Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Light day, grades tomorrow…


Slightly New Senate Map

The bipartisan commission met yesterday and approved slightly revised senate maps.  See them Here.


There’s still a federal lawsuit pending, but the revisions to this map were apparently adopted to undermine the arguments of that suit.  According to AP (Read it Here), the disparity between the most and least dense populated districts decreased in the new map.


Districts affected on the eastern side were Senate 4 and Senate 14, though I can’t see any real significance.  For example, Rep. Stacey Newman is still outside of Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s district.


Among the rural districts Senate 18 picks up Chariton County, and Senate 28 gets St. Clair County.


In Springfield, there’s a slight revision to the Senate 20, 30 borders.


And on the western side of the state, Senate 7, 9 and 11 have minor changes, but nothing that I can see affecting any of the incumbent senators (or House members trying to become senators).



The Other Side Again

Will I ever write one blurb about ESP or Prop C and not receive an immediate rebuttal from the other side?  No, never.


“If Ameren and Rep. Jeanie Riddle and Sen. Mike Kehoe are for the May 13 deal then why didn’t they offer the May 13 deal?  Riddle can’t offer a portion which is just the ESP language and purposely leave out the Prop C language and still call it a ‘compromise deal from last session.’  I think the more revealing comment was from Warren Wood that said Ameren wouldn’t move forward without ratepayers being involved in cost recovery.  Can you say CWIP?”


Drebes Solution: Rob Mayer, Mike Kehoe dance off.   (Chris Roepe, Warren Wood wouldn’t be fair).




This morning’s big twitter event is the unveiling of the “Tiger Blood Toury” over at FiredUpSee it Here.  The best part though is later in the week when they post their analysis.



Last weekend’s Rick Santorum events in Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson’s district brought out over 1,000 people.  Santorum leaned heavily on Emerson’s veteran field staff.  He had only one advance guy, other than Emerson’s folks coordinated the whole thing.



The Kinder Calendar: March 15 Springfield event hosted by Joe Passanise and Mark Gardner; March 20 Kansas City event hosted by Terry Dunn and Warren Erdman; and St. Louis event March 29 hosted by Sam Fox and Jack Danforth.



Republican Congressional candidate Dr. Randy Jotte challenged Ann Wagner to a series of six Lincoln-Douglas style debates.  Chances this happens = 0.



Todd Akin Event – May 18 – “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” hosted by Linda Becker, Carol Wessel Boyer and Brandy Pedersen.



Grumbling among House Republican leadership that Rep. Lincoln Hough isn’t behind John Sellars, their choice candidate in House 134 (old Sara Lampe district.)



New Candidate Filing

Bruce Sassmann filed to run as a Republican in House 62.  This is the free-for-all open seat where Rep. Tom Loehner is termed.  Sassman is the sixth Republican to file.


Mike Marsh filed as a Democrat in House 148.  It’s a 60-40 Republican district.



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Shawn D`Abreu deleted Paraquad Inc and added Missouri Centers for Independent Living.

James Harris deleted H&H Development Company LLC, and Group One Consultants.


Patricia Jensen deleted Argyle Building LLC, Waterway Gas & Wash Company, Crown Management, Progressive Projects LLC, Robertson Properties Inc, SDCL Trust, Northland Industrial Developers, Phil Scaglia and Patricia Scaglia, Three Amigos LLC, Conrad Properties Corporation, AMC Theatres Inc, Trophy Homes Inc.



$5K+ Contributions

Spence for Governor - $5,000 from John Qualy.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $10,000 from Michael Ketchmark.

Holsman for Missouri - $10,000 from Gail’s Harley Davidson.

Missourians for Responsible Lending - $25,000 from Center for Responsible Lending.