Monday, February 26, 2018

Q&A #1: Is Humphreys OK With A Governor Parson?

Short answer: Seems he’s becoming more comfortable with the possibility of Governor Parson.


In the lobbyist registrations (below), mega-donor David Humphreys has hired the lobbying firm of Gamble and Schleiemer.  They’ve been retained to “monitor any legislation that may affect his interests. With respect to your question on the Legislature’s impending investigation of the Governor: Mr. Humphreys’ has no position whatsoever regarding those proceedings.”

It’s not nothing that Humphreys’ has “no position” on the House’s investigation which could result in impeachment proceedings against the governor.  It would seem to indicate that Humphreys believes that his interests can be served with or without Greitens.


One source tells me that there has been recent détente between Humphreys and Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson.  Humphreys may have become more comfortable with the notion of a Governor Parson.  Remember: Parson, as senator, voted for the 2015 PQ for right to work in the Senate.


Follow-Up on Sunday’s Update

Yesterday I wrote a brief outline for what’s ahead with regard to the yet unnamed House Investigative Committee.  Here’s some feedback I received…

A few people took issue with my suggestion that the committee will be working with one eye to wrap up during legislative session.  First, folks think Rep. Jay Barnes is the type to be deliberate, disciplined and disinclined to rush according to any supposed deadline.  Second, they think that the House would definitely have enough votes to call itself back into special session if the reason was to vote on articles of impeachment.

Another reader told me that the House had better choose very carefully when they decide who will sit on the committee.  They will be sitting in hot seats.  Pressure may be applied to them from various quarters and you want people who don’t mind the heat.  Additionally, assuming the governor is going to continue to fight to stay in office, he may take a page out of the Trump playbook and start attacking the investigators. You want folks who can’t be attacked as having prejudged the situation.  And you want folks who won’t be intimidated by the rumors of the governor’s political non-profit assembling “oppo” files on folks.


Greitens Indictment Bits

Listen to small clips of Rep. Nate Walker talking here.  While the bits are interesting, one MOScouter writes that the fact that “local media are covering Greitens mess is proof [that] it is soaking to the roots…”


Roy Temple tweets a run-down of most every newspaper in Missouri denouncing the governor.  See it here.  Here’s a news flash for the newspaper: he doesn’t care.


And this eye-roller of a headline: Former stripper who filmed lovers seeks pardon from Missouri Gov. Eric GreitensSee it here“A former law student and male stripper prosecuted for invasion of privacy for secretly filming sex partners two decades ago is now seeking a pardon from Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, indicted under the same criminal statute last week. A letter sent Sunday to a lawyer for Greitens cites Greitens’ own motion to dismiss his case and his “published position on this statute,” and requests that the lawyer forward the request…”


Some may scratch their head at the statement from St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner which said that the investigation is “on-going.”  One reader surmises that means that she empaneled multiple grand juries to looks at different charges.  We’ll see….


One Dem: Message to voters of corruption of Jeff City Republicans was sealed…  photo of the [governor’s mugshot] will show up in campaign ads…


One KC-ian forwarded March 13 event info (At the Home of Todd and Carey Crossley 6pm… Drinks and Hors D’Oeuvres With Governor Eric Greitens) with question… “Wonder how the FR is going for this event?”


eMailbag on House Investigation

Lobbyist#1: One of Greitens biggest liabilities might be Austin Chambers. I would be shocked if he isn’t subpoenaed in the House investigation, and I can't imagine the questioning would be anything short of intense… I'm sure they could auction off tickets to a Jay Barnes Inquiry of Chambers.

Lobbyist #2: Funny how we now call doing the right thing "fearless."


Herzog Hospitalized

Word is that Stan Herzog is expected to make a full recovery.  See the Post-Dispatch article here.

Pull Quote:  Prominent Missouri businessman and Republican donor Stanley Herzog was in an intensive care unit of a hospital after choking during a dinner Thursday night that included U.S. Rep. Sam Graves, R-Tarkio, and his brother, GOP State Chairman Todd Graves.

The incident occurred at a steakhouse, and both Graves brothers attempted CPR, according to an eyewitness account…

Herzog is chairman and CEO of the Herzog Contracting Corp., a St. Joseph, Mo., asphalt paving contractor…


Gun Day in Gen Laws

House General Laws Committee hears a bunch of bills dealing with guns.  See the line-up here.  See last week’s MOScout poll which looks at some of the issues here.


Florida school survivor Emma4Change had 8,000 on Twitter last Monday.  Last night she had 868K followers, more than the NRA.


Anthem Drops Policy

Anthem announced they are pulling back on a policy that was supposed to take effect in March, which would have reduced payments for a specific billing code that reimburses physicians for performing multiple procedures in one visit. The MO State Medical Association, MO Dermatological Society and several other provider groups have pushed back hard over the last several months, as Sen. Bob Onder and Rep. Mike Henderson introduced the first legislation in the country on this issue. This signals a big win for MSMA lobbyists Jeff Howell, Heidi Geisbuhler Sutherland and the rest of the provider community.


Mantovani on TV

Last week Mark Mantovani’s campaign released its first TV ad.   “Hometown,” an introductory 60-second TV ad highlighting Mantovani’s roots growing up in Affton, raising his family here in St. Louis County and his experience helping grow a tech business – creating hundreds of jobs in the region.

See it here.  The tagline: Imagine what’s possible.

See Mantovani’s website here.


Stenger ally Ed Rhode zings Mantovani on Twitter for his past support for Gretiens.  See it here.


White on TV

Rep. Bill White launched a TV ad for his Senate campaign last week on Joplin network, cable and digital. The ad features his service in the Marines and as a state representative. One supporter says, “Starting his paid media campaign this early proves he is going to spend what he needs to win.”  See the ad here.

There has been some talk about White drawing a challenger, but with filing opening tomorrow, it’s time for the whisperers to put up or shut up.


Moon Takes Aim at ELMS

CCJ Digital reports that “legislators in at least four states have introduced proposals in recent weeks to stymie enforcement of the electronic logging device mandate, either by suspending funds for enforcement within their state’s borders or by asking the federal government to reconsider the mandate, enforcement for which began in December. The bills mostly cite concerns of small business truckers as the reasons to repeal the mandate or suspend its enforcement, as well as the potential for the mandate to drive up prices of goods for consumers. Legislators in South Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee and Idaho have introduced resolutions taking aim at the mandate…”

In Missouri, Rep. Mike Moon has filed HB 2437 which “prohibits the state and its agencies or political subdivisions or any employees of these entities from enforcing, or keeping records to show compliance with, the federal electronic logging device mandates under 32301(b) of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act of 2012.  Individuals and businesses are free to cooperate with federal requests involving electronic logging devices.”

It hasn’t been referred to committee yet.



Axios reports that “Other candidates for the position [besides Trump’s personal pilot], per my sources, include Rep. Sam Graves, a Missouri Republican; and current acting FAA Administrator Dan Elwell, who has impressed many in the administration and the industry…”


After watching a lot of opposition to Sen. Dan Hegeman’s SB 590 in the Senate, it may be Sen. Wayne Wallingord’s that ultimately subs in.  SB 1032 might please Pro Tem Ron Richard as it puts money into Capitol area preservation, as well as beefs up rural shares of credits and helps with county-level rehab projects for old courthouses and other heritage public structures.  We’ll see…


Sen. Jamilah Nasheed’s staffer Jay Nelson posted a reflection on Facebook.  See it here.

As I walk the hallways of the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. You’re talking about a kid that grew up in downtown St. Louis, in the notorious projects once known as the Darst-Webbe/ClintonPeabody housing project complex. I might have never imagined myself sitting in an office like this one in the state Capitol Building, 132 miles away from home. Yet here I am…

I can recall the many times I woke up without hot water. My siblings and I were often notified the night before that we would have to warm water in the microwave just to wash up before school and brush our teeth…

We did not have much. My mother worked two-jobs while pursuing two degrees. She instilled in us two very important values that I stand by until this very day: faith and hope….

In the words of Jay Z, “The genius thing we did was, we didn't give up.”


This Week’s Events


Rep. Chris Dinkins (House 144) swearing in reception – House Hearing Room 2 at 2PM.


2018 candidate filing opens 8AM at the Secretary of State’s Office – 8AM.

Missouri Physical Therapy Association – Lobby Day.

Missouri Chiropractic Physicians Association – Lobby Day.


Ian Mackey (Dem, running for House 87) fundraiser at St. Louis Club in Clayton – 5:30PM.


Last Day to file bills (House and Senate)

Campaign Kick-Off for Bill Otto (House 65) at Grand Opera House Banquet Center, St. Charles – 5PM.


St. Louis Alderwoman Annie Rice swearing-in – 10AM.

Sen. Jill Schupp fundraiser at home of Rashda (Sonny) Buttar & Joe Miller – Clayton – 5:30PM.

St. Charles County Lincoln Day Banquet at The Christy Banquet Center, O’Fallon – 5:30PM.

Brian Williams for Missouri State Senate (District 14) at Heman Park Gymnasium, University City – 6PM.

Your Perception vs My Reality w/ Rep Bruce Franks Jr at Washington University in St. Louis at 6PM.


New Committees

Jeff Penland formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Jeff Penland Mo House) to run for House 10 as a Republican.  The current incumbent, Democrat Pat Conway, is termed.

Sonny Wilson formed a candidate committee (Wilson for Missouri) to run for House 102 as a Republican. The current incumbent, Republican Kurt Bahr, is termed.

Joseph Widner formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Joseph Widner) to run for House 42 as a Democrat. The current incumbent, Republican Bart Korman, is termed.

Rich Horton formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Rich Horton) to run for House 128 as a Democrat. The current incumbent is Republican Mike Stephens.


Lobbyists Registrations

Aaron Baker and Kristian Starner added Americans for Farmers and Families.

Jeff Brooks, William Gamble, Sarah Topp, Jorgen Schlemeier, David Jackson, Cynthia Gamble, and Kathryn Gamble added David Humphreys.

James Farrell added Banner Public Affairs LLC and Brewer Sciences Inc.

David Willis added Ranger Power LLC, and Missouri State University.

Michael Saunter-Martinich added Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

Sonette Magnus added Ashley Energy.


$5K+ Contributions

Progress KC - $10,000 from NorthPoint Development LLC.

Progress KC - $10,000 from Hallmark Cards Inc.

Committee to Elect Steven Privette Associate Circuit Judge - $25,000 from Steve Privette.

Committee to Elect Tim Miller - $20,000 from Timothy Miller.

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $10,000 from Westport Investment Group, LLC.



Happy birthdays to Marie Ceselski, Bradley Green, and Brad Thielemier.