Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lager for Treasurer?

One strong source says that Sen. Brad Lager is making all the moves one would see out of someone preparing for a statewide race.  He’s talking to his major donors (Herzog et al); he’s scouting for staff and conferring with consultants; he’s traveling the state.


What’s Different This Time?

The biggest question donors ask in any rematch is: why will things be different this time? 


It’s an easy answer this time.  The environment will be better.  Republicans were trounced in 2008. And even though 2012 won’t be 2010 rout, they’ll be on much stronger footing than 2008.

Additionally, because Treasurer is such a low-profile post the Lager camp believes that Clint Zweifel doesn’t have the benefits of name ID usually associated with an incumbent.



Wright Jones Sued Again

This is bad news.  Sen. Robin Wright Jones was sued again for an unpaid bill.  Read the Post Dispatch article about it Here.


The amount isn’t that big, which paradoxically, makes it more significant.  A radio station claims she owes $3,623.  According to the article, Wright Jones had been making monthly payments on the debt. 

The state senator’s finances appear tentative enough that she couldn’t just eat the bill to avoid the embarrassment of the lawsuit.  (We’re not talking Claire McCaskill liquidity here.)


And… this just adds to the perception that the accounting troubles of her campaign funds may be more than just a sick treasurer.



Akin and Liberals Who Hate God

The whole gaffe (Read it Here) doesn’t change anything.  Hating on liberals helps him in the primary and hurts him in the general.



Flooding the Farms

From Missouri News Horizon: “The sum total of flood damage to this year’s crops could easily eclipse the destruction cause by the record flooding in 1993, according to the Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst… The spring flooding caused by the destruction of the Birds Point Dam in southeast Missouri inundated roughly 570,000 acres of farmland causing $85 million in total loses. And current flooding along the Missouri River is taking place too late in the season for farmers to replant, which will lead to millions of dollars in lost agricultural commodities…”



Missouri Not a Battleground for Priorities USA

Priorities USA, a Democratic third party group, launched ads in several states yesterday to counteract ads by Crossroads GPS, a Republican third party group.  They’re not hitting Missouri. 


One anonymous source in Politico says, "The buy is about $750,000 -- In battleground states where [Crossroads GPS is] up, we’re keeping pace with them at about 80% of their buy. We’re not up in MO, MT, NE and other states that aren’t competitive... We never expected we would be able to match Karl Rove dollar-for-dollar but we have a smarter advertising strategy…”  




One lobbyist working to help usher the economic development bill into a special summer tells me that the best thing for St. Louis heavies, like mayoral chief of staff Jeff Rainford, to do is shut up.  The progress is slow, but steady; and the support is there, but it’s fragile enough that a rogue tweet causes heartburn. 



Schoemehl Takes Good Notes

Sue Schoemehl, preparing for a senate run, sent out a new endorsement yesterday from Rep. Pat Yaeger, along with an ask for money. 


From the email: “I am writing you today to express my strong support of my friend… I served in the House of Representatives for eight years with Sue and know firsthand her commitment to legislative service, constituents, and the issues that we hold so dear… I served on the Professional Registration and Licensing Committee with her so I know that she is an outstanding committee member who listens to both sides and takes excellent notes for reference….



Levy Leaves

Press release: “Department of Social Services Director Ronald J. Levy will leave the department to accept a position at the St. Louis University School of Public Health, starting in the fall. His resignation is effective July 31.


“Levy has been  DSS Director since early 2009. He will become Executive in Residence at the St. Louis University School of Public Health. He also will be available to assist Governor Jay Nixon on special projects related to health care.”



Money Bomb

Rep. John McCaherty puts out a call for donations over Facebook:  “The 2nd Quarter is almost over! We need to raise another 5,000 before the end of the quarter! If you can help with a donation of ANY AMOUNT..., send a check to Citizens for McCaherty today! It would be great to break our goal, but we can only do this if you help!!! EVERY CHECK COUNTS, Send anything you can!” 


So far there 5 “attending” the online fundraiser; 2 maybes; 25 not attending; and 504 who haven’t replied….



On Stouffer’s SOS Kickoff

“Fyi, you stated Sen. Bill Soutffer hasn’t kicked off his campaign yet, but he announced at Lincoln Days in February and sent out a press release that day.  He has also been fundraising since then.  In other words, he has kicked off his campaign, it just hasn’t been gaining any traction.”



$5k+ Contributions

Friends of Caleb Jones - $10,000 from RightCHOICE Managed Care Inc.

Friends of Tilley - $10,000 from Noranda Aluminum Inc.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $20,000 from Centene Management Company LLC.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $10,000 from Shaffer Lombardo Shurin.




Sen. Tim Green turns 48 today.



MOScout Schedule

When will the mass “out of office” replies start?  This morning? Tomorrow? Tell me folks aren’t waiting until Friday to start their long weekend.


Tomorrow (Thursday) will be a regular Update, followed tomorrow afternoon by the Weekly Summary.  Then No MOScout on Monday, July 4.