Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baker for LG

A strong source says that former state representative Judy Baker has decided to enter the lieutenant governor’s race.  With the primary a mere seven months away, I would assume an official announcement isn’t far off.


This decision will create some anger among supporters of former auditor Susan Montee.  She took the plunge into the lieutenant governor’s race when everyone (Baker included) was knees-knocking at the prospect of facing Speaker Steve Tilley.


Furthermore, it is said that Montee – hearing rumors that Baker was interested – spoke to Baker last year before she resigned her post at the state Democratic Party.  She asked Baker of her intentions, noting that once she left the party, she beyond the point of return.


However this is politics.  To paraphrase a common saying: there’s no “team” in I.


Baker is fortunate that Montee has been occupied finishing her stint with the party and tying up loose ends with her law work, so will likely show a treading-water quarter.  In other words, they are both now at the starting line, though Montee starts with significantly higher name ID.


eMailbag: Recent Lager $$$

All Sen. Brad Lager has to do now is go back to his three key donors and get them to write another check before August to even him up with incumbent LG Peter Kinder. Kinder may be in trouble.



Shuffling Chairs on the U.S.S. Akin

Yesterday Hotline reported that three key campaign staff members left the Rep. Todd Akin’s Senate campaign.  Read it Here.


Pull Quote: The Missouri GOP field has been among the weakest in any of the tossup Senate races. Steelman can't raise money and Brunner's rollout was unsteady, his own company has suffered layoffs (not the image a candidate who is running as an outsider/businessman wants) and he is dodging debates.  It's all especially discouraging for national Republicans given that Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill is one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents, having to win in a state where President Obama has no shot this year.



The Beacon then advanced the story by reporting that taking former campaign manager Kurt Hansen’s place will be Akin’s son, Perry, who helped him run for Congress in 2000.  Read it Here.  Akin will hire “various regional fundraisers” to cover for former fundraiser Heather Grote.


From the witty twitter-feed of Richard Callow: ‘Unless your son is named Andy - or you hire your daughter - making your kid the manager is a bad, bad move.”




Word is that Rep. Jerry Nolte has hired the fundraising consultant The Dublin Group (see Website Here) for his congressional campaign.



Look for Speaker Steve Tilley’s speech this afternoon (kicking off the legislative session) to be less policy oriented than it was a year ago when he laid out an aggressive agenda and timeline for the House.  Instead it will likely be more reflective, more focused on personal moments that may emphasize the human connectedness of members rather than ideology.



Jami: Jones Will Spend Your Contributions on Shoes

The Democratic primary for Senate 5 is going to be ugly.  Even if Rep. Jamilah Nasheed wants to stay positive, she can’t help herself.  She went negative in her kick-off announcement.  Read it Here.


Pull Quote:  Nasheed said that she won't focus on (Sen. Robin Wright) Jones' recent problems with campaign-finance issues, including allegations that she used campaign for personal expenses. However, later, Nasheed predicted that her next campaign report -- due Jan. 15 -- will show her with far more in the bank than Jones.


"Nobody wants to give money to her,'' Nasheed said. "They're afraid she'll spend it on shoes."


Jones has yet to comment.




Mark the calendar: Governor Jay Nixon’s state of state speech will be January 17 at 7p.m.



On Their Minds: Fulton Sun reports that Rep. Jay Barnes wants an alternative court of veterans; Sen. Kurt Schaefer wants to save the food pantry tax credit; and Sen. Dan Brown wants to limit malpractice against veterinarians.  Read it Here.



Missouri Association of Social Welfare hosts a free forum on Friday January 20.  Speakers include Montegue Simmons from the Pay Day Loan Ballot Initiative. RSVP at



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Betsy Ledgerwood AuBuchon added Judicial Conference of Missouri and Supreme Court of Missouri.

A. John Baker added Caesars Operating Co. and deleted Harrah’s Operating Company.

Jeffrey Earl added Office of the State Auditor.

Cecile Landrum added Gamble and Schlemeier, Special School District of St. Louis, Independent Colleges and Universities of Missouri, and Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education.

Erika Leonard added GIPA.

Richard C Wiles and Sam Wiles added Associated Industries of Missouri.

Richard C Wiles deleted Multistate Associates Inc on behalf of Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Sam Wiles deleted Kansas City Oncology.

Mike Winter deleted The Missouri Bar.

Carol Kemna added Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities and Missouri Dental Hygienists’ Association.

John E Bardgett Jr and Brian Millner deleted Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America, Inc.,

John E Bardgett Jr and Kimberly Tuttle deleted R.J. Scherr and Associates.

Kimberly Tuttle and John Parris added THF Realty Inc., and deleted The Chesterfield Development LLC and Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America, Inc.

John Parris added John Britton Associates.

Phil Wright and Luann Madsen added John Britton and Associates; and deleted Midwest Alliance for Renewable Energy, Navigator Partners LLC, and IMKO Inc.

Matt Hill deleted Missouri Historical Society and Telecommunications Associations of Missouri.

Jennifer Durham deleted Missouri Historical Society.

James L Durham added Entertainment Software Association, Missouri Dairy Products Association and St. Louis Zoo; and deleted Central Dairy and Missouri Historical Society.

Franc Flotron, Zachary Brunnert, David McCracken, and Richard McIntosh added Airport Tech Partnership LLP.

Zachary Brunnert and Richard McIntosh added Lehman Construction Company.

Todd J Abrajano deleted Missouri Club for Growth and Mid-American Communications Alliance.

Chris Liese, Mark J Bruns, Jim Foley, Andrew Foley, Dawn Heidbreder, Don Soph and Gary Burton added Discount Smoke Shop Inc.; and deleted Retailer for Allocable Share and City of St. Charles.



$5K+ Contributions

MEDA PAC - $10,000 from Ameren Missouri.

Cunningham Campaign Committee - $20,000 from Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield.

Committee to Elect Reed - $25,000 from  Robert Herrmann.

One Zoo for All - $10,000 from Power Group Company LLC.




Happy birthdays: Sen. Rob Schaaf (55) and Adam McBride.