April 13, 2018 - Kehoe Calls for Resignation

More Calls for Greitens to Resign

At the bottom of this update is a list of all the elected officials (that I’m aware of) who are on the record saying that Greitens should resign.  Yesterday the two biggest additions to the list were Congresswoman Ann Wagner and Senate Majority Leader Mike Kehoe.

Neither of these are quite the thunderclap that was Josh Hawley – constitutional conservative and the state’s law enforcement official – making a statement on Wednesday.  However they’re both significant.  They represent different parts of the Missouri Republican Party leadership.


Maybe more important than both Wagner and Kehoe was Republican donor David Humphreys.  He publicly calling for Greitens to step down. Humphreys – together with his sister and mom – gave over $13.3 million in political contributions at the state level in 2016.  Greitens’ campaign received $2,275,000 from Humphreys that year.

Humphreys’ defection sends a signal to Republicans that the agenda is bigger than any one person, regardless of how much you may have previously invested in that person.


Helping the Silent Statewides

Numerous folks are scratching their heads over the silence from Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Treasurer Eric Schmitt.

From a MOScout reader… Here’s a sample statement for Ashcroft and Schmitt since this has become so difficult: “Violence against women is unacceptable.  If true, these allegations are deeply troubling.”

Here’s all of their outs: Doesn’t call for resignation; doesn’t even assume it’s true.  Just a general statement; and doesn’t name the Governor.


Where’s The Bar?

There seem to be two standards emerging when judging whether Governor Eric Greitens should remain in office.  Those calling for his resignation don’t think that the outcome of the St. Louis case matters.  Most of them are explaining their decision by the governor’s lack of morality.

The governor, meanwhile, in his statements keeps returning the focus to the criminal case. His argument is that once he beats that rap, he’s vindicated.

Some Republicans I’ve spoken to are thunder-stuck by the difference.  How can the party that champions conservative values ignore the behavior – most of it undisputed – in the Barnes report and say they need to wait for a criminal conviction?


The mighty Jason Rosenbaum tweets what’s he’s hearing that this divide is less prominent on the Senate side“I will add this from talking w/ legislators: Numerous Republican and Democratic senators say the outcome of the governor's criminal trial will not affect the trajectory of possible impeachment proceedings.”


Court Filing

Post-Dispatch reports on the latest Greitens defense team filing.  It alleges misconduct by St. Louis City Prosecutor Kim GardnerSee it here.

Pull Quote: A day after the release of a Missouri House investigative report on the invasion of privacy case against Gov. Eric Greitens, his attorneys accused St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner of misconduct and “gross incompetence.” Defense attorney Jim Martin told the court Thursday that it wasn’t until an hour after the release of the committee report that Gardner provided the defense with a videotaped interview of the woman with whom Greitens had an affair.


McCaskill Reads My Mind

Senator Claire McCaskill tweets… I can’t get my head around a man’s character that would put his wife and children through this kind of pain.


Parson Fundy

Tipster: Attended the Parson event tonight at JCCC. Amazing number of lobbyists showed up – enough to about double the size of the average crowd at a Jeff City event.  Happiest guy in the room was James Harris who welcomed every walk-in attendee with a check. Parson didn’t address current affairs except to say Missouri is bigger than any individual officeholder and there’s lots to be done…


Imagining Governor Parson

I asked some capitol denizens what they thought we’d see in a Governor Parson administration…

First, a total change in style.  Parson has gray hairs.  He’s not a chest-thumper.  The bombastic rhetoric will be discarded.  Parson is not someone who has anything to prove.

Second, no more “do different.”  There won’t be any left-field ideas like a $250 million line of credit for the budget.  Parson’s policies will be informed by the past.  After his time in both the House – including a stint as Rules Chair – and the Senate, Parson has seen all the major issues.  He has a strong foundational knowledge of the challenges the state is facing.  There’s no learning curve.  That’s not to say he’s a wonky expert in every area, but from a basic knowledge standpoint, he starts ahead of where Greitens is today. This means far fewer “unforced errors.”

Third, compromise over confrontation.  Gone will be the Us vs Them mentality.  Parson is the negotiator, the compromiser, the man who moves things forward one small step at a time.  Most folks point to his role in re-writing the puppy mill legislation as the classic case.  Parson crafted a compromise that was able to pass even though voters had just approved new regulations at the ballot box.  And even when the issue arises that is Us vs Them, Parson won’t frame it that way.


In terms of personnel and kitchen cabinet, the out-of-state consultants and infatuation with national politics will vanish.  Greitens recruited talent from other states to head up various parts of the bureaucracy.  Parson will be much more likely to draw from Missouri.  That’s in part because he had a depth of relationships here.

One source tells me: “I think several of [the cabinet members] would have an opportunity to stay.”  And another source echoes that, but adds: [Parson] would want his own people in places he has lots of knowledge in (Ag, Public Safety), [and he’ll approach Education differently].”

Folks Parson Trusts

Steven Tilley – relationship goes back to their days together in the House.

Aaron Willard – Close to Parson, through Tilley from House days.

James Harris – Always had a role in his campaigns.

Kurt Schaefer – Respected from their days in the Senate.

Mike Kehoe – Mutual respect even if they haven’t always seen eye to eye.

Kenny Ross – Used to work for him.

Robert Knodell – House staffer during Parson’s time.


One source cautions: One thing about Parson is that he can be fiercely independent of his staff/advisors when he's made his mind up about something.


This Will Surprise No One

Reader:  I took a really long poll on US Senate… lots of message testing and tying Hawley to Greitens… Couldn’t tell if it was a Josh or Claire poll…

What It Means

Obviously both campaigns are anxious to see to what extent Greitens’ tarnished image is tainting US Senate candidate John Hawley.


ROTO (Reminder of the Obvious)

The governor isn’t distracted.  “Distracted” would imply that his current troubles pop up every now and then and take his attention away from other matters.  No.  He’s focused on one thing right now… saving his political career.  That’s it.  It may be – as one MOScouter told me – that Sam Cooper is the best executive director that the Missouri Republican Party has had since Lloyd Smith.”  But Graves & Co are all-in trying to keep Greitens afloat.  And that’s more than a “distraction.”  That’s a full-time job.


MO Ag on Trump Tariffs

Group Statement from Missouri Ag Groups on China Tariff Threats (see it here) : “Recent announcements by the Chinese to levy tariffs on United States agricultural products, including soybeans, pork, cotton, beef, corn, sorghum, and wheat, are cause for serious concern to our industry. Farmers depend on international trade for nearly 20 percent of their overall income. Missouri farmers cannot afford to risk losing critical market share in China to our competitors, especially with net farm income projected to hit a 12-year low this year…  In addition to importing other U.S. crops, China is the second-largest destination market for cotton at 2.5 million bales. The retaliatory threats from China are severe and broad-reaching across all of Missouri agriculture..  We urge the Trump Administration, United States Trade Representative, and our elected leaders to negotiate a solution that addresses the issue of intellectual property theft while protecting Missouri’s number one industry from devastating retaliation.”

Blake Hurst, President, Missouri Farm Bureau

Greg Buckman, President, Missouri Cattlemens Association

  1. Brooks Hurst, President, Missouri Soybean Association

Francis Forst, President, Missouri Pork Association

Kyle Kirby, President, Missouri Corn Growers Association


Jordan Gets Marshal Post

Southeast Missourian reports:  President Donald Trump has nominated Cape Girardeau County Sheriff John Jordan for a federal marshal post, a move the county clerk said could lead to an election for a new sheriff later this year. The White House announced the nomination Tuesday. The U.S. Senate must confirm Jordan before he can be appointed by the president. If confirmed, Jordan would become U.S. marshal for the federal Eastern District of Missouri… As marshal, Jordan said he would administer the marshal service throughout the eastern half of Missouri, from the Iowa border to the Arkansas line. Jordan has served as sheriff for 23 years, making him the longest serving sheriff in Cape Girardeau County history…


eMailbag on Radio Ads

People who poo poo'd the argument about jury tainting should take all of the money the Greitens campaign has spent and then add up all the free media the prosecution has gotten the last 24 hours and compare the two. I don't remember Team Greitens running ads on CNN.


Candidate Withdrawals

Karen Planalp (Democrat) withdrew from House 9. This is the Delus Johnson seat.  He’s termed.  There’s a four-way Republican primary (including former Rep. Sheila Solon) and with Planalp’s withdrawal, the Dem candidate, Bob Bergland, has no primary.


New Committees

Crystal Stephens formed a candidate committee (Stephens For Senate) to run for Senate 18 as a Democrat.

Mitch Weber formed a candidate committee (Mitch Weber For Missouri) to run for House 13 as a Democrat.

Reign Harris formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Reign Harris) to run for House 79 as a Democrat.

George Heim formed a candidate committee (George Heim) to run for House 127 as a Republican.

Joshua Rittenberry formed a candidate committee (Josh Rittenberry For District 150) to run for House 150 as a Democrat.

Cecil Weeks formed a candidate committee (Friends Of Cecil Weeks) to run for Stoddard County Clerk as a Republican.

Michael Landis formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Michael D Landis) to run for Jasper County Presiding Commissioner as a Republican.


Help Wanted

Show-Me Institute seeks Education Policy Research Assistant.  “The Show-Me Institute (“SMI”) seeks an Education Policy Research Assistant to help in the research, execution, analysis, and evaluation of education policies promoted by SMI. The Research Assistant will also be assigned office, development, and media related tasks and responsibilities. The Research Assistant will be based out of SMI’s St. Louis office…”  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Charlie Palladino added The Good Food Institute Inc.

Hannah Beers added Clout Public Affairs LLC, and their clients.

Bill Gamble, Cynthia Gamble, Jeffrey Brooks, Jorgen Schlemeier, Sarah Topp, Kathryn Gamble, and David Jackson added Quest Diagnostics.

Randy Scherr, Brian Bernskoetter added Ciox Health LLC c/o Multistates Associates Inc.

David Jackson added Desoto Rural Fire Protection District

Hart Nelson deleted St Louis Regional Chamber

Lee Robinson Camp deleted ArchCity Defenders Inc.

Jewell Patek deleted City of Greenwood, and COS Action.


$5K+ Contributions

Friends of Kyle Dubbert for County Clerk - $10,000 from Kyle Dubbert.

Freedom to Work - $50,000 from Rudolph Farber.

Missouri Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Barry Aycock.

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America Political Account - $12,298 from Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Clem Smith, and KMOX’s Mark Reardon.

Saturday: Brad Robinson, Lori Hatton Rasmussen, DJ Wilson, and Mark Boyko.

Sunday: Reps. Ira Anders, and David Wood, Leonard Hughes, and Scott Muschany.


Resignation List

Senator Claire McCaskill, Congresswoman Ann Wagner, Auditor Nicole Galloway, and Attorney General Josh Hawley.

Sens. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Kiki Curls, Bob Dixon, Jason Holsman, Denny Hoskins, Jake Hummel, Mike Kehoe, Doug Libla, Jamilah Nasheed, John Rizzo, Gary Romine, Caleb Rowden, Rob Schaaf, Jill Schupp, Scott Sifton, and Gina Walsh.

Reps. Joe Adams, Lauren Arthur, Doug Beck, Mike Bernskoetter Michael Butler, Jon Carpenter, Kathie Conway, Steve Cookson, Kevin Corlew, Shamed Dogan, Mark Ellebracht, Kevin Engler, Jean Evans, Bruce Franks, Marsha Haefner, Kip Kendrick, Gail McCann Beatty, Peter Merideth, Rocky Miller, Judy Morgan, Stacey Newman, Crystal Quade, Greg Razer, Martha Stevens, Sarah Unsicker, Nate Walker, and Fred Wessels.