Friday, March 30, 2018

MOScouters: Not So Fast!

A couple MOScout readers said that I was mistaken to think that the tax reform’s perfection vote in the Senate implied easy passage.

One sharp Senate source tut-tuts me… “Whoever told you Eigel's bill is getting out of the Senate ‘soon after Spring Break’ is smoking the good stuff. I think it will sit in Fiscal Oversight for 2-3 weeks. If the vote happened on 3rd read yesterday, it would have maybe gotten 10-12 votes…”

Similarly, at the end of the week press conference both Pro Tem Ron Richard and Appropriations Chair Dan Brown kept a cautious tone on the bill.


Curtman’s Path

The Springfield News-Leader has an article about a recent debate between Republican auditor candidates.  See it here.

Pull Quote: The four Republican candidates seeking to defeat Galloway — a Democrat who has never won a competitive election — introduced themselves and shared their views about the role and obligations of the state auditor Saturday morning at the Greene County Lincoln Day event at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center on North Glenstone Avenue… Curtman is a Republican financial adviser and former U.S. Marines sergeant from Franklin County in eastern Missouri. He was the most aggressive in criticizing Galloway personally, calling her "terrible" and at one point saying she needed to resign.

What It Means

On the surface it seems a ludicrous that Rep. Paul Curtman would be calling for the resignation of Nicole Galloway while being silent about Governor Eric Greitens who faces multiple ongoing investigations.  However in a four-way Republican primary – particularly when faced with an opponent with greater financial resources – it makes sense to stake out the most extreme position and try to attract the party faithful.


Senate 18 Undercard Could Impact

One observer gaming out the Senate 18 Republican primary wonders if the undercard in that area might influence voter turnout.  For example, Adair County has a spirited Democratic primary for

presiding commissioner: Rick Steele against Richard Morelock.  Will some normally Republican voters pull that ballot and forgo the Republican state senate race?

We’ll see…


Tomorrow’s Tech Workers

KCStar reports on   See it here.

Pull Quote: With two years left at Rockhurst High School, sophomore Tanner Helton is building websites for pay, and his Advanced Placement computer science class is starting an "internet of things" project.  Rockhurst last year began requiring freshmen to take computer science. Helton said he thought it was important for young people to have tech skills, and he appreciated the way the internet connects the globe…. Now, the Missouri legislature is weighing a bill aimed at getting the state's public school students to take computer science in high school… The bill has backing from Kansas City area organizations, including the KC Tech Council, because of its possible implications for the area workforce. Kansas City tech advocates say the area suffers from a tech worker shortage, and KC Tech Council president Ryan Weber said without an investment in the city's workforce, Kansas City won't be able to retain tech employers or attract new ones.


New Committees

Cody Kelley formed a candidate committee (Kelley For Missouri) to run for House 110 as a Democrat.

Crystal PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Matthew Patterson.  This is presumably for supporters of Rep. Crystal Quade in response to Lincoln PAC, established to help Lincoln Hough.

Amber Elizabeth Thomsen running as a Republican in House 156 against Rep. Jeff Justus filed an “exemption” committee.  She is not planning to raise or spend more than $500.


Help Wanted

Secretary of State seeks Director of Enforcement.  “The Director of Enforcement leads the Enforcement Section in all phases of its work, including complaint intake, investigation, and litigation. The Director of Enforcement supervises investigators, paralegals and legal assistants; reviews complaints, referrals and tips; and assigns matters to investigators and Securities Enforcement Counsel. The Director of Enforcement carries a large caseload of enforcement matters while also providing direction on other cases for investigators and other Securities Enforcement Counsel. The Director of Enforcement reviews investigative summaries, case reports, and recommendations from investigators to determine what action should be taken. The Director of Enforcement prepares petitions, motions, and discovery requests; drafts proposed orders; conducts depositions; and negotiates consent orders. The Director of Enforcement also prepares for and presents cases at administrative hearings and civil trials. The Director of Enforcement makes recommendations concerning criminal referrals, and at times serves as a specially appointed assistant prosecutor or assistant attorney general. The Director of Enforcement is a key liaison with outside law enforcement agencies and government regulators… Salary Range: $5,200 - $5,910 Monthly…”  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Lee Ann Alexander added Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Mark Behrens added Nationwide Mutual Iinsurance Company, and US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

Kristin Czubkowski and Evan Fitts added 302 North 3rd St, LLC.

Amy Heart added The Alliance for Solar Choice.

Nick Schilligo added 1-800 Contacts.

Estil Fretwell deleted Missouri Farm Bureau.


$5K+ Contributions

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $5,001 from Citizens for Rocky Miller.

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America Political Account - $8,136 from Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

Find the Cures - $18,000 from Bradley Bradshaw.

Mantovani for STL - $15,000 from Chase McKeague.



Happy birthdays to former Sens. Wes Shoemyer and David Pearce, former Rep. Jeff Roorda, and Anne Schweitzer.

Saturday: Rep. Mark Ellebracht.

Sunday: Former Rep. Allen Icet, and former Supreme Mike Wolff.

Monday: Tony Monetti.


MOScout News

The legislature is off Monday, so I am too.  It’s a long weekend, starting…. Now.  No Weekly Summary or Who Won the Week today, and no MOScout Weekly Poll this weekend.  See you Tuesday…..