Saturday MOScout - Hawley Sends Evidence Of New Crime

MOScout Weekly Poll

This week I polled Senate 14 Democratic primary.  The current incumbent, Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, is termed.  The poll shows former Rep. Sharon Pace with a narrow lead over Rep. Joe Adams, and Brian Williams trailing behind with about half the voter undecided.

Find the full MOScout poll here.


Hawley Sends Evidence of Another Greitens Crime to Richardson

The first-class Jason Hancock reports (see it here) that “Missouri attorney general’s office has turned over evidence to the Cole County prosecutor accusing Gov. Eric Greitens of knowingly filing false campaign finance disclosure reports to the Missouri Ethics Commission, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation.

Filing a false campaign disclosure report would be a Class A misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail.

The allegations of criminal wrongdoing center on a consent decree Greitens signed last April to settle a complaint filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission. In that consent decree, Greitens admitted that his campaign had failed to disclose it had obtained a donor list belonging to The Mission Continues, a veterans charity Greitens founded in 2007….

According to the source, last Friday Hawley turned over evidence to Cole County Prosecutor Mark Richardson that the attorney general's office believes proves that Laub did not give the campaign The Mission Continues' donor list, the campaign did not receive it in March 2015 and that Greitens knew his campaign was filing false reports to the ethics commission.

Hawley's office confirmed that it took a deposition from Laub last week.

Senior officials from Hawley’s office met with Richardson on Monday to walk through the evidence and have spoken with the prosecutor’s office several times this week.

Richardson’s office has criminal jurisdiction in the case, and it would be his decision as to whether to file charges. He did not respond to a request for comment Friday morning.

The evidence collected by the attorney general’s office has also been turned over to a House committee that has been investigating allegations of misconduct by Greitens…”


Perspective on this Charge

One capitol veteran opines… It is a misdemeanor and it seems less important than the two felony charges. But it should not be underestimated…

With the invasion of privacy charge you have to get a jury to believe a crime was committed. Unfortunately some jurors may believe the ridiculous argument that if she went to the basement a crime was not actually committed.

With the felony theft from the Mission Continues Greitens could throw Austin Chambers under the bus because [I believe] the evidence they have implicates Austin as being the direct contact with Laub. It is a risky strategy to do that. If Chambers is not willing to fall on his sword he could turn on the Governor. But it is a possibility.

The charge in Cole County is a misdemeanor and not as serious as the felony charges. But this charge has a couple of things that are detrimental to the Governor...

It appears to be a slam dunk case. He signed the false thing. His only defense is that somehow he was misled to sign it. Very weak defense.

Moriarty was impeached for a misdemeanor. The misdemeanor was related to her duties as Secretary of State. This may not be quite the same thing but this misdemeanor also is not just a completely an unrelated misdemeanor charge. The Governor criminally lied to an agency of state government.  And he is the Governor.


Also This

I am wondering if Mark Richardson, Cole County prosecutor, will actually charge the Governor. He is usually scared of his shadow…


Senate 17 40-Day Numbers

Rep. Lauren Arthur continued her fundraising tear in the 40-Day numbers reported for the Senate 17 June special election.  For the period of April 1 to April 21, she raised $124,535 and now has $281K on-hand.  Her Republican opponent, Rep. Kevin Corlew, raised $17,513, and now has $73K on-hand.


Rumorville: NA MMJ Signatures Ready

Tipster says that “New Approach Missouri signatures are set to be turned in Monday…”


Lobbyists Registrations

Kenneth Clark added US Term Limits.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Vic Allred - $10,000 from Victor Allred.

Citizens to Elect Mike Wood - $6,000 from Brandon Kelley.

Middle Class Missouri PAC - $15,000 from The Simon Law Firm.

Middle Class Missouri PAC - $12,400 from Strong Garner Bauer P.C.