Tuesday May 22, 2018 - Bank Records Subpoenaed - NRA Upping Presence? - Ameren Wind Farm and more...

NRA Upping MO Presence Ahead of Midterms?

The National Rifle Association is seeking a Grassroots Field Coordinator.  See it here.

“Well-motivated and passionate individuals sought to help create lasting networks of pro-Second Amendment volunteers and activists in regions across the nation to help further the NRA-ILA's grassroots programs and legislative and political agendas and mission. These employees will reside in an assigned region, and will be responsible for all grassroots activities within their states…”

The interesting part late in the Help Wanted ad…

“The ideal candidate will have at least three (3) years of paid campaign experience and a deep passion for the Second Amendment…

Regions: KS/NE/AR/MO - residing in MO strongly preferred…”


House Subpoena Hits Banks of Nonprofits

Lindsay Wise reports that the House Investigative Committee is seeking bank records from Governor Eric Greitens’ political non-profit.  See it here.

Pull Quote: “Court records filed in Cole County reveal that the House committee has demanded that Carrollton Bank provide all records relating to the nonprofit, A New Missouri Inc., which was formed in early 2017 to advocate for the governor's agenda. The subpoena also asks the bank to turn over all records relating to a committee for a New Missouri Inc., which was created in late 2016 to raise money for Greitens’ inauguration.  Both groups allowed Greitens' team to raise anonymous donations from individuals and corporations. The governor's reliance on so-called ‘dark money’ contributions has drawn public condemnation for secrecy, even from some of Greitens’ fellow Republicans, although the practice is legal…”

Why Fight?

Catherine Hanaway is quoted saying that they will fight the subpoenas.  Obviously the best strategy if you’ve done nothing wrong is to get all the information into the hands of investigators as quickly as possible.  I asked around why they’re fighting the subpoenas and here are the theories.

The best case for fighting (for Greitens): In his mind, he thinks that he’ll weather this storm and get re-elected… he raised that money with the expectation from the donors that it won’t be revealed. Some of them won’t care because they only gave to that account because that’s what the Gov’s fundraising staff said they preferred. But others will care a lot because they had an expectation of privacy. If the Governor can’t protect that, those donors will be hesitant to ever give to him again.

The most likely case: Disclosure of donors would “create a whole round of conjecture stories that won’t look good for him” where donors have contracts/legislation before the state and it can be painted as pay-for-play.  Even if its no different than regular campaign contribution, the lack of disclosure will make it look much worse.

The worst case scenario: Maybe donors were told they would accept a donation into A New Missouri and then ask the donors where they wanted the committee to “invest” (a.k.a. move) the move, essentially hiding political contributions. Making those commitments (put the money here and we will move it there to be used for this) is illegal.  Disclosure means the media would know who to talk if those conversations occurred (the FBI, too).

The unexpected case: There could be various embarrassing financial transactions there. Like money going to relatives of the first family…. Got to be careful that donations are not converted to personal use.


I’ll say it again.  Catherine Hanaway apparently is representing these non-profits, as well as the Greitens campaign, as well as the staffers.  Yes, that gives Team Greitens a unified legal front.  But consider: for the staffer that has done nothing wrong, it may be in their best interest to cooperate with these investigations rather than fight them.  Your attorney should be representing your interests.  Not weighting them along side other interests.


Back to the Affair

The hairdresser gave an interview – her identity wasn’t revealed, the camera stayed on her hands – for the first time to media.  KSDK got it.  See it here.


Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker was named Special Prosecutor to look at the “invasion of privacy” evidence and decide whether to re-file charges against Governor Eric Greitens.

ROTO (Reminder of the Obvious)

News like this would be a frontpage wowza story in ordinary times. But with the endless scandals and investigations swirling around Governor Greitens, it seemed like almost an ordinary news day.


Berg: Feebees Asking About Intimidation

CNN’s Rebecca Berg reports that “FBI agents have been questioning Missouri lawmakers about possible coercive tactics by associates of Gov. Eric Greitens, as the state legislature is set to consider impeaching the embattled governor. Two state Republican lawmakers told CNN they were contacted and interviewed in recent weeks by FBI agents, who asked whether they were aware of any threats and bribes made on behalf of the governor regarding an impeachment vote. One of the lawmakers, who met with an agent in Jefferson City, said they told the FBI they were not directly aware of any such incidents. The second lawmaker declined to discuss their responses to FBI questioning. The second lawmaker also said the FBI's questioning suggested investigators' interest is not limited solely to possible threats and bribes, although that was one focus.”


STL Regional Chamber Right Guy?

During session Tom Chulick did a few rounds, walking the halls of building, introducing himself to legislators.  He’s the interim CEO of the St. Louis Regional Chamber.  A search is underway for a permanent topper, but it’s said that Chulick – former head of a St. Louis bank, UMB – is interested in undertaking the job full-time.  He’d see this a capstone of public service after a long career on private side.

One lobbyist liked the fact that Chulick is “a real Republican.”  The perception in the building is that the RCGA got a little hippy-dippy.  Its portfolio became too diffuse as it added some social justice issues to its agenda. The new tack appears to be a return to the hard-nosed mindset of increasing the bottom-line for businesses.

Additionally the St. Louis Chamber has suffered comparisons to the Missouri Chamber which has been a powerhouse in Jefferson City, headed by a “real Republican” and focused on less touchy-feely issues: loosen regulations, decreasing labor costs and hamstringing lawyers.


Greitens’ FEC Complaint

Springfield News Leaders Will Schmitt reports about a FEC complaint against Governor Eric GreitensSee it here“Campaign literature paid for by Gov. Eric Greitens to promote the candidacy of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence should have been paid for with federal funds, according to a report by attorneys working for the Federal Election Commission. A split vote prevented further action, however...  The mixed conclusion on whether Greitens and his campaign broke federal election law was released with little fanfare in March and promptly buried by the governor's ongoing legal and political drama….”


eMailbag on Who Won the Session

How can this list leave off Senator Dave Schatz?  His leadership on prevailing wage, his patience throughout and in the end his perseverance was magnificent.  All sides gave a lot which means no one was thrilled with the final compromise. That’s old school legislating and refreshing to this longtime observer.  So many legislators refuse to be the bad guy.  They say you guys work it out in the halls and get back to me. Not Schatz. He set the tone and in the end brokered it with Gina Walsh…


Undisclosed Southern City

Will Schmitt tweets, Scott Faughn continues to hide. Greitens' lawyers couldn't find him for a deposition, and the #moleg committee still has a subpoena out for him. One of his recent TV guests told me he had to drive out of state to an undisclosed southern city to film a segment with Faughn.”


Ameren Goes Big on Wind

Press release: Ameren Missouri, a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation (NYSE: AEE), announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire, after construction, a 400-megawatt wind farm in northeast Missouri, the largest ever in the state… The facility would be built by an affiliate of Terra-Gen, LLC in Adair and Schuyler counties. Groundbreaking is expected in summer 2019. The wind farm will consist of 175 American-made wind turbines that will stand more than 450 feet above the ground. These types of turbines will be among the most technologically advanced in the state. Energy produced by the wind farm will power an estimated 120,000 homes by 2020… [The] announcement is the first major step in implementing Ameren Missouri's Integrated Resource Plan, a 20-year outlook that supports cleaner energy in the state. The plan is consistent with Missouri's Renewable Energy Standard passed by voters in 2008. Planned investments include approximately $1 billion to build wind generation projects in Missouri and possibly neighboring states, resulting in at least 700 megawatts of new wind-generated energy by 2020. This wind farm would meet more than half of that planned capacity. Ameren Missouri also expects to add 100 megawatts of solar-generated energy over the next 10 years, with 50 megawatts targeted to come online by 2025….


eMailbag on Publicly Owned Stadiums

I read with great interest the exciting news of St Louis’s great corporation Enterprise stepping up and buying the naming rights to the Blues facility (formerly known as Scottrade Center) for 15 years! FANTASTIC!   So, since all the witnesses who supported Senator Schatz’s Scottrade funding bill spoke at great length about Scottrade being a PUBLICLY OWNED facility, I am confident that the City of St Louis gets the proceeds from Enterprise naming rights deal for 15 years ,right? Publicly owned building right??  Oh… sorry not so ?!?! 


Special Session Schedule

Special Investigative Committee on Oversight

House Hearing Room 5 – 11AM.

  1. Consideration and Adoption of Special Session rules
  2. Discussion of documents and discovery

Executive session may be held on any matter referred to the committee.


New Committees

Lloyd Graham formed an exemption committee to run for House 11 as a Republican.

Karen Echols formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Karen Echols) to run for House 157 as a Republican.

Mark Bartley formed a candidate committee (Campaign To Elect Mark Bartley) to run for House 159 as a Republican.

Larry Flenoid formed a candidate committee (Flenoid For Zone 3) to run for Springfield County Person as a Democrat.

Doug Trentmann formed a candidate committee (Trentmann For Collector) to run for Franklin County Collector of Revenue as a Republican.

Kenton Sisco formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Kent Sisco) to run for Wayne County Clerk as a Republican.

Mike Rogers formed a candidate committee (Mike Rogers For Sheriff) to run for Jackson County Sheriff as a Democrat.


Lobbyists Registrations

Danny Pfeifer, Alex Eaton, Becky Lohmann, and Gregory Porter added PGA Tour Inc., and Association of Dental Service Organizations.

Rodney Boyd, Brian Grace, Kelvin Simmons and Katherine Casas added McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc; and deleted Wyman Center, Inc., Mobilitie Services, LLC, and Neutron Holdings Inc. Dba Limebike.

Mark Farnen added East Campus Majority Housing Association.

Scott Hocking added Spark Therapeutics Inc.

David Klarich deleted Cheyenne International LLC.

Sandie Benen deleted Sandie Benen.

Kevin Gunn deleted Missouri-American Water.

Shanon Hawk deleted National Association of Social Workers, City of Crestwood, and Northpoint Development.



Happy birthday to Rep. Travis Fitzwater.