Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wagner Does DC

One source says that 2-CD candidate Ann Wagner is in Washington DC this week with “three or four” fundraisers lined up. 


After her enormous friends and family first quarter (which turned heads nationally), this is the next logical step. 


Two politicos have independently compared this primary to last cycle’s auditor primary between Tom Schweich and Allen Icet.  Icet had grassroots and activist love galore.  But Schweich opened a money gap that transformed him from an unknown to the  comfortable victor.


Using that analogy, they think that Ed Martin can’t afford to be blown out again next quarter without risking a fate similar to Icet.  Two Republican electeds who favor Martin over Wagner (but won’t be endorsing) have suggested to me that Martin should again alter his ambitions and consider Secretary of State.  But another source with some insight into Martin’s thinking calls that unworkable.  Regardless, the fact that these discussions are happening shows both the goodwill that exists for Martin, and the concern that he will be out-gunned in this contest.


Finally, it’s important to undress the simplicity of that analogy.  A state-wide contest is almost necessarily about money.  On the other end of the spectrum, you can door-knock yourself into office in a state representative race.  A congressional race is in between the two extremes, though closer to the state-wide example.  Still if Martin raises enough money to remain competitive, his on-the-ground enthusiasm could tilt the scales to his side.



Ten Years Gone

Some Dems, anxious to see some credible opposition to Speaker Steve Tilley’s steamrolling LG bid, have wondered why Rep. Jason Kander was said to be mauling a Secretary of State run rather than Lieutenant Governor.


According to one source, Kander, who grew up in Kansas, might not qualify for LG under the state constitution’s ten year residency requirement. 



Coppers Like Norton

Tomorrow night the St. Louis Police Officers Association is expected to vote to endorse Judge Glenn Norton for the Supreme Court.  It’s hard to handicap how much different constituency groups ultimately can sway the consideration of either the appellate commission or governor.


Norton will likely get the nod from the coppers because he has prosecutorial experience.  And he’s viewed by some as one of the more conservative judges of the 13 applicants.


Norton is said to be working the panel politics hard.  One observer of judicial maneuverings says that Norton is extremely ambitious and would “sell his own mother” to reach the high court.


Who Chooses

The Appellate Commission will send Governor Jay Nixon three names, from which he will choose a new Supreme Court justice.  Who is on that Commission?  See the it Here.



House GOP Summer Caucus

The House GOP summer caucus starts on Thursday.  They’re meeting in Branson, and aside from being an opportunity to get all the ships sailing in the same direction, it’s a fundraising event. 


This year’s haul will exceed $300K, beating last year’s take by 25%  – perhaps substantially more after all the contributions from state representatives is counted up.


It’s in part a recognition that the lobbying community envisions a Republican House majority as far as the crystal ball can see.



No Footsies on ESP Yet

Several of the industrials scratched their heads in bewilderment at my bit yesterday that Ameren and allies were setting the table for serious talks on the Early Site Permit, saying that they’d heard nothing.


The industrials have offered to return to the deal reached on the last day of session, but thus far the utilities side has demurred…




In the age-old tradition of tying the personal and political together, former state Rep. Vicki Englund is having a birthday party/campaign kickoff next week, August 4.  She’s turning 37 and going after her House seat (85) again.



No one follow Kinder more intently on twitter than… Dems … Read it Here.



Keep it simple: Ed Martin’s email blast last night was titled “One Man to Blame for Economy - Barack Obama.”



$5k+ Contributions

Citizens for Continued Progress - $10,000 from Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Ameren UE Political Action Committee - $25,000 from Ameren Missouri.

Ameren UE Political Action Committee - $57,500 from Ameren Missouri.




Rep. Donna Lichtenegger is 51 today and Annette Read turns 49.