Thursday, December 29, 2011

PSC’s Broadband Report

The Public Service Commission released its report on broadband access in Missouri. (See it Here.)  It was done at the request of Sen. Brad Lager and his Commerce Committee.


Although there is some variation of the definition that constitutes “broadband,” and “access,” the problem is obviously a rural phenomenon as the cost of building the infrastructure there is greater than the market to make it feasible.   See some maps on access Here.


Pull Quote: The 11 Missouri counties with the lowest percentage of the county’s population with access to broadband service at or exceeding this speed) are: Shannon (59.8%), Nodaway (59.4%), Worth (58.5%), Ralls (58.5%), Carter (57.9%), Randolph (57.4%), Washington (55.8%), Oregon (51.2%), Harrison (50.1%), Osage (38.6%) and Reynolds (15.4%). Bolded counties are also labeled by the FCC as underserved.



Long to 130

As mentioned before, Rep. Thomas Long agreed to run in House 130 to avoid a primary with Rep. Eric Burlison.  He amended his campaign committee to that effect yesterday.


And the concession Long (and others) are getting for being team players is fundraising from House leadership.  The additional fundraising is necessary because these incumbents must introduce themselves to new voters.  And some will face primaries and charges of carpet-bagger if their new district contains large swaths of new land and voters.



Subject: Memo: From Speaker Tilley - Missouri State Rep. Thomas Long

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


As you know many in our caucus have had to face hard decisions for the next election cycle.


One of those is Thomas Long. After consulting with his family, friends and fellow members he has chosen to declare his candidacy for the 130th district which primarily consists of the current 134th of which he is now serving.


I fully support the decision that Thomas and his family have made and hope that you will also. Please join me at G2 Gallery on January 9th from 4 pm to 6 pm.


I look forward to seeing you there,


Speaker Steven Tilley



House 122

Two Republicans have started committees for Rep. David Day’s seat – House 122 – Steve Lynch (whose committee, Believe in Steve Lynch Committee, is my favorite so far), and Waynesville mayor Cliff Hammock.  Also mentioned as a possible candidate Tony Lazsacs who you will recall edged out Mike Vontz to place eighth in the nine-way primary for U.S. Senate which was won by establishment favorite Roy Blunt.



Diehl Implications?

With Rep. Tim Jones ensconced as speaker in January 2013, and Rep. John Diehl emerging as the consensus choice for floor leader, the question of geography will be begin to infect other position.


For starters, the pro tem race might be affected if House Republicans recoil at the top three positions being held by St. Louis County members.   But more likely the power committee chairs will be expected to go elsewhere.  That’s potentially bad news for Rep. Rick Stream who was passed over last cycle, and has served as vice-chair of Budget under Rep. Ryan Silvey.   Rep. Tom Flanigan, for example, may leapfrog Stream and take the gavel of the Budget Committee in 2013. As well, the Rules Committee chairmanship that Diehl is abdicating might not fall to that vice-chair, Rep. Doug Funderburk as together with EcoDevo Chair Anne Zerr that would add to the eastern-side’s power positions.



Lobbyists’ Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Craig Barker and Kay McMurtrey added Missouri Council of School Administrators and Missouri Association of School Administrators.

Gamble & Schlemeier added BJC Healthcare.

Kim Gladstone added BJC Behavioral Health.

Jason Jensen added Missouri Department of Conservation.

Larry Rohrbach added Coventry Health Care of Missouri and deleted Advanced ICU Care, Group Health Plan and John Knox Village.



$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $15,000 from Peabody Investments Corp.




Happy birthday to Julie Gibson Sally (38).


Tomorrow: Irl Scissors (41) and Martin Casas (31).


Saturday:  Former Rep. Kate Meiners (53), Chris Krehmeyer (50) and Carol Kemna (45).


Monday: Rep. Lyle Rowland (57).