Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exclusive: House Map Emerging

The Republican Caucus was shown a map of the possible new congressional districts.  While it’s not necessarily the final version of what will become public, it’s described as being very close to it.


The Map

I haven’t seen it.  But here’s some description from those who have squinted.  The 3rd “goes away in substance.”  The Lacy Clay district takes all of St. Louis City.  The new Todd Akin district takes all of St. Louis County except for Clay’s St. Louis portion.  The Sam Graves district runs coast to coast now across the top of Missouri.  I do not know who gets Cole County.  I will try to do a special update later today if more details become available.  It was described as a “work in progress.”


Rep. Shelley Kenney Displeased

Conflicting reports abound of course, but all say that Rep. Shelley Keeney was displeased with the map. 


One said that she said she needed to pray on the matter.  As that observer said, “that’s never a good sign… it pretty much always precedes someone being opposed to what you’re proposing.”  (Although I would add it’s really when the atheistic Democrats start talking about praying on things that you know you’re screwed…)


Another said that she gave a “teary” speech to Caucus urging a rejection of the map.


Those seeking to look behind the curtain imagine either Sen. Jason Crowell or Rep. Jo Ann Emerson as the true opponent.  The issue would be that it moves the new 8th Congressional district too far away from the population center of Cape Girardeau.  Crowell sits on the Senate Redistricting Committee.


GOP Fight Brewing?

Leaders of the House Republican Caucus will call the final redistricting map a necessary caucus position.  (Remember they’ll need every Republican vote plus 3 Dems in September to override the expected Jay Nixon veto).  As far as I can surmise, the House and Senate Redistricting Committees are not sailing entirely in the same direction. 


If they can’t coordinate their thinking in the next six weeks, we’re looking at a court-drawn map…



For those who are dreaming of wrestling match between Sens. Jane Cunningham and Jim Lembke over the Akin congressional seat, it’s one step closer…



Exclusive: Mayer Floated PQ on Right to Work

In Republican Caucus meeting, Pro Tem Rob Mayer floated the idea of using the PQ to move the stalled “right to work” legislation out of the Senate.


One source says that the float took on the properties of a lead balloon.  There are plenty of Republican senators with plenty of reasons not to PQ this.  (Some don’t want to be PQ-ed themselves on their pet issue; some don’t want to poison the Senate atmosphere; and some are opposed to right to work). One observer thought the float made it look like Mayer was out of touch with his Caucus.


But the fact that the leader of the senate is even proposing the idea should give labor some pause.  And that may have been one strategy for bringing the idea up.  Assuming it would leak out, it would keep the labor senators (Sens. Tim Green, Victor Callahan and Ryan McKenna) focused on the death star, and give the imperial fleet (PLA, minimum wage, etc) a wider berth.



Exclusive: Riddle Won’t Run for Asst Floor

Last night Assistant Floor Leader Jeanie Riddle announced at an event that she wouldn’t be running for re-election. She didn’t detail her plans, but she would have been a lock running for re-election.  She said she thought it was important that one of the large freshmen class have a seat at the table, so she would be opening her spot up.


One person speculated that she could challenge Rep. John Diehl for Floor Leader, another that she’ll use her selflessness to land a top committee chairmanship.



Diehl Fundy

Rules Chair John Diehl held a packed fundraiser at the Capitol City Cork.  It’s said he collected about $25,000.  But there was no official announcement of a bid for Floor Leader.  Diehl told the crowd that the money raised would go toward HRCC’s 30 for 30 campaign (raising $30,000 for each of their thirty most-vulnerable incumbents).  Diehl is the finance chair for HRCC.


One source says that between Rules and Redistricting, he doesn’t need anything new on his plate until after session.



Munzy Battered

Sen. Brian Munzlinger presented his bill to ban the use of project labor agreements in publicly funded projects yesterday (SB 175). 


Munzlinger was peppered by Sens. Tim Green and Victor Callahan and didn’t come away from the exchanges looking very good.  He started repeating talking points and some wondered if he understood the mechanics of the issue.  As one observer quipped, “you’re naked at birth and on the Senate floor.”



Another Crack at Local Control?

Look for Sen. Kevin Engler’s Government Committee to vote out the House’s version of local control for the St. Louis Police Department next week.


That will give supporters a second crack.  In the meantime the Missouri Club for Growth (an arm of the Rex Sinquefield octopus) has been running ads in support, hoping to convince opponents that they’d be better off with a legislative compromise rather than a ballot initiative steamroll.


One very large problem for supporters is the pipeline of tangled issues all of which are higher priorities – foundation formula fix, Turner fix, supplemental budget, budget.  There just won’t be much time for local control.



Lobbyists Principal Changes

B John Bisio added Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Erin Cobb added The Boeing Company.

Doug Ervin added Cerner Corporation.

Elizabeth Foley, Jean Halloran, Urvashi Rangan and Mathew Hutson added Consumer Union of US Inc.

Lon Lowrey added Lon Lowrey Consulting LLC, and The Beenders Walker Group.

Jewell Patek added St. Louis RCGA.

Steven Stone added City of St. Louis, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, and St. Louis RCGA.

Mike Sutherland added Missouri Budget Project.   

Gary Wheeler added Missouri Corn Growers Association.

Michael T. White added City of Liberty, VA West Properties LLC, Lake of the Ozark Community Bridge Corp, Columbia Mall TDD,  Western MO TDD Association, Brad Nicholson, 1200 Main/South Loop TDD, Concerned School Patrons, Wholesale Liquor Distributors Association, Amereso, Red Development LLC, Gans Road and US 63 TDD, Greenside, American National Insurance Company, Truman Corners LLC, Jackson County Sports Complex Authority, Grindstone Plaza TDD, BDC Restaurant Company LLC, US 50/63 and City Vie TDD, Bannister Partners LLC, Mike Heath, David Brinkerhoff, VT Inc, and Kansas City Chamber of Commere; and deleted Centerpoint Properties Trust, Pride Cleaners, Coronet Windows, Michelin North America Inc, Nate Accardo, 55th Street Realty Group LLC, JGreenside, Earl Kopp, Best Tool & Manufacturing Co Inc, Birdie Development Co, Northland Industrial Developers, Anthony Rizzo I-70 & Adams Parkway TDD, and Gavin Bargate.



$5k+ Contributions

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $11,000 from William White.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $11,000 from Citizens for Riddle.

Vote KC - $37,787 from IAFF Local 42.

Vote KC -$12,212 from IAFF Local 42.

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from Missouri Health Care Association PAC.




Sen. David Pearce is 51 today.  Former senator Wes Shoemyer celebrates the big 5-0.  And former state representative Jeff Roorda turns 46.