Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rupp Gets MRL

It’s maybe the biggest endorsement of the Republican secretary of state primary. Sen. Scott Rupp announced he won Missouri Right to Life’s endorsement.  He’s the only candidate in that SOS race with MRL.  That’s significant in a Republican primary, but more so in a statewide contest where the three candidates may all lack the resources to blanket the airwaves.


Says on observer: “Remember Al Hanson?  The convicted felon that won a statewide primary in 90a because he was endorsed by MRL (no others completed survey).”



Rep. Shane Schoeller is first on the air.  “Defending What’s Sacred”  See it here.



Martin to HDCC

On the heels of yesterday’s bit that Stacy Steen was leaving the House Democratic Campaign Committee comes talk that Sarah Wood Martin will be helping to fill her role.  Martin will continue to serve as campaign manager of Rep. Mary Still’s Senate 19 campaign.  Martin’s main squeeze is the presumptive minority leader, Rep. Jake Hummel.



McCaskill RSVPs NO to Dem Convention

Sen. Claire McCaskill said that the rumors were true: she will skip the Democratic National Convention.  Her spokesperson said that McCaskill “generally” skips it when she’s on the ballot so she can spend more time talking to voters (i.e. campaigning).


Republicans danced and taunted that she was embarrassed to be seen with the liberals of her party.


Steelman: “Skipping a few cocktail parties and rallies in Charlotte doesn't distance her from the President, and it won't convince voters that she's a born-again moderate.”



Good Ad from Brunner

“The career politicians are crippling America. They will not cut spending. But I will.  I did it every day to protect jobs at our family business. And I’ll do it in the US Senate.”   See it here.



A Day in the Court

From Monday’s court day on the initiative petition comes the fear that the result may not clarify things.  On observer says that the worst case scenario may also be the most likely scenario: guidance which will not decrease the amount of litigation, but actually increase it.


“For example, they may say that the SOS has an obligation to summarize the main points of an initiative, leading to disputes about that in lots of future cases.”



Senate 33: Ward Moves Forward

An on-the-ground source says: “Ward Franz is kicking butt.  In the four counties on the east side, he is the only one with presence. And I would expect heavy ad play from MO Club for Growth after that endorsement.”



Carol Martin Contra TSA

As candidates try desperately to make their email appeals standout in the end-of-quarter crush, Ed Martin’s wife, Carol, is the narrator of this airport story:


“Dear Friends,


If I could take a moment of your time, I would just like to share a little story with you that made me once again realize just how critical this 2012 election cycle will be…


“Last weekend, I took a very rare trip to Chicago to attend my college reunion.  (I won’t tell you what year it is for me… and, yes, I left all four kids at home with Ed!)  Ed dropped me off at the airport with my carry-on bag and I walked nimbly to the check-in kiosk. It’s funny how uncomfortable it felt not to be carrying the usual kiddy gear: car-seat with child, diaper bag, purse, holding a child’s hand, etc.  It just felt like I was forgetting something, like the mom in the old movie ‘Home Alone.’


“Anyway – then I got to the security check point.  Trouble.  Here comes TSA.  Now, you must realize that the St. Louis airport is not exactly the busiest airport in the country.  In fact, there were probably less than 20 people going through at the moment that I was… but I stood in line.  I had my license carefully checked under a blue light, received a grimacing look from the TSA lady and I was dismissed.  It’s funny how you feel like a criminal already.  Then I got to the x-ray machine.  I don’t fly very often or at all actually, so I watched everyone pull out their computers and toiletries and place them in the plastic bins.  It was still slow – although there seemed to be more TSA workers in the entrance than passengers.


“So, I unpacked my bag, took off my shoes.  And then they caught me.  My shampoo container was more than 3.4 oz.  Busted.  I had to pack up my bag, go all the way back to the ticketing desk, and pay $25 to check my bag on the plane.


“I must admit that I’m an inexperienced traveler.  I also must say that we all remember the great tragedies of 9/11 and we truly value the importance of flying safe.  But, with that said, the inefficiency of the process and the arbitrariness of “3.4” ounces is completely ridiculous.  And the moral of the story is this:  whether it’s the TSA, the DMV, the VA, the USPS, and especially CMS – government just can’t run anything well!


“This election cycle is about Americans tax-payers FINALLY getting fed up enough to DEMAND MORE from our government.  Whether federal or state government, we are ALL tired of the inefficiency, the WASTE, the RIDICULOUS regulations (what is so important about 3.4 oz. anyway… why not 3.5, 3.6…?), and of course, the CORRUPTION.


“So, I would like to ask you to join me in supporting my husband, Ed Martin, in his fight to be the next Attorney General of Missouri…”



Barnes Contra New York Times

Never hurts a Republican to take on the liberal media elite of the New York Times.  Rep. Jay Barnes posted a response to the NYTimes article yesterday on Mamtek.  Read it here.


Pull Quote: “(The analyst) compares Moberly to the parents of a teenager who racks up a $400 charge on the cell phone. “You can’t get out of it by saying you didn’t authorize that.”  “Maybe we should use Fabian’s example – except add a few details. In this case, the parent was told by a third-party that the third-party would pay the bill and more – and the parents then hired an expert to tell them whether the third-party could actually do what they promised. Only after getting the promise from the third-party and the assurance from an expert they paid did the parents let the kid actually use the phone.”



MO Budget Project: MO Needs MO Money

From their statement on the budget:


“Without affordable quality education, services, and infrastructure, Missouri will face increasing difficulty attracting and maintaining business, hurting its ability to compete in a global economy and rebuild from the recession.


“Some common sense options to address Missouri’s ongoing revenue shortfalls including closing the tax loophole on Internet sales and increasing the state’s tobacco tax. Revenue measures stalled in legislative committees.”



Endorsement Parade

Attorney General Chris Koster received first-ever Missouri Police Chiefs’ Leadership Award.



In Senate 7, Crystal Williams won the PROMO PAC endorsement and Emily’s List.  And Rep. Jason Holsman announced endorsements from the Carpenters’ Union and the Laborers as well as former Rep. Kate Meiners.



In Senate 21, Sen. David Pearce announced the endorsement of MSTA (Missouri State Teachers Association) a day after Rep. Mike McGhee nabbed the MO Club for Growth endorsement.



Sen. Jay Wasson endorsed Rep. Shane Schoeller for secretary of state.



National Poll

For the geeks who love to dig into a poll.  Here’s the latest Obama-Romney poll from NBC/WSJ.  Enjoy it here.




If you haven’t heard, get ready of the news day of the year tomorrow: the US Supreme Court is expected to rule on the federal healthcare law.



$5K+ Contributions

Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund-Missouri - $24,675 from Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund.

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from Burns & McDonnell.

Missourians for Koster - $5,250 from Teamsters Local Union No.41 Political Action Fund.

Spence for Governor - $50,000 from Steven Trulaske Sr.

Friends of Bill Stouffer - $25,000 from The Lamar Companies.

Friends of Crystal Williams - $8,105 from Richard Speidel.



Cash Commentary

Billboard Bill: Sen. Bill Stouffer keeps landing $5K+ Contributions from the Lamar Companies, an “outdoor advertising” company.  As chair of the Transportation Committee, Stouffer sponsored the billboard bill this session.



Lobbyists’ Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Dick Wiles and Sam Wiles deleted Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.




Happy birthdays to May Scheve Reardon (48) and Ross Branson.