Follow-on Update

Rather than wait until Monday, I wanted to pass this along.  A good source says that my Crowell theory from this morning is “way off.”


Here’s the alternative version about the inability of the House and Senate to come to terms yesterday:


“It was all about Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer.  The other five congressmen were all in agreement on the Senate map.  Only Luetkemeyer said no.  In fact three other congressmen took a few bad changes so that he could get part of Camden County.  But he still said no, so they gave up.”


Luetky’s biggest fear is said to be a St. Charles base which could support a rival.  The last Senate map had 130,000 residents from St. Charles in his district. 


Meanwhile it appears that the House Redistricting Chair John Diehl is intent on sticking with the House maps which have unanimous approval of the Republican congressmen. In other words Diehl’s not interested in a map that doesn’t have Luetkemeyer’s blessing.


Thus when the Senate presented their map late last night – with 130,000 in St. Charles and approval from all congressmen but Luetky – and Diehl said no deal.  And the evening ended.  According to this source Jefferson County never came up as an issue.