Thursday, January 25, 2018


The most important bit today?  No new bits about the Greitens scandal.  Sure there’s a scorcher of an editorial from the KCStar, and Sen. Caleb Rowden publicly blowing off the governor’s budget.  But there’s were no new leads or outrages or investigations announced.  That’s a first in the last ten days and hints that there’s light wayyyyy at the end of the tunnel.  Can’t see the light yet, but it’s out there somewhere.


Q&A #1: What’s Up With Wagner?

Short answer: Looks like she’s surveying the landscape.


Social media was abuzz last night with reports of Congresswoman Ann Wagner being in the field with a poll.  There’s some discrepancy between the accounts.

For example, Sam Richardson on Facebook writes: Suburban St. Louis Congresswoman Ann Wagner has pollsters in St. Louis on the phones tonight testing a head-to-head race between herself and U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill in this November's general election.

The pollster first determines if you support President Donald J. Trump and how strongly. Then she offers a brief oral pro-Wagner biography before asking four questions about your opinion of a Wagner vs. McCaskill vote, from highly likely to unsure.

Poll wraps with questions about sex and age.

No mention in the poll of Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is the leading announced Republican candidate seeking a race against the incumbent Democrat Senator.

But on Twitter Scott Charton writes that he received a GOP primary poll while also featuring a pro-Wagner bio… Interesting pollster script Weds night, pitting @AnnLWagner v @AGJoshHawley for #mosen: “Ann learned the value of a strong work ethic,valuing a dollar, and that the government should stay out of hardworking Americans’ way, while working in her parents’ Manchester carpet store...”


It’s hard to see what’s going on here exactly.  There have been sporadic rumors that Hawley might not run.  They are infrequent and often only supported by further conjecture, so I’ve never been much of a believer.  But Wagner doing this sort of investigation of the landscape makes me wonder if she knows something the rest of us don’t.

We’ll see…


Q&A #2: Is Sinquefield ABC?

Short answer: That’s what the reports say.


I have hypothesized that Rep. Paul Curtman needs a deep-pocketed donor to fund a third-party committee to even up the financial gap between himself and his primary rival, David Wasinger.  And I had considered Rex Sinquefield to be a donor who fit that profile.

However Sinquefield so far has donated to the other two candidates in the race.  In the January quarter he and Jeanne Sinquefield each maxed out at $2,600 to Wasinger.  And in the October quarter he (alone) did the same with Democratic incumbent Nicole Galloway.

So far, Sinquefield seems like he’s Anyone But Curtman in this race.


Neely MMJ Follow-Up

Rep. Jim Neely’s medical marijuana bill was referred to General Laws Committee.  That’s a good path for it.  The committee will likely be sympathetic to the bill as the chairman, Rep. Robert Cornejo, is a co-sponsor of the bill.



Rep. Tracy McCreery was appointed Minority Caucus Ranking Member on the House Utilities Committee.

Governor Eric Greitens withdrew his appointment of Bobby Robertson to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education.


Lobbyists Registrations

Mark Bruns added American Subcontractors Assn., and City of St. Peters.


$5K+ Contributions

UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO) - $6,000 from UAW Region 5 Exchange Account.

Lyda Krewson for Mayor - $10,000 from Husch Blackwell LLP.



Happy birthdays to former Reps. Gracia Backer and Mike Corcoran.