Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The players in the Greitens scandal saga all fortified their positions….

Gardner Staffs Up

Post Dispatch reported that St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner “hired former FBI agent Anthony Box as the office's chief investigator. Box will be responsible for increasing the investigative skills of current staff, serve as a primary contact and coordinate activities with various law enforcement agencies including the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI… Gardner spokeswoman Susan Ryan said Box would not lead the investigation into Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who was recently indicted for invasion of privacy, but will help with it.”

And they also reported that she “brought in Harvard Law School professor Ronald S. Sullivan to join the prosecution team in the invasion of privacy case against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens….”

Greitens Legal Fund Created

Kansas City Star reported that “supporters of Gov. Eric Greitens have filed paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service to establish a nonprofit to raise and spend money to cover legal expenses… The nonprofit’s president is listed as Sean Droke, who previously served on Greitens’ campaign leadership team and the executive committee for Greitens’ inauguration.

Asked by The Star if ERG Defense Fund was set up for the governor, Droke said, ‘I believe so.’ When pressed he said he could not say for certain ‘at this time.’ He then told a reporter that he was not in his office and hung up… Three men, including Droke, are listed as directors of ERG Defense Fund.  The first is Ron Weiser, chairman of the Michigan GOP and former finance chairman for the Republican National Committee. He donated $50,000 to Greitens' 2016 campaign, and his company chipped in $348,000.  The second is Shane Mayes, CEO of Onshore Outsourcing. Mayes allowed Greitens to use a private jet last month to travel the state when the governor was hopscotching Missouri to tout his tax cut proposal. The new fund's treasurer is Tom Reedy, a Webster Grove businessman who appears to have been appointed by Greitens to serve as a member on the 21st circuit judicial commission…”

Mission Continues Reiterates Its Position

The Mission Continues sent a letter to its donors (see it here) explicitly saying again that they didn’t give the list to the Greitens campaign.  The non-profit is putting some distance between itself and its founder, and trying to assure its supporters that it has not engaged in any behavior that would jeopardize its legal status.

This letter could be a very big deal.  It basically says that the list was stolen (“this list was later transmitted without our knowledge or permission”).  One MOScouter thinks that attorneys general in other states may jump into the action, particularly in places where the non-profit is active and where Greitens raised money.  If an investigation is opened by another AG that would increase the pressure on Josh Hawley to do more the Sgt. Schultz Confide investigation.

What It All Means - Part I

Everyone’s shoring up their strengths… For Gardner it’s more lawyers and investigators; for Greitens it’s more money; and for Mission Continues it’s the truth.

What It All Means – Part II

We are still in the early innings of all of these scandals and investigations.  No end in sight.


The House’s Special Investigative Committee on Oversight will hold its first hearing tonight in House Hearing Room 5 at 5PM (or upon conclusion of afternoon session).


New Candidate Filings

Jim Billedo filed to run in Senate 20 as a Democrat.

Sarah Milles filed to run in House 18 as a Republican.

Wes Rogers filed to run in House 18 as a Democrat.

Christopher Hankins filed to run in House 30 as a Republican.

Adam Jenning filed to run in House 69 as a Republican.

Phoebe Ottomeyer filed to run in House 111 as a Democrat.

Barbara Marco filed to run in House 118 as a Democrat.

Cora Hanf filed to run in House 139 as a Democrat.

Tony Smith filed to run in House 140 as a Democrat.


In addition to Reps. Cora Walker and Jean Evans, Rep. Courtney Curtis also has not yet filed for re-election.



Your reader is right about Lauren Arthur. She works harder and smarter than almost any other legislator. I like Kevin [Corlew]… He’ll probably have a huge fundraising advantage, but I would absolutely prepare for Lauren to put up a real fight.


Thank God for Americans for Prosperity…fighting against a billion dollar tax cut because part of it (the fuel tax increase) might cost Missourians an extra two bucks a month….


New Committees

24th Ward Democratic Organization was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Fred Love.

Danny Busick formed a candidate committee (Danny Busick 4 Rural Mo) to run in House 3 as a Republican. This is Nate Walker’s district.

Jason Iannantuoni formed a candidate committee (Iannantuoni For Missouri District 2) to run in Senate 2 as a Republican.  The current incumbent is Bob Onder.

Maren Jones formed a candidate committee (Jones For Missouri) to run for House 44 as a Democrat.  The current incumbent is Cheri Toalson Reisch.

Bill Yarberry formed a candidate committee (Yarberry For State Rep) to run for House 126 as a Republican. The current incumbent is Patricia Pike.

Robert Estes formed a candidate committee (Communities To Elect Travis Estes) to run for House 81 as a Democrat.  This is Fred Wessel’s district.

Christopher Hankins formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Chris Hankins) to run for House 30 as a Republican.  This is  Mike Cierpiot’s old district.

James Billedo formed a candidate committee (Citizens To Elect Jim Billedo) to run for Senate 20 as a Democrat.  The Republican in this race is Eric Burlison.

Wesley Rogers formed a candidate committee (Rogers For Missouri) to run for House 18 as a Democrat.  This is Lauren Arthur’s district.


Lobbyists Registrations

Scott Dieckhaus added Palm Strategic Group LLC, and Torch Electronics LLC.

Richard AuBuchon added RSB III LLC.

Brian Bernskoetter, Randy Scherr and Michael Winter added Carol Jones.

Ashlee Berry added St. Charles Realtors Association.

William Glover added William Glover.

Scott Marrs added Smarsh c/o Multistate Associates Inc.

Sheryl Schmidt added Families for Home Education Inc.

Jewell Patek added Advance Missouri, SHI International Corp., and Advantage Business Development.

Salvatore Panettiere added Tactical Medical Solutions Inc.

George Oestreich added Missouri Primary Care Association; and deleted Pharmaceutical Specialties Inc., and Red Cross Pharmacy Inc.

Lon Lowrey deleted Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America St. Louis Chapter.


$5K+ Contributions

Elect Toni Morris - $10,000 from Toni Morris.

We Are Missouri - $250,000 from Missouri AFL-CIO General Fund.

New Approach PAC - $65,000 from New Approach PAC.



Happy birthdays to Kit Bond, Chuck Simino, Todd Patterson, and Christine Page.