Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Special Session Talk

Local Control will start in the House and EcoDevo will start in the Senate. And if things go well the down sides will swap their legislation and every will be hunky dory. 


Between the Steve Tilley leash and the Tim Jones whip, the House should have their side of things under control.  The action will be in the Senate.


The Senate will plan to start perfection on Wednesday (September 7), run the debate for a few hours.  Then come back Thursday morning and go as long as necessary.


Veto session scheduled to start the follow week (Wednesday September 14).  If the Senate trouble-makers have spent their summer devising new-fangled traps and tricks, it’s possible the special session could bleed over into veto session.


The two sessions can run concurrently.  But that’s not expected to happen.


Republicans in charge of the legislature will want to show they have the discipline to follow through on their promise of having a done-deal compromise on the ecodevo package.  They don’t want to give Governor Jay Nixon the opportunity to throw his hands up and ask why the Republicans legislature can’t get their act together.



Showdown Coming?

In addition to the McKee tax credit, which Nixon’s call specifically prohibits, there’s also talk that the proposed reforms to the Missouri Housing Development Corporation would be outside the call.  The change to how MHDC is appointed is critical to some legislators (and also upsetting to others).


Assuming that the legislature passes these features toward which Nixon is hostile (a reasonable assumption I think), what does he do?  Does he veto the whole enchilada?  Does he swallow the bitter pills?


The answer, according to one shrewd observer, is neither.  He signs the economic development bill.  If he didn’t after all this, the business community would absolutely murder him.


Then after signing, his office finds a third party to sue, saying that the specific provisions are outside the call, and the matter is handed to the courts.


The courts can finally decide where the separation of powers lies between the governor and legislature in special session production.



Daily Kinder Drips

Bailing Water Out of the Canoe, but Not Sinking… Kinder confidante Jared Craighead tells Jo Mannies that no new donors are asking for money back.  Read it Here.  That’s not exactly taking the fight to Nixon yet.  Still no bad news qualifies as good news these days in Camp Kinder.



New Moniker… A lobbyist writes, “We used to refer to Kinder’s campaign as Camp Kinder, now it is Kinder’s Carnival.”



Who Say What?...  Rep. Kevin Elmer, one from the horde of Republican freshmen state reps, steps forward to denounce the lieutenant governor. Read it Here


Elmer’s Pull Quote: “I am a 40 year-old state representative and I can tell you sitting in a dark club sipping wine while watching women take off their clothes for money is impermissible behavior for someone elected to be a leader in the community.” (That’s a keeper, folks. File under “Holier Than Thou”)


Elmer is obviously not the only Republican frustrated.  Here’s another: “If Kinder had been a strong candidate before this, he MIGHT have been able to weather this. But he was already a weak candidate - with plenty of people questioning his discipline. This camel was already struggling. A straw might have broken him. Tammy Chapman was a hay bale.”


But why Elmer?  Folks are pointing to his blood relationship with David Steelman (hubby to floundering Senate candidate Sarah Steelman).  Texted one GOP Rep: “Steelman is the one with the long knives out.”


And a tipster whispers: “I’m told Steelman’s having difficulty raising money within the federal contribution limits. A switch to the Governor’s race would appeal to David’s ability to collect large checks.”



Spend Your Summer Waiting in Vain for A Savior…. It’s not just Steelman that folks are poo-pooing as a gubernatorial candidate, it’s everyone.  As damaged as Kinder is, Republicans are grappling with the futility of pushing for a switch if you’re just trading out losers.


Says a lobbyist, “I don’t think that any of the plausible replacements are a measured upgrade.”


A second (Republican) observer is more colorful, saying for Nixon to be beaten will require “nothing short of Nixon changing his name to Mohammed, proclaiming himself a prophet and finding out that Georganne has half a dozen sister wives.”




Lobbyist Plants Bit for Barnes in MOScout

“Rep. Jay Barnes fundraiser seemed to be a success.  He had 17 teams (100 folks probably) and I bet he cleared close to $18,000 with sponsors and team entries. Interesting to see Reps. John Diehl and Jeannie Riddle there with a number of other reps.  He had a nice mix of local business groups and the usual lobbyist suspects.  It was in JCity so that had a little to do with it but he seems to be a mover.”



Et tu, Aerotropolis?

R. Crosby Kemper III calls the economic development bill a betrayal and “complete abandonment of principle”  Read it Here.



Biggest Loser or Smallest Winner?

Jake Wagman notices Sen. Claire McCaskill’s new campaign figure… Read it Here.  Thirty pounds lighter, her secret: a “mix of diet and exercise.”  I’ll have to try that…



$5k+ Contributions

Supporters of Health Research and Treatments - $125,000 from Sam Fox.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Dempsey for Senate.

Jay Nixon for Misosuri - $50,000 from UAW Region 5 PAC.



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


David Barklage added Barklage Company Inc., and St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association, and deleted Strategic Communications Group, Inc.