Friday, September 9, 2011

Where We Are

The Senate

After a contentious late night on Wednesday, the Republicans caucused and decided to take a few days off.  They stated reason from Pro Tem Rob Mayer was so that the senators could read the bill and see a new economic impact study.


“Four days to read the bill?” scoffed one capitol observer, “where you only have to skim through and read the changes?”  What is this second grade?  And yet the dollars to donuts bet in the hallway was that the two senators (Sens. Brian Nieves and Jim Lembke) who stood to proclaim the slow-down was important where two of the least likely senators to read the whole bill.



The House

The House meanwhile chugged along with its usual efficiency.



The Senate and the House

The bills which the House will be sending to the Senate are expected to stall until the economic development knot is untangled.




After the bottom of the first, Sen. Jason Crowell keeps the EcoDevo supporters scoreless.  There are theoretically endless innings in this game, so he can’t win by pitching a shut-out.  He has to wear them down until they can’t field a team…



Quip of the Week

Lobbyist: “Adjourn until Monday?  I have a better idea, adjourn until the night of Crowell’s rehearsal dinner…”




There some talk of expanding the interim committee looking at the Turner fix later this month once the KC district is unaccredited.  It could then include some western side reps.


Rep. John Diehl sends another $15K to the House Republican Campaign Committee, bringing his total to $40K.



Sen. Jane Cunningham’s Facebook fix bill gets unanimous 8-0 approval from the senate committee despite being something different than the governor’s call for repeal.



Rep. Ryan Silvey’s Rainy Day bills get strong bipartisan approval despite being clearly and entirely outside the governor’s call.



Q: Where was the second floor during the senate’s insane Wednesday night?  A: Nowhere to be seen.



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Franc Flotron added The Nine Network of Public Media. 



$5K+ Contributions

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $10,775 from QC Holdings.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $100,000 from Carey & Danis LLC.




My apologies – all those birthdays yesterdays were actually for today - Happy birthdays to Sen. Jack Goodman (38), Rod Jetton (44), lobbyist Jorgen Schlemeier (46), and former state senator Delbert Scott (62).


Saturday – House candidate Paul Woody (32), and lobbyist Erika Leonard (29)