Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Longer a Strong GOP Year in Missouri?

Still early but… the earlier prognosis for a strong Republican year in Missouri appears to be easing.


About nine months ago, one Republican was grinningly projecting a 200,000 vote loss by President Barack Obama in Missouri.  Together with Peter Kinder charging forward against Obamacare in the gubernatorial race, and the seemingly invincible Steve Tilley behind him in the LG’s race, optimism was running high.


Since then three factors have brought on a moderating of that Republican optimism.


First, Republican statewide races have been characterized by chaos and patchiness without Tier 1 candidates.  After Kinder’s “summer of hurt,” and Tilley’s withdrawal, the weaknesses in other races has become more glaring.  The senate candidates have struggled ignite any enthusiasm despite Sen. Claire McCaskill’s close ties to Obama.  Dave Spence is an untested commodity at the top of the ticket.  And primaries infect the lieutenant governor’s race and the secretary of state race, while Attorney General Chris Koster and State Treasurer Clint Zweifel are considered hard to beat.


Second, the economy continues to show signs of gathering strength – most specifically the jobs market which was considered to be the catalyst for attacks on Obama’s governance.  The recent jobless claims were the lowest since 2008.  And regardless of where the unemployment rate ends in November, the trend is clearly favorable to Obama’s case.


Finally, the presidential politics have buoyed Democratic spirits.  Even assuming that Mitt Romney can finally nail shut the nomination in the coming month, the process of rolling favorites has demonstrated the lack of any Republican nominee to be a clear victor in November.



Mamtek Bills Filed

AP has the story.  Read it Here.  HB 1771-1777.  My constant thanks to the peerless John Combest.



Fundy Bits

Rep. Ryan Silvey did another $10K last night at the JC Cork… Sen. Claire McCaskill’s in Kansas City tonight for a fundraiser tonight at JJ’s Restaurant… Minority Whip Mike Colona at MCTA offices tomorrow night.



Jackson County RFP

“The local government of Jackson County, Missouri is requesting bids and proposals for State Legislative Lobbying Services. Bids are due to the agency by March 6th, 2012. Proposals and bids are to be submitted to the Jackson County Purchasing Department, located at 415 E. 12th St, Room G1, Kansas City, Missouri. All questions about this contract can be directed to the buyer at bcasamento@jacksongov.org”  From Lobby Leads.



Watch Out Scott

Blogger Randy Turner tweets: @rturner229 I am looking for anyone who can give me information on Scott Dieckhaus’ time as a teacher in public schools. rturner229@hotmail.com



Watch Out Enterprise

When a MATA lawyer writes an article entitled Rental Car Roulette… Read it Here.



Tea Party to Zerr: We Want a Memo!


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From: "Camdenton Tea Party" <camdentonteaparty@gmail.com>

Date: Feb 20, 2012 4:49 PM

Subject: MO House Eco Devo Chair Says She Doesn&apos;t Have to Follow




*Missouri House Ignoring Constitution Supreme Court Decision is a Wake Up Call*


At least twice in the last three weeks red flags have been raised about the lack of respect the Missouri General Assembly has for the Constitution.


First the chairman of an influential committee – the committee responsible for beginning the process of doling out many millions of public dollars to private parties – *publicly declared that her committee has no responsibility to evaluate the constitutionality of legislation it considers.*


Then, this last week, the Missouri Supreme Court chastised the House and the Senate for their neglect of constitutional responsibilities. Let's take a look at what the Court had to say before we go back to the committee chairman…


It's disconcerting to think that our legislators are “openly violating” the Constitution as they pass laws that affect the lives of our families, but now some of them are no longer even pretending to be constrained by that document.


At the January 31st public hearing for the Freight Forwarder's bill (HB 1476, part of the China Hub bill), four citizen activists testified against the measure. Among other things, these citizens called to question the constitutionality of the targeted subsidies in the bill.


During his 5 minutes of testimony, Ron Calzone was repeatedly interrupted by Chairman Anne Zerr and told that his comments were not germane and that her committee had no responsibility to consider the constitutionality of bills before it. She implied that it was their job to enact legislation and let the courts sort out the constitutionality.



The People of Missouri can't let this great shirking of legislative responsibility go unchallenged. We must demand that our representatives uphold the Constitution first and foremost.


Rep. Zerr has been asked to issue a memo to her committee retracting her statements from the

January 31st hearing and instruting them to, indeed, consider the constitutionality of bills, but she has declined.


The issue has been brought to the attention of Speaker Steve Tilley's office, and his staff has refused a request for him to clarify the responsibility his committee chairman have to consider the constitutionality of bills. The Speaker's spokesman replied that the Speaker doesn't like to micro-manage the committees. So much for leadership.


*CALL TO ACTION*: Citizens from across the state should call, write, email and fax Rep. Anne Zerr and Speaker Steve Tilley and demand that they *establish clear policy that supports the Constitution*, as their oath of office requires. Memos should be sent to all committee chairs…



Nieves: Washington Missourian’s Miller is a COWARD


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From: Brian Nieves <briannieves@yahoo.com>

Date: Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 12:27 PM

Subject: Shame on Bill Miller...



I am sad to tell you that fixing our disabled parking debacle at our State Capitol has hit a road block! Why is it likely that our disabled War Heroes and all other members of our disabled community will continue to be disrespected at our State capitol? Simply put, we have out and out bullies in the press who have shown how little they care for our Disabled War Heroes and folks with disabilities by attacking me for trying to fix it! Yes folks, Bill Miller, of the Washington missourian, wrote a terrible attack piece against me in what I believe to have been an attempt to threaten any other legislator from joining me in my attempt to help people with disabilities and specifically our Wounded War Heroes! It is despicable and sad. We have all heard the expression, "Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel" and Mr. Miller is proving why that statement is so true! Why would he attack me for simply trying to fix a real problem with parking at our capitol? Is this the biggest issue of our day? Of course not! But it is Very Important to the folks who simply can not visit our capitol because the press has taken most, if not all, of the easy access parking! Mr. Miller suggested I give my parking up but what he didn't tell you is something he knows fully well and that is that MY parking is further away, in an underground tunnel type scenario that requires a long walk and several different sets of stairs!! Typical ATTACK Tactic!


Today, at 2pm, I will present my bill to correct the way parking is done at our capitol campus. Many of you have seen the out right Vicious Attacks that editorial boards and owners of news papers have done to punish me for standing FOR our disabled community as I have! Let me say this again... Bill Miller, of the Washington missourian, is a COWARD who hides behind his little news paper to attack attack attack! I have challenged him before and I now challenge him again. Come out from behind your struggling little news paper and debate me publicly on this issue!! I, for one, am willing to stand up for disabled Military Veterans and our disabled community in general and would have thought that Mr. Miller, a Veteran himself, would do the same but when you are blinded by hate, as he seems to be, your only course of action is to ATTACK. Shame on you Mr. Miller, I am disgusted by your lack of compassion and unwillingness to help our wounded, disabled War Heroes and our disabled community in general. I call upon my friends and all who support Wounded War Heroes and Citizens with Disabilities to call and/or write letters to the editor challenging Mr. Miller to either retract his attack piece OR publicly debate me on the subject!


Thnx All,





$5K+ Contributions

MO Republican Party - $25,000 from RightChoice Managed Care Inc.




Happy birthday to former state senator Harry Kennedy (60) and former state representative B.J. Marsh (72).