Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prez Primary

Rick Santorum wins.  Read it Here.


And on the Senate floor yesterday, Sen. Kevin Engler tweaked Sen. Brad Lager over the $7 million wasted on the election.   Engler’s bill died last session when Lager offered amendments concerning the date of the primary.  The bill’s failure eventually led the state GOP Party to declare the primary “meaningless” so as not to violate national party rules.



More on Senate Compromise Map

Following up on my blurb yesterday about some senators reaching an accommodation on the redistricting map, here’s additional information from a variety of sources.


First, the deal may not be entirely sealed.  Two sources say that Sen. Victor Callahan has pulled back at least once from negotiations.


Second, the map does mainly appease Sen. Kurt Schaefer by giving his district – Senate 19 – Cooper County instead of Howard County.   The Schaefer camp however is attempting to deflect criticism that he is just protecting his own skin.  They’re arguing that their concern is not his reelection.  Rather they are fighting for Senate 19 to retain its competitive nature after his second term.  Rep. Mary Still is expected to run regardless, by the way.


Third, in southeast Missouri, the new map would give Democrats a better hold on Senate 22 and Senate 25, the latter being a new pick-up for Dems.  That’s the bootheel district where Rep. Terry Swinger (D) is set to face Rep. Ellen Brandom (R).  Of course this comes at the expense of helping Republicans lock down Senate 3 and Senate 33.  And other Dems think that a map with only one more Dem seat is a paltry victory.


Fourth, at least one political mind thinks that the bipartisan commission might grab the compromise map after having watched the horror of the appellate commission’s handiwork.


Fifth, another political observer says the best operating assumption however is that the supreme court would appoint a different (more competent?) appellate commission.  Thus the bipartisan commission shouldn’t assume that they’d get the same outcome with a new appellate commission.



Moberly Seeks PR Fix for Mamtek Woes

If you’re calculating the costs of the Mamtek debacle to the City of Moberly, add in another $7,500/month.  According to the Moberly Monitor, that’s what the city will pay Mack Bradley’s Stand Point PR firm to help them with the “complex” situation in which they find themselves.  Read it Here.



No Mo Ro

It was odd that political consultant Jeff Roe’s firm Axiom Strategy was listed on Peter Kinder’s last quarter.  That’s because Roe is good friend of Sen. Brad Lager who is challenging the incumbent.  Perhaps keeping Roe on the payroll was an indication of an interest on the part of Camp Kinder in working things out?  If it was, it is no more.  A source says there won’t be a line item for Axiom on the next quarterly report.



I’d Like to Buy an ‘E’

As the House works through the appropriation process, they’re working hard to eliminate as many “Es” as possible from the budget.  Those “Es” stand for estimate, and Governor Jay Nixon has used them (Republican would say abused them) to move monies around as he sees fit.


But as other statewides come before the committees, they’re arguing for the validity of their Es – where year-to-year expenditures can vary without easy forecasting.  Their message: Don’t punish us for the governor’s transgressions.




Rep. Jill Schupp’s fundraiser in St. Louis County last week is said to have collected around $15K.  It also featured Attorney General Chris Koster who knows his way around a fundraiser…



Montee Kicks Off

Mayor Francis Slay introduced and endorsed Susan Montee yesterday at her kick-off for LG.  Read his remarks Here.


Among the endorsement list was Board President Lewis Reed, St. Louis City Democratic Chair Brian Wahby and St. Louis County Democratic Chair Matt Robinson.  But obviously missing was substantial north side support as well as rumored potential candidate former state rep Fred Katky and almost all of his prolife, south side brethren.


Both holes hint at the vulnerability of the current field.  A conservative male could swoop in and snatch the nomination.  But another intriguing scenario would be if black voters coalesced behind a candidate.  In the splintered field, they could determine the nominee.

From Montee’s blog: “When the outlook was bleak and the fair weather politicians saw a difficult campaign and ran for cover, I decided I was all in.”  Read it Here.



The Quarter So Far – Selected Senate Races

From the $500+ contributions database here as totals since January 1 for some competitive senate races:


Senate 1

Jim Lembke: 8 checks totaling $9,000.

Sue Schoemehl: no activity.


Senate 5

Robin Wright Jones: no activity.

Jamilah Nasheed: 1 check totaling $1,000.


Senate 19

Kurt Schaefer: 2 checks totaling $3,000

Mary Still: 1 check totaling $1,000.


Senate 33

Ward Franz: 1 check totaling $1,000.

Doug Libla: 1 check totaling $5,000.

Don Wells: no activity.




On Whining about the Senate ‘Compromise’ Map

Lobbyist: “You know the House Dems should quit blaming Timmy (Green) for their troubles. Without him and Victor (Callahan), who knows what kind of garbage could have passed the last 8 yrs.


“Furthermore, the House Dems haven't been able to win seats in contested races or otherwise, even in good Dem years.”



On a Campaign Contribution to Koster from Reliant Care Rehabilitative Services, L.L.C.

“While Joe Shepard may have organized something it doesn't mean he is involved anymore.  He has no further connection to nursing homes… However, since you've drawn attention to it, I'll be waiting to see if Ed Martin will get another billboard.  HA!”



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Doyle Childers, Richard McIntosh, Dan Schuette, and Earl Pabst added Packaging Service Co., Inc.

Daniel Kleinsorge added Missouri Farmers Care.

Scott Lakin added Mid-America Regional Council.

David McCracken added Edison Schools Inc.

Patrice Minear added Lilly USA.

Melba L Price added Infocrossing, and Maximus.

Walter S Dale II deleted AFCAP and City of Homestown.

Betsy Ledgerwood deleted Gamble & Schlemeier.

David W Poger deleted IESI Missouri.



$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Ed Martin - $5,000 from D John Sauer.

Doug Libla for Senate - $5,000 from Poplar Bluff Reg Med Ctr.




Happy birthdays to Reps. Kathie Conway (56) and Terry Swinger (70).