Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday… Spring break… Just random bits and leftovers (warmed-up snark we’ll call it) from my in-box today.


The Squeeze

Today Governor Jay Nixon will pick the folks who will be on the state House and Senate redistricting commissions.


It’s thought that Democrats have the better position this year because the place of final arbitration – the courts – has more Democratic appointees than they did ten years ago.


Therefore a “good map” for Republicans depends on their “turning” a Democrat on each commission while keeping their own solidarity.


The most exploited fracture in the Democrats’ coalition has usually been found in the racial divide.  And one Republican says that’s the kink in the armor they’ll seek.


With the heavy population loss in St. Louis City, look for Republicans to approach House Democrats from the City and seek their “input” concerning how they would like their districts redrawn.  If they find the right representative, with sway with one or two commission members, that representative will be able to land in a safe seat, while others may be fighting each other for survival.



Puppy Hostages?

Rumor Alert: Republican educational reformers, miffed at the rural Republicans for blocking their legislation so far, are asking Speaker Steve Tilley to consider taking a hostage. 


The hostage exchange at a bridge to be named later: the Prop B overhauls that are popular in rural Missouri for educational reforms, like weakening teacher tenure.




Mike Temporiti, son of former Dooley campaign manager / aide John Temporiti, hired by St. Louis County.  Post-Dispatch has pretty damning article.  Read it Here.


Temporiti was hired during a hiring freeze, for a job that was recently created, but wasn’t posted, and he didn’t interview for.  Anonymous employees say that the duties of the new job could be done with current staffing, and didn’t require a new hire.



The Hit on Wood
Chip Wood, the Republican nominee for St. Louis County Assessor, gets dings in the St. Louis Beacon for hardly ever voting.  He has voted in one (1) municipal election since 1992.



The Hit on Akin

It’s said that Sarah Steelman is already cueing up the attacks on Rep. Todd Akin should he jump in.  While he’s been correct on the big issues, she will hit him on earmark votes.


One close observer predicts a “bloodbath” primary. 


An Akin entry is particularly bad news for Ed Martin whose natural instinct is a rightward out-flanking of his opponents.  While the three would have a death-scramble in pursuit of the lunatic fringe, a moderate pro-business Republican could jump in.



Schaaf the Inquirer Bit Getting Tired?

One Senate observer says that Sen. Rob Schaaf is already losing honeymoon good will. “Any thoroughness of his inquiries is counterbalanced by over the top questioning and self-righteousness that wears on colleagues and will not work well long-term.”


Which Loudon Would Run for Akin’s Seat?
“Please no Loudons or I will move…”



“They’ll both run for the seat simultaneously. They have an innate need to lose more campaigns...”



On Publicly Financed Stadiums
One reader asks: “Is there anything in the legislation that would allow a full clawback of public money in the event of an NFL work stoppage?  That would certainly be a popular amendment for anyone wanting to play the populist card in KC or STL.  Why give billionaires millions of dollars to not even play the game?”



On Nixon Helping Dems

One top House Dem says: “Nixon saying he will help anyone, particularly House candidates will continue to fall on deaf ears. Even if Georganne Nixon was on the ticket, he wouldn’t help anyone other than Jay Nixon.”


NO PQ Against Lembke
From MO News Horizon: “Senate Majority Floor Leader Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles, said there has been no discussion of employing a rarely used Senate rule to break a filibuster that for weeks has held up the extension of unemployment benefits set to expire on April 2 for 23,000 Missourians.”


Rather look for a serious heart-to-heart with Sen. Jim Lembke.  Something along these lines: “Look you’ve made your point.  Now, you need to decide if this is the sword you (and your legislation) fall on.”



You Are What You Eat

Rep. Sheila Solon’s favorite Jeff City restaurant: Love Sushi.


Staffer Shawn Furey’s secret to sunny morning: Mocha, mocha, mocha.



$5k+ Contributions

Vote KC - $25,000 from International Association of Fire Fighters Local 42.


Public Safety Concern - $6,000 from International Association of Fire Fighters Local 42.




Happy birthday today to Tod Martin; and tomorrow KC Consulting’s Kim George turns the big 4-0.



Next Week

Legislative spring break means I’m doing a four-day week, next week.  No Friday Update.  But look for the ever popular Legislators’ Mid-Term grades next week, as well as the long-incubated “Top Lobbyists” Special Report.