April 17 - Richard Endorses Wasinger

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Breaking This Morning: Richard Endorses Wasinger

Today, Missouri Senate President Ron Richard announces his endorsement of David Wasinger for State Auditor. 

“I am proud to support David Wasinger’s campaign for auditor,” said Richard.  “The people of Missouri are hungry for an auditor who will increase transparency, stop waste, and restore their trust in government.  I know we can count on David to do just that in Jefferson City.”

What It Means

Wasinger who has established a wide lead in fundraising among Republicans seeking the auditor nomination is now starting to build political support.


Rumorville: Third MMJ Petition

Tipster whispers… “I'm hearing Missourians for Patient Care believes they have their signatures. That puts all 3 medical marijuana initiative petitions on a November collision course absent GA action on Rep. Neely’s 1554…”

IP signatures are due to the Secretary of States office 5PM on Sunday May 6.


Q&A #1: Will Dems Capitalize on State Senate Races?

Short answer: Doesn’t look like it.

Aside from Lauren Arthur who put up a good quarter ahead of the June 3 special election in Senate 17, Dem senate candidates in the battlefield districts posted lackluster numbers.

In Senate 3 (Jefferson County), Robert Butler has gotten a late start and only raised $4K this quarter. 

In Senate 30 (Springfield) all the filed, and rumored, democratic candidates for Senate 30 raised a combined total of just over $14K. Meanwhile Republican nominee Lincoln Hough, and a PAC supporting him, raised a combined total of nearly $120k.

In Senate 34 (St. Joe) Democrat Martin Rucker has just $37K on-hand.  Even after Republicans go through their primary they’ll still probably start with more in the bank than Rucker.

In other words, despite all the talk of Democratic enthusiasm this cycle, it’s not showing up in the campaign bank accounts, and that could limit Democrats’ ability to take advantage of this potentially “perfect storm” political year.


On the positive front for Dems, Senate 24 appears to be off the map for Republicans.  Schupp has been running a methodical re-election campaign, and Republicans were unable to recruit a top tier opponent.


Greitens Wants Hawley Recusal

Post-Dispatch reports that “in a letter sent to Hawley Monday, Greitens’ defense counsel Edward Dowd said Hawley must immediately recuse himself and his office from any investigation of his fellow Republican, as well as any entity to which Greitens is associated.

Hawley joined a chorus of Republicans and Democrats in calling for Greitens to step down after last week’s release of a scathing report by a panel of state lawmakers in which the governor’s ex-lover said he hit her, shoved her and called her a ‘whore’during their 2015 affair.

In the two-page letter, Dowd said that statement taints Hawley’s investigation into separate allegations of campaign finance irregularities by Greitens, in which the governor is alleged to have used a fundraising list obtained from his former charity to help him raise cash for his maiden political campaign… ‘If AG Hawley declines to recuse himself as requested, we intend to explore legal remedies, including immediate action in Cole County Circuit Court,’ Dowd wrote.”

In response, Hawley called Dowd’s legal threat “frivolous.”  See it here. “The fact that the Governor has been credibly accused of engaging in sexual misconduct does not give him or any entity with which he was associated immunity from investigation under the Missouri Merchandizing Practices Act.”

What It Means

With rumors heating up that Hawley is about to act on his investigation of Greitens, this looks like a legal stall tactic to try to stymie Hawley.


April Quarters


Nicole Galloway raised spent and has on-hand

David Wasinger raised $68K, spent $57K, and has $745K in-hand.

Saundra McDowell raised $10K, spent $7K, and has $2K on-hand

Paul Curtman raised $6K, spent $10K, and has $41K on-hand.

Kevin Roach raised $5K and has $5K on-hand.

Senate 3

Paul Wieland raised $9K, spent $14K, and has $161K on-hand.

Robert Butler raised $4K, spent $0, and has $4K on-hand.

Senate 16

Diane Franklin raised $102K, spent $9K, and has $102K on-hand.

Justin Brown raised $9K, spent $5K, and has $203K on-hand.

Keith Frederick raised $1K, spent $1K, and has $17K on-hand.

Senate 17

Lauren Arthur raised $59K,soent $2K, and has $162K on-hand.

Kevin Corlew raised $22K, spent $4K, and has $68K on-hand.

Senate 18

Cindy O’Laughlin raised $26K, spent $2K, and has $228K on-hand.

Lindell Shumake raised $9K, spent $1K, and has $20K on-hand.

Craig Redmon raised $12K, spent $11K, and has $69K on-hand.

Nate Walker raised $6K, spent $1K and has $15K on-hand.

Senate 24

Jill Schupp raised $109K, spent $27K, and has $650K on-hand.

Gregory Powers – not committee formed yet.

Senate 34

Tony Luetkemeyer raised $86K, spent $1K, and has $381K on-hand.

Harry Roberts raised $67K, spent $20K and has $149K on-hand.

Martin Rucker raised$30K, spent $8, and has $37K on-hand.


Governor Greitens raised $31K, spent $293K, and has $2.5 million on-hand. 


Top 50 COH Committees

We Are Missouri - $5.1 million         

Greitens For Missouri - $2.5 million  

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $2.3 million       

Freedom To Work - $1.2 million       

Hawley For Missouri - $1 million      

Nicole Galloway For Missouri - $1 million   

Eastern MO Laborers Education & Benevolent Fund - $986K        

Mantovani For STL - $821K 

Citizens For Wasinger            - $745K         

Friends of Gregory FX Daly - $700K

Leadership For America - $668K      

Schupp for Senate - $650K   

Pipefitters Assoc Local Union # 533 - $528K          

Supporters of Health Research and Treatments - $522K      

Carpenters Help in the Political Process (CHIPP) - $503K  

Callahan for Missouri - $490K.         

MO NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOC-PAC        474992.84      

BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc. - $465K

Lyda Krewson for Mayor - $459K    

CLEAN Missouri - $411K    

Missouri Realtors PAC Inc - $406K 

HealthPAC - $395K  

Luetkemeyer For Senate - $380K     

MO Republican Party - $359K          

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America Political Account - $352K      

Committee to Elect Scott Taylor - $351K     

Friends Of Eric Burlison - $351K     

Midwest Region Laborers' Political League Education Fund - $349K         

Citizens For Jake Zimmerman - $339K        

Raise Up Missouri - $331K   

Association of MO Electric Cooperatives-PAC - $323K     

Onder for Missouri - $304K  

Citizens for Schatz - $293K  

Friends Of Jamilah Nasheed - $285K

Cooperative Owners Political Action Committee (COPAC) - $270K          

Friends Of Lincoln Hough - $268K  

Friends Of Todd Richardson - $263K           

Scott Sifton for Missouri - $253K     

Citizens for Jay Wasson - $250K      

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $237K         

Schmitt For Missouri - 235K 

Missourians For O'Laughlin - $227K

Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri - $215K        

Western Missouri & Kansas Laborer’s District Council - $207K

Friends of Mike Cunningham - $206K         

Friends of Doug Libla - $205K         

Team Justin Brown - $203K 

Citizens For Page -$200K     

McCullouch for Prosecutor Committee - $194K      

MO Majority PAC LLC - $189K      


Adding to the Resignation List

See the full list of electeds who have called on Governor Eric Greitens at the bottom of this post.  New additions: Sen. Jeanie Riddle, Reps. Gretchen Bangert, Charlie Davis, Mark Matthiesen, Joe Runions, and Kathy Swan.


Emery on Greitens Scandal

In his latest Capitol Report, Sen. Ed Emery writes about the House Investigative Committee’s report and seems to cast some of the blame on pornography.  See it here.

In my opinion, what is unveiled by a personal moral failure may be a reflection of a disturbing and invasive social evil – that of the proliferation of pornography and modern culture’s ambivalence toward it. Far too often, such behavior grows out of an exposure to pornography. No informed and right-minded person would deny that pornography is addictive and that it therefore can only be satisfied by increased dosages. Eventually the imagination is insufficient and only actions will satisfy. Where is the outcry against the evil of pornography?


Axiom Candidate Call

I heard from two sources that Axiom had a candidate call over the weekend.  Described as a “pretty normal call” by one person, here’s what’s interesting: during it Axiom-ite Aaron Baker discussed how candidates could/should respond to media inquiries about the governor.  Baker disclosed that he was being paid to represent the governor, as talked about the various approaches candidates could use.

I guess it shouldn’t be news-worthy when political consultants opt for transparency in their disclosures, but in this environment, maybe it is.


MotherPutter Golf Follow-Up

For those curious to look up lobbyist Kim Tuttle’s golf attire line of clothing you can do so here.


Readers Report Recent Polls

Reader #1

Claire McCaskill vs Josh Hawley

Asked opinion on Hawley, Trump, CMC

BATTERY on CMC negatives

1) Claire missed 50% of meetings/votes of armed services committee - failing to represent vets

2) Claire out of touch used taxpayer dollars on private airplane flights and said regular people could afford private flights

3) cmc’s husband has taken millions in tax breaks while vital veterans programs suffered

Next battery scale of 1-9 on immigration issues

1) immigration should be restricted

2) build a wall and increased border security

3) support DREAMERS path to citizenship

Describe yourself dem/repub/Ind?

demographic question


Year born

Do you have a landline and a cell? Or just a cell

How often on Twitter

How often on FB

How often play games online/mobile


Reader #2

Favorables on McCaskill, Hawley, Greitens, Trump, Wagner, VanOstran

Job approval for Trump and Wagner

Would you vote for Wagner

General election held today - McCaskill or Hawley, Field of candidates or Wagner

Best reasons to support Ann Wagner which include the following: Support of veterans, the fight for better workplace conduct, leader in sex trafficking, supports strong military, tax cut

Would you vote for Ann Wagner or Cort VanOstran

Which reasons do you support to deal with recent gun violence events:

1. Ban large capacity magazines

2. Ban bump stocks

3. Better background checks

4. Restrict access to violent games and television for kids

5. Teachers carrying guns

6. Better mental health screenings

7. Enforce laws

8. Ban assault rifles

9. Raise gun age to 21

10. Armed guards in schools

Opinion of NRA

Options on how to deal with Donald Trump after reading a sentence about how he’s damaging our country and wrong every day but might have good tax and economic policies.

A. Fully support

B. Work when it makes sense

C. Resist Trump

Also basics about likely to vote and demographics.


eMailbag on Donor Intimidation

From a Rep: I find the donor thing hard to believe at this point. Nobody has approached me with a threat of mega donor(s) withholding support. But that may be because they know I would tell them to go f**k themselves.


eMailbag on Collateral Damage

Here's the other thing with the donor list: If the Mission Continues is a 501c3, the organization could lose its federal nonprofit tax status for sharing the list with a political campaign. So, there are federal laws at issue here too.


eMailbag on Impeachment

Can Gov. Eric Greitens be impeached for "moral turpitude" when the Missouri Constitution clearly says "moral turpitude while in office" and the allegations against him occurred before ran for office?  Is there now a quest to find a different way to impeach him? Isn't this issue supposed to be handled during a Special Session?   Creating chaos to kill bills doesn't reflect well on the Leadership or the State.  There are plenty of citizens who want to see their legislators working.

Candidate Withdrawals

Jason Michael Iannantuoni (Republican) withdrew from the Senate 2 race.  Sen. Bob Onder no longer has a primary, though he does still have a Democratic opponent.

Nicholas Chlebowski (Democratic) withdrew from the Senate 26 race.  This leaves Sen. Dave Schatz unopposed.


New Committees

Ashley Fajkowski formed a candidate committee (Friends Of Fajkowski) to run for House 62 as a Democrat.

Matt Miller formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Miller) to run for House 121 as a Republican.

Rowland Todd formed a candidate committee (Committee For Rowland Todd) to run for Camden County Clerk as a Republican.


$5K+ Contributions

Middle Class Missouri PAC - $15,000 from Dollar, Burns & Becker, L.C.

MO Beverage PAC - $5,223 from P-Americas LLC.

Raise Up Missouri - $8,157 from Sierra Club.



Happy birthdays to Gregg Hartley, Tom Rackers, Vivian Murphy, Joe Pierle, and former Sen. Ryan Silvey.


Electeds Calling on Greitens to Resign

Senator Claire McCaskill, Congresswoman Ann Wagner, Auditor Nicole Galloway, and Attorney General Josh Hawley.

Sens. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Kiki Curls, Bob Dixon, Jason Holsman, Denny Hoskins, Jake Hummel, Mike Kehoe, Doug Libla, Jamilah Nasheed, John Rizzo, Jeanie Riddle, Gary Romine, Caleb Rowden, Rob Schaaf, Jill Schupp, Scott Sifton, and Gina Walsh.

Reps. Joe Adams, Lauren Arthur, Gretchen Bangert, Doug Beck, Mike Bernskoetter Michael Butler, Jon Carpenter, Kathie Conway, Steve Cookson, Kevin Corlew, Charlie Davis, Shamed Dogan, Mark Ellebracht, Kevin Engler, Jean Evans, Bruce Franks, Marsha Haefner, Kip Kendrick, Donna Lichtenegger, Mark Matthiesen, Gail McCann Beatty, Peter Merideth, Rocky Miller, Judy Morgan, Stacey Newman, Crystal Quade, Greg Razer, Becky Ruth, Joe Runions, Martha Stevens, Sarah Unsicker, Nate Walker, and Fred Wessels.