Thursday, March 1, 2018

First in MOScout: Fox Statement

Statement from big-time Republican donor Sam Fox: "I was surprised to hear that elected officials have been told that I would be disappointed in any elected official who took an action detrimental to the governor. I have not contributed to or supported Eric Greitens in any manner."


First in MOScout: Covering the Staffs

Graves, Garrett is the legal team representing the governor’s staff in these investigations.  And Catherine Hanaway is covering the governor’s campaign staff.


Q&A #1: What’s The Hell Happened Last Night in the Senate?

Short answer: Hostage-taking to a new level.


Last night the Senate debated SB 546, a tort reform bill sponsored by Sen. Brian Munzlinger.  Munzlinger has been negotiating with Sen. Scott Sifton to stave off a filibuster of the bill.  But last night it was Sens. Rob Schaaf and Maria Chappelle-Nadal who stole the show.  They took the floor and declared that the bill should be laid over immediately.  And if it wasn’t, if the bill got more floor time than they thought it deserved, they threatened to waste the Senate’s time for the rest of session accordingly.

They finished the night at “four minutes” according to their “game.”  So they’re promising to waste four minutes for the rest session every time a motion is brought before the body.

Wasting the body’s time for the next three months because a bill got more floor time than you think it deserved?  Yes, these senators have the power to do that.  But only by sacrificing the respect their fellow senators and the institution of the Senate deserve.


Wagner Files for Congress

Congresswoman Ann Wagner filed for re-election, putting a damper on the speculation that she would take this moment to run for US Senate.


Kansas City Star reports that Governor Eric Greitens has been trying to touch base with Wagner, but she’s been busy…. See it here.


World Wide Technology Fights Contract Loss

The St. Louis Business Journal reportsWorld Wide Technology is protesting after the state of Missouri awarded a large IT contract to New Jersey firm SHI International Corp. World Wide Technology had held the contract since 2001. The new deal runs from Feb. 9 through June 30, 2019, and can be worth more than $40 million, according to state documents… Charles Hatfield of Stinson Leonard Street LLP, an attorney for World Wide Technology, said, “World Wide Technology provided very high service to the state. We were shocked that they did not receive this award. And once we went through and reviewed it, it appears there were a lot of irregularities here. They should start again.” He said World Wide Technology's current contract with the state runs through the end of March… Hatfield said in a protest letter Monday that World Wide Technology “is a well-respected Missouri-based company and has held the Missouri contract for quite some time.”


Mathews Won’t Run

Rep. Kirk Mathews sent a letter to his House colleagues explaining that he’s not going to file for re-election.  From his letter: Friends, I believe God is sovereign and has a plan. Sometimes in life you realize that His plan is not something you would order for yourself, yet you know you must follow it. This is one of those times. So I intend to help Jane care for her father as long as we have him with us and I know we will find joy in that endeavor. So I will return to the "real" working world.  It is difficult to adequately express how much of an honor it has been to serve in this body and to now count each of you as a lifelong friend.  Thanks to each of you for your service and the privilege to serve alongside, even if for a shorter time than I had planned!

God Bless,



English Found Dead

Former Rep. Keith English committed suicide.  Jack Suntrup has the story here.

Pull Quote: Former state Rep. Keith English was found dead Wednesday in a parking lot, and his death is being investigated as an apparent suicide, police said… Former state Rep. Anne Zerr, a St. Charles Republican who served with English, said he was a “sincere man and a passionate man about what he believed in.”


Kehoe’s Civil Service Reform

Sen. Mike Kehoe’s civil service reform bill has a hearing yesterday.  It’s SB 1007.  Office of Administration Commissioner Sarah Steelman testified in favor it, indicating that this is the governor’s office vehicle for the issue

Kehoe said that the number one complaint among state workers is the low pay.  But the second complaint is when they feel that someone less deserving is promoted.  He sees civil service reform as one piece to making a long-term fix to both issues.

Kehoe imagines a decade-long process of upgrading the state’s technology, reducing the workforce through attrition, while having this bill to manage the workforce.

This bill would move most state employees out of the merit system and into the “at-will” category.  That would allow managers to more quickly promote and reassign employees, and also more easily fire workers.

The idea is that at the end of the process, the state would have fewer workers, but would be able to pay them more.


New Candidate Filings

Mark Ellebracht, a Democrat, filed for re-election in House 17.

Jon Patterson, a Republican, filed to run for House 30.  This is Mike Cierpiot’s seat.  There’s a Republican primary and no Democrat filed.

Adrian Plank, a Democrat, filed in House 47. This is Rep. Chuck Basye’s district.

Bruce Franks Jr., a Democrat, filed for re-election in House 78.

Tracy McCreery, a Democrat, filed for re-election in House 88.

Gayla A. Dace, a Democrat, filed in House 146.  This is Rep. Donna Lichtenegger’s seat.  She’s termed.  It’s a safe Republican seat.


Sen. Bob Dixon filed to run for presiding commissioner of Greene County.  See it here.


eMailbag on Walker Not Filing

Two thoughts on Rep. Nate Walker- one, he wants the last spot on the ballot. Two- his exit actually helps Rep. Craig Redmon. Redmon already represents part of Adair and has name ID in the county along with established working relationships.


eMailbag on Greiten’s Lobbyist

Can we all realize how insane it is that the governor is hiring a lobbyist to work the House for him because none of his 20 staffers in his office have any relationships?


eMailbag on TMC Email List Theft

If she indicts him about that email list? Every consultant that's ever used a church directory without permission better lawyer up…


eMailbag on Ed’s Advice

The person who gave you the case for letting it play out cannot be a lawyer. If he were, he'd know that there will be continuances and delays and that a trial won't begin and end in May but drag out thru the summer and into the heart of campaign season. Ed Martin, for once, has the most sound advice: Greitens should get with the Feds now and cut a non-prosecution deal in exchange for resigning.


New Committees

John Haden formed a candidate committee (Haden For State Representative) to run for House 43 as a Republican.  The current incumbent, Jay Houghton, is termed.

Jamie Blair formed a candidate committee (Friends Of Jamie Blair) to run for House 43 as a Democrat.  The current incumbent, Republican Jay Houghton, is termed.

Tina Goodrick formed a candidate committee (Missourians For Tina Goodrick) to run for House 9 as a Republican.  This is Delus Johnson’s district.  Goodrick is in a three-way primary for that seat – including former Rep. Sheila Solon.

JP Johnson formed a candidate committee (JP Johnson For Mo) to run for House 79 as a Democrat.  The current incumbent, Rep. Michael Butler, is running for Recorder of Deeds.  There will be a Democratic primary for this seat.


Lobbyists Registrations

David Winton added David Humphreys.

Mike Grote added David Humphreys and Notarize Inc.

Aaron Baker added Eric Greitens

Miles Ross added Greater Springfield Home Builders Association, Missourians for a Balance Energy Future.

Kandice Sanaie added Cigna.

Jorgen Schlemeier added B.F. Ascher & Co Inc.

Chris Liese deleted Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville - Isle Of Capri Casinos, Isle Of Capri - Cape Girardeau, Isle Of Capri – Boonville, Isle Of Capri Casinos, Inc., and Isle Of Capri - Kansas City.

Kim Tuttle deleted Bank of America.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Republican Party - $65,000 from Sarah Atkins.

MO Republican Party - $65,000 from Paul Atkins.



Happy birthday to Harry Gallagher.