Monday, November 28, 2011

Anti-Spence Email

Last night an email with the subject line “Part 1 Research on Gov Candidate Dave Spence” was mailed from “Missourians for a Conservative Governor.”  With was no legitimate contact information was given, the email was sent anonymously.


And – it’s remarkably tame considering that it’s anonymous.  The big “research” appears to be retreads on TARP money for the bank with which Spence was associated, and the number of cars he owns (“a 2002 Lexus SC430, a 2003 Hummer H2, a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer, a 2006 Range Rover Sport, and a 2007 Audi A8”).


Two or Three Things

First – obviously – there’s some discontent with Spence.  That’s to be expected; he’s a new name.  In addition to the ritual purity test that both Party bases administer, there’s also predictable bristling from life-long politicos at the suggestion that an outsider can make it to the show without years of learning the fundamentals at lower levels.


Second, the title of “Part 1” is to hint that there’s a “Part 2” coming.  Could be.  But not from this email account.  This was just a compilation of public sources.


And if there is fodder for a “Part 2,” one assumes that Spence is savvy enough, or getting good enough advice, to self-disclose ala John Brunner’s roll-out where the businessman’s DWI was tucked into a sixth paragraph of a generally favorable article.

Excerpts from “Dave Spence Background Research-Part 1”

Contributed to Chuck Schumer

While all other contributions from Spence, his wife, and his company have been to Republicans or conservative groups, including nearly $10,000 dollars to LT. Gov. Peter Kinder, Spence has made one contribution to a Democrat - $1,000 to Chuck Schumer in 2004…


Controversy over Reliance Bancshares, Inconsistent Response

Spence served on the board of directors for Reliance Bancshares, which he resigned from in March 2011. While he served on the board, the bank accepted $42 million from TARP. Just before his resignation, the company announced that it would not be paying the Treasury a $2.2 million annual dividend that was required in order to pay back taxpayers – this was to be the bank’s first payment. When asked by the AP, he said that he couldn’t recall the decision to stop paying, but he told PoliticMO that he resigned from the bank’s board because of their decision to suspend payments. However, in an SEC filing the bank said that his resignation was not due to any disagreement…



Draft Ed PAC

The “Draft Ed Martin for Governor PAC” filed papers with Missouri Ethics Commission this month.  Ron Calzone is the treasurer.  And below in the “$5K+ Contributions,” you’ll find dentist Homer Tourkakis gave $5,001.  Tourkakis was the Show Me Institute’s “Eminent Domain Victim of the Month” back in May 2006.  See it Here.  That’s probably how he became associated with Calzone.



Which Way to Victory

Allies of Ed seem split these days.  Some are engaged in the gubernatorial aspirations (above) with digs at Spence and others while floating Martin’s name repeatedly.  Other allies are following him into battle in 2-CD (see below).



Running Against Enterprise?

I just can’t imagine this goes anywhere.  But allies of Ed Martin are pushing a narrative of Enterprise Rent-a-Car “buying” the 2nd Congressional seat via Ann Wagner.  Added in this latest piece (Read it Here) is the TARP angle as well.


The anti-corporate and anti-wealthy themes are usually found in Democratic primaries or targeting Independents in a general election.  Its presence here is a symptom of Martinites struggling for an avenue of attack.



Looking for Andy Blunt

One politico asks to what extent Andy Blunt has been a behind the scenes mover in the drama around the Republican musical chairs.  It’s said according to different accounts that Blunt is the person who brought Sen. Brad Lager to the Republican Governors’ Association, and that he has advised Dave Spence at least informally.  It’s also said that Blunt has now counseled Lager to stand down instead of primarying LG Peter Kinder.


So what team is Blunt on?   Says one observer with a good seat: “Andy has been helping everyone figure out if they want to run.  Lots of people ask his advice.”



Stand Up Missouri

Forces are gathering on the payday loan ballot initiative.  Read the Post-Dispatch’s coverage Here.


Unmentioned in the story is the emergence of a second anti-regulation coalition – Stand Up Missouri.  See the Website Here.


$150K in large contributions showed up over the weekend.  The money came from payday loan corporations in other states – Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas.


This issue – if it makes the ballot – will help galvanize Democratic voters aghast at the high interest rates charged economically distressed individuals.  However, I still think that the proposal to trade out the income tax for a larger sales tax will be the dominate issue of the cycle in Missouri.



Robin Wright Jones in the American

Sen. Robin Wright Jones talks to the St. Louis American, and says that her campaign finance reports are all complete and compliant, there are no criminal investigations, and she’s the “top performing Democrat.”  Read it Here.



See Jane Legislate

Sen. Jane Cunningham tells Missourinet that she plans to strengthen her Prop C proposal and make it a constitutional amendment.  Read it Here.



Furey to Axiom

Shawn Furey, former staffer to Sen. Eric Schmitt, has joined Jeff Roe’s Axiom Strategies.  He’ll be working primarily on Missouri political campaigns.  Taking Furey’s spot in Jefferson City is Matt Panik who previously interned with Team Schmitt.   Furey will be working on Schmitt re-election campaign next year.




MO GOP Party spokesperson John Prouty and Amanda Littlefield, LA to Rep. Jay Barnes, were engaged over the long weekend.  But don’t worry that your invite is lost in the mail; the wedding isn’t planned until after the 2012 election…



Tweet of the Day

LeaderJones Tim Jones

After a peaceful, serene, loooooong weekend...back to reality. Monday. Hurts. And it's cold. Hello Winter!



$5K+ Contributions

Let Voters Decide - $10,000 from Mark Matson.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $25,000 from Noranda Intermediate Holding Corporation.

Stand Up Missouri - $32,000 from Brundage Management Company.

Stand Up Missouri - $10,000 from Western Shamrock Corporation.

Stand Up Missouri - $34,000 from Tower Loan.

Stand Up Missouri – $72,000 from World Acceptance Corporation.

Credit Union Political Action Committee of Missouri - $10,000 from Community America Credit Union.

Slay for Mayor - $10,000 from Doug Albrecht.

Clint Zweifel for Missouri - $15,000 from Teamsters Local 688 PAC.

Draft Ed Martin for Governor PAC - $5,001 from Homer Tourkakis.




Rep. Ed Schieffer is 62; and SEIU’s Lenny Jones is 44.