Thursday, March 22, 2012

Steelman Gets Tea Party Express

Today Sarah Steelman gets a nice endorsement from the Tea Party Express.  Read Jake Wagman’s story Here.  Nothing Tea Party is bad in a Republican primary, and this group is said to also be good for some money.


John Brunner’s money and businessman bio offer an imaginable path to victory.  As does Steelman’s geographic and gender advantages.  But each day it seems to get harder to envision how Todd Akin wins this race.


Meanwhile --- Lodes Files for Senate

Mark Lodes files for US Senate – in the Republican primary.  See his announcement video Here.  I might shed my pretend journalistic objectivity and endorse this guy…



In Senate 1

One Democrat thinks that Rep. Scott Sifton’s pro-choice position gives him the ability to outflank Sue Schoemehl on women’s issues and will ultimately bring the Joan Brays of the Democratic constituency to his side.



In Senate 7

Crystal Williams was making the rounds in the Capitol yesterday.  She vows that she is in the race for good, and says that she is beginning to work the national women’s groups for money.  Her County Council race was substantially funded by KC heavy donor James Nutter.  She faces Rep. Jason Holsman in the Democratic primary there.  Holsman has big Jeff City fundy Monday night on the eve of the close of filing.



In House 116

Sen. Kevin Engler is looking to descend to the House this November, but to get there he has to get past a primary.  John Robinson, a Farmington City Councilman, will run as a Tea Partier to the right.



China Hub

Look for some changes to the China Hub Commission soon to reinvigorate that body.  The supporters of the concept believe that the long-term play is solid.  That is, even if China goes through the normal business cycle and experiences a hard landing in the next couple of years, the fundamentals behind the project are intact: 1.4 billion people with a liberalizing economy.  You want to be part of that growth over the next thirty years.


Supporters will make some subtle positional moves this year as they prepare for a new legislative environment in 2013.



Rumorville: Moley for PSC

The latest name to float for Public Service Commission is Rep. Chris Molendorp.  The source and strength of the rumor is unclear, but it was making the rounds in the rotunda.  Folks have been waiting on a Republican appointee that would be paired with Democrat Steve Stoll to fill the two vacancies on the powerful commission. One would think that the affable Molendorp would be confirmable in the Senate, but the smart money bets that Nixon is more likely to make recess appointments to the PSC than deal with the legislature.  When Moley was asked about the rumor, he replied that he hadn’t heard anything from the 2nd floor, “but if they want a fat, bald insurance salesman on the PSC,” he’d consider it.




On the heels of the governor’s veto, workers’ comp is quietly undergoing a revival… on the third floor discussions are underway – looking for a vehicle, sketching a new compromise, massaging new language – in search of something that could get signed into law by the governor.



In the latest Mamtek chapter bond underwriter Morgan Keegan and Armstrong Teasdale are being sued for lack of due diligence.  Read it Here.



Better Courts’ latest press release lists Rich Chrismer as the communications contact, a move perhaps to distance the effort from James Harris’ problematic unpopularity in some conservative corners.



From Politico’s Score: A Republican memo on soccer moms (Read it Here): “Nearly all of the Suburban Women voters were familiar with the religious mandate debate, although they largely perceived the issue in terms of women’s health. When this topic was raised, their immediate response was to defend contraception coverage and women’s rights.”



New Candidate Filings

Syed Asif filed to run as a Democrat in House 31.   The current incumbent is Rep. Shelia Solon.  It’s a 60-40 Republican district.



Joe Montecillo filed to run as a Democrat in House 93.  That’s the district from which Scott Sifton is expected to withdraw in order to run in Senate 1.  Montecillo, an attorney, is the ex-husband of Rep. Genise Montecillo who is running unopposed for re-election in House 92



Chuck Brodell filed to run as a Democrat in House 112.  This is a potential pick-up for Dems.  The current incumbent is Republican Rep. Paul Wieland, but it’s a lean Dem district. Brodell is a former Chrysler worker.



Gary Gaines filed to run as a Democrat in House 151.  This is a strong Republican district in Stoddard County where Rep. Billy Pat Wright is termed.  Gaines works for the Department of Natural Resources.



eMailbag: Coalition Conflicts of Interest

“About conflicts of interest, where is the conflict and accountability with FERAF?  They represent Missouri’s old people (AARP), Consumer’s Council (Joan Bray is President) and Noranda.  How can that work? Everyone in Jefferson City knows Noranda wants to get out from under their $1.6M per year prop C exposure. In the current Renewable Energy Standard petition, Noranda’s new cap is $1,800. So who pays this difference?  Old people and Joan Bray’s peeps! How is this not a conflict?  If my grandma only read MOScout, she would know!”



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Andy Blunt and Jay Reichard added Diamond Game.

Joseph Thompson added UNITEHERE Local 74.



$5K+ Contributions

Central Bancompany-PAC - $10,000 from The Central Trust Bank.

Central Bancompany-PAC - $20,000 from Central Bancompany.

Kander for Missouri - $10,000 from Thomas McDonnell.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $5,000 from Edward Pinegar.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $5,000 from Dominium Development Acquisition LLC.




Happy birthdays to Sen. Will Kraus (39), wonder-lobbyist Nancy Giddens, former Sen. Yvonne Wilson (83), former Minority Leader Paul LeVota, and former Rep. Steve Hunter (63).