Thursday, April 26, 2012

Steelman’s Superfriends

PoliticMO broke the story that Senate canidadate Sarah Steelman was turkey hunting with advisor Speaker Steve Tilley, former speaker Rod Jetton, heavy GOP donor Steve Plaster, and… wait for it… attorney general Chris Koster.  Read it Here.


Post-Dispatch report Virginia Young followed on, reminding readers that Steve Plaster is son of the late Robert Plaster for whom Jetton apparently helped, accommodating Plaster wish for his own “village” in the waning days of Jetton speakership. Read it Here.


According to the SuperPAC paperwork, there have been four donors: Stanley Herzog ($250,000), Rex Sinquefield ($100,000), Peterbilt of Springfield Inc ($25,000), and Ronald Neville ($1,000).



Dismantling Court Plan Get Floor Time

Sen. Jim Lembke’s SJR 51 (Read it Here) is slated for some floor time today in the Senate.  There were conflicting views about what its debut on a Thursday meant.  I generally think it means that a lack of investment in the issue because it’s not like they’re going to go into the evening and keep everyone around.   Another view is that on a Thursday folks are less excited about starting a fight, and it might slip through.



Obama Contra Akin

From President Barack Obama’s speech on College Affordability at University of Iowa yesterday:  “Then we combined our liabilities and they were a lot.  (Laughter.)  So we ended up paying more for our student loans in the first few years that we were married than we paid on our mortgage each month when we finally bought a small condo.  And we were lucky to land good jobs with a steady income, but we only finished paying off our student loans about eight years ago.  Think about that.  I’m the President of the United States -- (laughter) -- it was only about eight years ago that we finished paying off our student loans.  (Applause.) And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy making those payments, because once we had Malia and Sasha, we’re trying to save for their college education even as we’re paying off our own college educations…   One of these members of Congress -- sometimes I like just getting these quotes, because I’m always interested in how folks talk about this issue. You’ve got one member of Congress who compared these student loans -- I’m not kidding here -- to a "stage-three cancer of socialism." Stage-three cancer?  (Laughter.)  I don’t know where to start.  What do you mean?  (Laughter.)  What are you talking about?  (Applause.)  Come on.  Just when you think you’ve heard it all in Washington, somebody comes up with a new way to go off the deep end.  (Laughter.) “



Akin’s Press Reply

"With all due respect, the President misquoted me.  I was not saying that student loans are a cancer.  I referred to the policies where there is a government takeover of private industries.


"This is most evident in the government takeover of U.S. healthcare, the government takeover of student loans and the government's attempts to shut down U.S. energy.


"I suspect the President was given a misquotation of what I actually said, but I am sure we have a fundamental disagreement on the role of government and what constitutes socialism regarding current public policy."


Callow Commentweery

“Steelman campaign is likely not thrilled that Pres Obama has noticed Todd Akin, doubling his name recognition and tea-ish cred.” - @publiceyestl



Defining Franchise

SB 837 (see it Here) had its House hearing yesterday and the lobbyists piled into the room.  We’ve seen a flurry of lobbyists’ registrations in recent weeks as the issue has hit the radar.  As committee chair Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst repeatedly reminded the curious and engaged committee members that they had passed a similar House bill unanimously by consent.


Two conflicting views of the legislation were offered.  Bill sponsor Sen. Tom Dempsey said that in the wake of a recent court decision changing the definition of franchise, without legislative action, the alcohol wholesale industry was headed toward an inhospitable environment “where lawsuits are flying everywhere.”


The other side came from veteran lobbyist Terry Schlemeier who succinctly articulated the fear of opponents. “In the 1970s, there were 41 distributors.  Now there are 2.  If you pass this legislation, we’ll end up with 1.”



Act Two: Jeff Roe as Grown Up

Via the peerless Combest, via Tony’s KC, the Source is eaten by corporate culture. See it Here.



MO Ethics

Last week the Missouri Ethics Commission handed down a consent order against Rick Stokes for failing to place a “paid for” on an advertisement in his Wentzville aldermanic race.  The fine ($100) is minor, but it does give his Republican opponent in House 64 something to hit him on.  I do expect that opponent, Robert Cornejo to win that primary.  Wayne Henke is the Democrat in that district.


The commission meets this morning, 9am.  “Disqualification of candidate” is on their agenda.

Candidate Withdrawals

No new here.  Still waiting on rumored drops in House



Hallway Talk from Budget

“First time I've ever seen the Senate adjourn and not thank the appropriations chair. They thanked the staff and no one else.”


“Dempsey could easily choose someone else (for Approps Chair next year).”




Congressman Russ Carnahan recognized the 4th annual Bosnian Women's Day today.


Amazon makes peace with Nevada on the sales tax issue.  Read it Here.




Purgason’s Desire for Respect

“Former Sen. John T. Russell famously told Purgason that he would not endorse him for the U.S. Senate because he was not ‘senatorial.’ Respect is earned.”



Lobbyists’ Registration Exegesis

A few days ago Nathan Dampf deleted his registration with Associated Industries of Missouri.  Word is that he’s left to pursue his dream of joining the Air Force.



$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Equal Credit Opportunity - $321,400 from Missourians for Responsible Government.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $6,000 from McEagle Properties.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $12,000 from Cole & Associates Inc.

Missourians for Ed Martin - $15,000 from August Busch III.

Spence for Governor - $10,000 from Brinkmann Constructors.

Enough Taxes Already - $80,000 from Cheyenne International.




Happy birthdays to David Horton, and MO Academy of Family Physicians’ Jennifer Bauer.