Thursday, February 8, 2018

Senate Debates Through The Night

The Senate debated the “utility bill” through the night and into the morning.  They’re debating still right now.  This is Sen. Ed Emery’s SB 564 which would change the regulatory framework for public utilities.  See the bill summary here.  Leading the all-night filibuster were Sens. Doug Libla, Gary Romine and Rob Schaaf.


Reardon: Rumor of Hawley Video

KMOX’s Mark Reardon said on the air yesterday that there are rumors of a “video” of AG Josh HawleyListen to him “not spread the rumor” here.


Q&A #1: Who’s Vulnerable?

Short answer: Lots of Rs might be nervous after House 97.


In the aftermath of Democrats’ upset victory in House 97 folks are starting to re-survey the 2018 races.  It’s still unfathomable to observers that Dems would run the table and produce a double-digit gain like Republicans did successfully during the Obama years.  However, there are now suddenly a lot more targets for them to choose from.

Here are some new possible battlefield districts:

Jefferson County’s House 111 (Roden), House 112 (Vescovo), House 113 (Shaul), House 114 (Ruth), House 115 (Gannon), and House 118 where Dem Ben Harris is termed and the GOP was potentially looking at a pick-up.

St. Louis County’s House 94 (Cloria Brown), House 95 (Haefner) and House 70 (Matthiesen).

St. Charles’ House 104 (Kathie Conway), and House 106 (Sommer).

Mid-MO’s House 44 (Toalson Reisch) and House 47 (Bayse).

Springfield’s House 135 (Helms).

St. Joes’ House 11 (Higdon).

Kansas City area’s House 14 (Corlew), House 20 (Kidd), House 31 (Stacy), and House 35 (Cross).


This list could shrink.  This list could grow.  If Trump’s popularity continues to deteriorate and the Greitens’ scandals enter new phases, there could be rout-type scenarios possible for Republicans.  This just heightens Republicans’ fear of the unknown with Governor Eric Greitens.  In a best-case scenario all the investigations would wrap up quickly and no new scandals would emerge, and voters would forget it all (despite Dems reminding them) by November.

Right now that best-case scenario seems unlikely.


Follow-Up on Special Elections

From the Facebook page of Axiom’s Aaron Baker… Congratulations Axiom Clients Peggy McGaugh & Jeff Knight on your wins in yesterday's special elections for state representative in Missouri!

Here's a performance comparison of districts:

129 Trump 80%, Romney 70%, Knight 69%

144 Trump 78%, Romney 61%, Dinkins 53%

039 Trump 71%, Romney 61%, McGaugh 64%

097 Trump 61%, Romney 55%, Linton 48%

Compared to Romney:

Knight - 1%

Dinkins - 8%

McGaugh +3%

Linton -7%


Lobbyists Registrations

Andy Blunt, Ginger Steinmetz and Chris Moody added Heider Properties Inc

Andy Blunt, Chris Moody, Jay Reichard, Angela Schulte, Noel Torpey and Ginger Steinmetz added Community Health Systems, and Clay County.

Shanon Hawk added Notarize Inc, and Maverick Consulting Group; and deleted Missourians for Local Asset Governance, and Taxed Enough Already.

Sam Licklider added Capital Health Management LLC; and deleted Missouri Association of Cosmetology Schools.

Michael Morris added Clay County; and deleted Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association, Missouri Cable Telecommunications (MCTA), Prestige Powers, Agricycle Inc., Composting and Organics Association of Missouri, Eco Constructors Inc., St. Louis Composting, Total Organics Recyclers Inc., Missouri County Collectors Association, St. Louis Apartment Association, and U.S. Cellular.

Jewell Patek added Commonwealth Missouri LLC; and deleted Miller Companies.

Trent Watson added Missouri Appraisers Advisory Council.


$5K+ Contributions

Operating Engineers Local 101 Political Fund - $10,000 from Engineers Political Education Committee.

Citizens for Proposition P - $6,000 from Franklin County Association of Deputy Sheriffs.

Regional Progress PAC - $25,000 from Anheuser Busch.

STL Citizens for Responsible Government - $25,000 from Anheuser Busch.

Missourians for Patient Care - $100,000 from Missourians for Patient Care.

Committee to Elect Jeff Roorda - $10,000 from Jeffrey Roorda.

Keep Government Accountable - $10,000 from Pipefitters Local Union 533 Volunteer Political Fund.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Kathie Conway, and former Rep. Terry Swinger.