers heart Akin with comments from John Hancock and Kerry Messer.  Read it here.



Schaefer Ad: I Believe The Children Are the Future

Sen. Kurt Schaefer enlists his kids in his commercial, explaining that they are the reason he’s fighting for more education funding etc.  See it here.



I know, I know, after you watch the commercial you’re shocked that Sen. Schaefer named one of his children after a CNN anchor.  That’s part of the crossover appeal folks…



Montee’s Start Date Oct 8?

From my scanning of TV contracts, it looks like Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Susan Montee is set to start her television commercials on October 8.  See it here.

There’s no clues yet on Peter Kinder’s TV schedule.


The longer you wait the harder it is to break through the crush of commercials from all the other races.




Auditor Tom Schweich released an audit of the Department of Economic Development which was critical of their lack of due diligence in the Mamtek debacle.  Read it here.


More shocking, to me, was the report that 1 in 6 Missourians live in poverty.



TANF as Leverage…

“Michigan parents whose children don't attend school will lose welfare cash benefits under a new state policy that takes effect Oct. 1.  Starting Monday, the Michigan Department of Human Services will require children ages 6-15 to attend school full time to keep their family eligible for cash benefits. If a child doesn't, the entire family becomes ineligible.”  Read it here.



Cole Contra NEA

Courtney Cole, unsuccessful house candidate (against Rep. Denny Hoskins in 2010), expressed her disgust on Facebook yesterday at Missouri National Education Association


“ATTN EDUCATORS: The Missouri NEA has released their endorsements for the general election and I am once again extremely disappointed. Endorsing candidates such as Denny Hoskins, Chris Molendorp, TJ Berry, Noel Torpey, Jeanie Lauer?? These candidates don't stand for public education! They vote against it! Hoskins used my endorsement and membership with them against me in my own campaign by claiming I was a member of a special interest group!


“When I complained after their Primary endorsements, Mark Jones, the Political Director of the union, WENT AFTER MY JOB, complaining to my boss. My very own union, when I voiced my disappointment then went after my job! I will NOT be silenced on this! I gave twelve years of my life preparing for and teaching in public education. It is important to me and I take it personal!


“If we are going to continue to base our support out of fear, then we are going to continue to LOSE. Unfortunately, the ones who will lose are those who work in public education and OUR MISSOURI CHILDREN!”



Earlier this week the NYTimes ran an article about the phenomenon: “As teachers grapple with a reform agenda backed by hedge funds and large philanthropic donors and championed by the Obama administration as well as some conservative Republicans, the unions are navigating a delicate political landscape where they increasingly pursue friends in unlikely places.”  Read it here.



$5K+ Contributions

NEA Fund for Children & Public Education – Non Federal Itemized Account Missouri - $25,100 from NEA Fund for Children and Public Education Non-Federal Itemized Acct.

MO Democratic State Committee - $25,000 from Centene Management Company LLC.

MO Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Centene Management Company LLC.

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts Committee - $10,000 from Lathrop & Gage LLP.

MO Democratic State Committee - $6,400 from Citizens for Vicki Lorenz Englund.




Happy birthday to Rep. Penny Hubbard and former Rep. Walt Bivins (73).