Thursday Follow-On

Montee Stepping Down

Susan Montee is expected to step down today as Dem Party Chair.  Taking the reins of will be Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders.  (Rumors had both KC attorney Stephen Bough, and St. Louis politico Brian Wahby declining the position).


Montee will focus on her lieutenant governor bid which receives a big boost from today’s announcement that Speaker Steve Tilley is bowing out…



Reaction to Tilley News

First, rumors have run rampant that there is some scandalous reason behind Tilley’s decision to drop out of the lieutenant governor’s race.  While one is never certain, I fairly convinced that the rumors are unfounded and will dissipate over the course of the next week.


Second, a strong source says that Peter Kinder is truly IN for governor, and they don’t expect any waffling on that plan.  Scratch him off the list.


Third, from the west comes word at Sen. Luann Ridgeway should be added to the “wild card” list as possible LG candidate.


And finally, Republicans generally are fretting about a potential “scramble and mess” with the sudden void in LG.



Nixon Fundy, Dem Unity

Last night Governor Jay Nixon held a monster fundraiser – 700ish people – in downtown St. Louis.  As important as the money was the sense, according to one Dem, that “everyone who was supposed to be there, was there.”


Dems now appear to have a full slate of statewide candidate – with no primaries.  The Republicans, meanwhile, have holes at treasurer, LG, and attorney general.  And possible primaries at governor, LG and secretary of state.


Mehan Hearts Nixon

Missouri Chamber of Commerce topper Dan Mehan gave some introductory remarks at the fundraiser.


Quote from Observer #1: “Hell just froze over.”


Quote from Observer #2: “Mehan must want that China Hub money released really bad.”




“Mere speculation on GOP LG suddenly open ballot spot – no inside info, just speculation – State Sen. Mike Kehoe recently sold his Jeff City Ford dealership.  He could run safe, being in an even-numbered district, and he certainly learned his way around Missouri when he drove Matt Blunt around the state in 2004, and his subsequent service on the state highway commission. And he has St. Louis roots.”



“Tilley is not going to be that weak if he hangs on to his 1.5 million and uses it in the 2012 cycle. For one year he could almost be a donor like Rex Singuefield or David Humphreys. He may feel like he should return it to his donors. We will see…”