Tuesday, February 14, 2012

McNary Announces House Endorsements

Today, Rep. Cole McNary listed the endorsements of his House colleagues – all 105 of them.  See it Here.


But the problem remains fundraising.  Yesterday State Treasurer Clint Zweifel continued to chug along with his usual methodical work ethic.  In the $500+ contributions, he recorded $1,000 from Joe Pereles, general counsel to Drury Hotels; and $2,500 from retired businessman John McDonnell.  He appears on track for another six-figure quarter.


Meanwhile McNary’s fundraising has yet to start in earnest.  McNary showed only $52K on-hand after the end of last quarter to Zweifel’s $802K.


One would assume that at some point, Republicans send in the cavalry to McNary.  Even if, Zweifel looks unbeatable, that doesn’t mean that he’s unassailable.  And, as a presumptive 2016 gubernatorial candidate, you’d think Republicans would want to knock him around a bit rather than give me a pass.



The War Time Consigliore?

New yesterday reported by the Post-Dispatch that Tom Carnahan was stepping down of his Wind Capital Group (Read it Here) could only be read one way by St. Louis Democrats: the brother of Congressman Russ Carnahan is clearing his plate for the impending clash with Congressman Lacy Clay.



Time for Clarity

Two week from this morning filing will open for the 2012 election cycle.   Sen. Mike Parson has introduced a bill to delay the start of filing.  Read it Here.  It had a hearing yesterday in Sen. Kevin Engler’s Government Organization Committee, but two weeks is unlikely to be enough time to squeeze it through the legislature.


It is time for the secretary of state’s office to issue detailed guidelines about how the process will unfold.


It’s assumed that in the absence of new legitimate state senate districts, the SOS will use the existing 2001 maps.  They need to say so explicitly.  And they need to let potential candidate know what will if maps change within the filing date window.


The secretary of state’s office must have sketched a plan for the confusion ahead, and they need to share it.



Still to Schaefer: Return Rex Money

Rep. Mary Still, running in Senate 19 against incumbent Sen. Kurt Schaefer, put out a press release in the in the aftermath of Rex Sinquefield’s inflammatory words about the public school system.


“Sinquefield’s comments regarding public school teachers and the Klu Klux Klan are offensive to the public school teachers everywhere and to those of us who have so benefitted from the hardworking and talented public school teachers in this state…. I call on Sen. Kurt Schaefer to turn back the money he has received from Mr. Sinquefield and to reject his unrealistic and harmful educational agenda.”


It might make a nice campaign piece for Still, but the broader question is why Dems aren’t hitting Republicans every single day for campaign contributions during session.  When you’re getting out-fundraised, you might as well get the PR value from it.


Just this month Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s recorded checks from Missouri Health Care Association PAC, MOSFA PAC, Surgery by Surgeons PAC and Missouri School Board Association.


And obviously he’s not alone.  Liberty Mutual has sent $1,000 checks to Sen. Mike Parson and Reps. Tim Jones and Bob Nance; The Home Building Association contributed to Sen. Kevin Engler and Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger.  Noranda sent $1,000 to Sen. Jane Cunningham and the Missouri Independent Bankers Association sent $3,000 to Rep. Don Wells.


More and more corporations are instituting rules to only make contributions outside of session to avoid the appearance of impropriety.  But until it’s stopped, and Dems are being out-gunned on the financial front, they should be trying to make the GOP pay a price.



The Pain of Being Ignored

The email blast from Randy Jottee – running in the Republican primary in 2-CD – bellowed, “*Wagner** **Campaign** **Deceives** **Donors*”


Excerpts of Chagrin

“Sacrificing principles for political gain, Ann Wagner’s campaign team distributed an email last week that misleads Washington, D.C., special interest donors…


“The fund-raising email sent by Wagner’s campaign on February 8th to lobbyists in Washington, D.C. erroneously states, ‘ANN is running for the Todd Akin open-seat and has NO primary opposition…’


“Jotte said the Wagner campaign has been aware of his candidacy since at least January 24th, when he publicly announced at a press conference…”



Casino Tax Increase Dead

Just like that.  Nixon’s proposal to raise casino entrance tax from $2 to $3, generating $50 million, is dead.  Speaker Steve Tilley said he opposed it.  Read Virginia Young’s article Here.



2012 Watch

John Franzeskos started a campaign committee to run as a Republican in House 124 (Camden and Miller Counties).  There’s no incumbent in that district.



Happy Valentine’s Day

See it Here.




Happy birthday to St. Louis County flack Katie Jamboretz.